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Related post: the posterior base of the lungs; her liver was
not enlarged; her kidneys seemed from exam-
ination of the urine not to be hyperaemic.
Under treatment she returned to her normal
This case illustrates an acute dilatation in a
chronic myocardiopath which prompt medication
relieved. She is now doing well so far as her
heart is concerned. Since this attack she has
developed a painful herpes zoster involving the
nerve radicles of the superior branch of the fifth
cranial nerve. These herpetic olisters appeared
on the right side of head and face, involving the
cheek, the side of the nose, the upper eyelid, the
forehead and the scalp.
Myocarditis and neuritis in this case were
probably secondary to chronic alveola focal in-
fections at the roots of certain gold-crowned
Dilatation secondary to chronic myo-
carditis which is progressive, but slowly
so, is illustrated in the following case, in
which compensation was bioken by phys-
ical stri'n without having been restored
up to the time of my examination.
Mr. H. C. B., of A-ville, white, Buy Elocon Cream male, aet. 71,
a merchant, was referred by his physician for
diagnostic study July 10, 19ii». Mr. B. stated
that he had had no illness since childhood except
"malarial" attacks (general rheumatic pains
over his body) ; that twenty years previously he
had a severe attack of sciatica and also another
twelve years previously, which continued from
September till April. He stated that he ha*
never used alcohol, tobacco only moderately, tea
and coffee only moderately; that he had a good
appetite, but only a fair digestion. Venereal in-
fections denied.
Mr. B. stated that in the past March he begair
to have some dizziness without apparent cause;
to feel an oppression about the chest at night
after going to bed, and to Purchase Elocon experience difficulty in
breathing on exertion. He stated that one day
after working- on a ladder putting away some
goods he began to feel faint and as if he were
about to lose consciousness; that he felt "wheez-
ing in his chest," "rattling" in his throat and
began to gasp for breath. This lasted for fifteen
minutes, he stated, and was followed by coughing
and expectoration of frothy blood-stained mucus.
Since that time, Elocon Lotion he stated, the coughing and
wheezing had annoyed him continuously. It was
for relief of these symptoms that he sought med-
ical advice.
Examination of the patient showed a severe
oral infection of long standing (diseased teeth,
gums and jaw bone). The heart was irregular
and intermitting'. The heart sounds were faint
and difficult to hear. Heart murmurs along the
base were obscured. Blood pressure was 140
systo'ic and 70 diastolic. The skin was cyanotic;
venous pulse was observed; and pulmonary
It ma at the posterior base was found. The
liver was enlarged. Gaseous distention of the
colon was noted.
A possible third group of cases Elocon Cream Buy of sec-
ondary dilatation is a mixture of the fore-
going. In this group the chronic Order Elocon myo-
cardiopath shows Elocon Cream 0.1 all the usual signs of
the heart disease. Circulatory insuf-
ficiency is more or less persistent or
chronic, varying in a given case and each
case presenting a somewhat different train
of symptoms. These patients suffer from
dyspnea, especially on exertion. Parox- Elocon Price
ysmal attacks of shortness of breath, with-
out pulmonary edema, is seen in these Elocon Online
cases and this is usually due to hydrotho-
rax, right-sided or bilateral. There may
be Buy Elocon Online distress over the precardium. There
are digestive disturbances. The liver is
usually enlarged, tender and firm below
the costal margin. The objective signs
indicate the heart lesion — usually a left-
Vol. XII No. 9
sided deformity valvulitis or vegetative
sclerotic changes; hypertrophy of the
muscle of the ventricle and dilatation as
indicated by the increased cardiac dullness
and impact. '1 he hearl muscle shows dis-
turbances of conduction and Elocon Buy rhythm. The
pulse is irregular and intermittent in
most cast's. There may be, general or lo-
cal anasarca. In such a chronic myo-
cardiopath a sudden (oftentimes relieved)
secondary dilatation will appear in the
clinical course of the cast. From some
unusual exertion, some attack of indiges-
tion, such a case may have an acute dila-
tation of the heart (already dilating) in
what, added to chronic symptoms, Buy Elocon are to
those previously mentioned of tachypnea,
general pulmonary edema cyanosis, ex-
p.vtoration upon coughing of blood-
stained sputum. This secondary dila-
tation is different from the others
only in the fact that it appears in
the case of chronic heart disease which
seems from its obstructive symptoms to
be advancing to already its terminal stage.
What physician has not had cases ol hearl
disease of months' duration (one, I recall,
now of ten years' duration) with all these
gross signs of the late heart trouble, in
which at times sudden pulmonary passive
congestion appears and all the signs of
heart dilatation point to early heart fail-
ure. Prompt treatment Elocon Lotion 0.1 persisted in for
some hours oftentimes brings these pa-
tients around and under care Elocon 1 retards the
progressive Elocon Cream advance of failing heart func-
I recall a sister-in-law of one of my pro-
fessional colleagues who has had all the
symptoms of chronic myocarditis for Elocon 0.1 Cream ten
years. I have been with him in consulta-
tion in two attacks of acute dilatation in
which she was relieved, although death Elocon 0.1
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