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For convenience in carrying out treatment, ecze-
mas are divided into their lesional and regional va-
rieties, according to the scheme of Duhring. Like
all inflammations, they are acute, subacute, and
clironic. The lesions are as follows : Acute, ery-
thematous, papular, vesicular, pustular (impetigi-
nous), weeping, crusted; Acai Berry In Uk subacute, scaling; chronic,
thickened, lichenified.
Acuteness and chronicity in eczema are not so
much questions of time elapsed as of local condi-
tions. An eczema may persist for years in a suc-
cession of acute relapses ; on the other hand, the in-
flammation may be subacute from the beginning.
Regional diagnosis is not of great importance.
The lesional variety in this category is dependent
on local anatomical conditions. For instance, ec-
zema of the brow, lids, scrotum, and female Acai Berry 100 geni-
talia, acute or chronic, is of tJie erythematous variety,
Vcause of the looseness of underlying connective
dotted with newly developed vesicopapules. In chil-
dren and tile cachectic, infection often occurs, and
both the individual papule and the patch show pus
contamination. General septicaemia may result from
infection of the skin and deeper tissues. Death has
been reported as occurring in such cases. In the
event of moderate development of the pus process
the seropurulent exudate dries into a thick crust re-
semliling tiiat of impetigo. Over an uncontaminated
patch the horny layer is soon loosened and washed
off, and serum Acai Berry Uk with cellular detritus gradually dries
into a crust, a little less dark and thick than that of
the impetiginous lesion. If the exudate is poured
out in great quantities there is no time for crust
formation and a condition obtains which is truly
called weeping. In an eczema of so acute a course
it not infrequently happens that exudation is Acai Berry 500 not
confined to the skin. It involves the soft parts be-
low, the Acai Berry Vitamin circumference of the limb or trunk is in-
creased, Acai Berry S and movement becomes difficult. Pain is a
constant accompaniment of deep infiltration.
Under treatment, or in the natural course of
events, the serous exudate decreases in quantity, the
surface becomes dryer, crusts fall off, and the sur-
face layer is imperfectly formed in the shape of
scales. The borders of the patches retain their old
character, sharply defined in the case of seborrhceic
dermatitis, shading gradually into the surrounding
skin in all other instances. As time passes and the
subacute disease Acai Berry Cost becomes chronic, proliferation in
all the layers of the skin increases its thickness, it
becomes difficult to pick up between the fingers, and
the skin lines deepen. The cross marking of What S Acai Berry those 100 Acai Berry
lines divides Acai Berry Singapore the surface into little rectangular blocks,
an appearance called lichenification from its resem-
Fio. 2. — Subacute crusted eczema.
blance to the patch of lichen planus. It is rare that
all the Acai Berry Product patches reach the same stage of involution
at one time, so that the entire process may often be
seen in one generalized outbreak. A single large
patch healing from the outside may show all the
phenomena. The reflux of serum in involution is
generally like that of the tide, slowly ebbing from
its height, but there may be a peripheral progression
resulting in the formation of circinate lesions. Sub-
jective symptoms accompany all these lesions, in the
form of itching, continuous or paroxysmal.
There is a rare expression of the eczematous proc-
ess, which occurs on the back of the neck and ex-
tensor surfaces of the upper parts of the limb, in the
shape of Acai Berry Natural papules, rarely fusing into patches, and
considerably larger than the pinhead efflorescences
of an acute general outbreak. The eruption is re-
fractory to treatment, persists often in its papular
form, Acai Berry India and itches furiously. These characters, how-
ever, are not pronounced enough to warrant its sep-
aration from the eczema complex. The onset of
acute eczema may be heralded by various clinical
evidences of systematic intoxication, headache, nau-
sea, fever, urinary changes, lymphyocytosis.
Histopathology. — The papillary layer of the co- Acai Berry Store Acai Berry Site
rium is the seat of Acai Berry Price the exudate, Acai Berry In India which is responsible
for the changes in eczema. The amount poured out
m a given period of time determines the lesional
variety seen. A number of papillae with their con-
necting plexus of underlying vessels are involved
at once. In acute eczema, at its beginning, the
period of congestion is followed by a flood of al-
most pure fluid which separates the connective Super Acai Berry
tissue fibres, dilates the papillae, and finds its way
into the intercellular spaces of Mega T Acai Berry the mucous layer
(intercellular cedema). From them it is taken
up by the cells and collects in the form of vacuoles
in Order Acai Berry their proto-
plasm. At the
horny layer the
influx is tempo-

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