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Related post: of I he Arch of the Aorta (b) A Case of Sarcomatosis with
Probable Origin in the Bone Marrow, by Dr. Charles Nor-
ri.5 : Aberrant Bile Ducts in the Liver, by Dr. E. Moschco-
witz ; Multiple Gummata of the Heart, by Dr. J. H. Larkin ;
A Case of Carcinoma of the Appendix Complicated by
Pneumococcus Peritonitis, by Dr. E. Libman ; (a) A New
Method for Staining Polar Bodies (b) Blood Cultures in
T}-phoid Fever. A new observation of practical value, by
Dr. A. A. Epstein ; A Standard Blood Medium for Bacterio-
logical Work, by Dr. E. P. Berns"ein and Dr. A. A. Epstein.
The Medical Society of the County of Washington, N. Y.
— The semiannual meeting of this society was held at Gran-
ville Emla Lidocaine on Tuesday. October 2nd. Dr. C. W. Sumner, of
North Granville, reported a case of simple neuritis ; Dr.
S. Pashley, of Hartford, reported a case of emphysema of
the left side in which the heart was displaced to the right
side, and Dr. D. C. McKenzie, of Granville, presented a
patient with anterior polyorayelitis. The annual meeting
of this society will be held at Sandy Hill on the second
Tuesday in iMay, 1907. The officers of Lidocaine Nasal Spray the society are :
President, Dr. R. C. Davies, of Granville; vice-president,
Dr. Oatman, of Sandy Hill ; secretary and treasurer. Dr. Where To Buy Lidocaine Powder
Henry Root, of Whitehall ; board of censors, Dr. Pashley, Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly Usp
Dr. iBanker, and Dr. Rapp. There is also a committee on
The Late Dr. William K. Otis — Where Can I Buy Lidocaine Cream ^At a meeting of the
iMedical Board of St. Mark's Hospital, held on October 2,
1006. the following minutes and resolutions were adopted :
IVhercas, Dea'h has removed from among us the beloved
vice-president of our board, Dr. William K. Otis, long and
favorably known and respected among us, therefore be it
Rcsohrd, That we deeply regret the loss we have sustained
in the demise of one of the pioneers in the genitourinary
surgery in this country and who. was loved by every one
with whom he came in contact; Resolved, Lidocaine Powder Buy That we extend Where Can I Buy Lidocaine Powder
our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of the de-
ceased and that a copy of these resolutions be spread in full
upon the Lidocaine Oral Gel minutes of the Medical Board and be published
in the m.edical papers. Carl Beck. iM. D., president of St.
iMark's Hospital ; Reynold Webb Wilcox, M. D.. president
of the Medical Board ; Ignatz Morvay Rottenberg, M. D.,
secretary of the Medical Board.
The Harvey Society of New York announces its second
course of lectures. These are given at the Lidocaine Gel 5 Academy of
Medicine buildin.g, 17 West Forty-third Street, on Satur-
day evenings at 8.30. The lectures are open to the public
and all interested are cordially invited to attend. The pro-
gramme for the year is as follows: October 20th, Professor
A. E. Wright, London, Therapeutic Inocculation with Bac-
terial Vaccines ; November 3rd, Professor C. A. Herter.
New York, The Common Bacterial Infections of the Di-
gestive Tract and the Into.xications Arising from Them ;
November 17th, Professor W. T. Porter, Boston, Vaso-
mo'or Refle.xes ; December 1st. Professor J, G. .-Vdami,
Montreal, The Buy Lidocaine Powder Myelins and Potential Fluid Crystals of the
Body; December 15th, Dr. S. J. Meltzer, New York. The
Factors of Safety in Animal Structure and Animal Econ-
omy-; January i3th, Professor F. G. Benedict, Middlctown.
Conn., Metabolism During Fasting; January 36tli. Pro-
fessor E. B. Wilson, New York, Recent Studies of Hered-
ity ; February oth. Professor G. S. Huntington, New York,
The Genetic Interpretation of Variations in the Genito-
urinary Tract : February 3srd. Professor W. T. Councilman,
Boston, The Relation of Certain Leucocytes to Infectious
Diseases; Marcli Buy Lidocaine Ointment oth. Professor Friedrich Miillcr, Munich.
Neuroses of the Heart.
Sir William Henry Lidocaine Topical Ointment Perkin, the Discoverer of the First
Aniline Color — Tlie fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of
the first aniline color by Sir William Henry Perkin, an
English chemist, was celebrated by an international gather-
ing held in London during the summer. The anniversary
has been celebrated in .\nicrica by a series of entertain-
ments to Sir William Henry Perkin. who is visiting the
L^nitcd States with his family in response to the invitation
of American chemists. The first of the celebrations took
the form Lidocaine 5 Gel of a banquet given at Delmonico's Buy Lidocaine Gel on Saturday
evening, October 6th. some four hundred chemists and
teachers being present, including the presidents of Colum-
bia University, Johns Hopkins L^nivcrsity. the College of
the City of New York, Stephens Institute, Massachusetts
October 13, 1906.]
Institute of Technology, and the American Chemical So-
ciety. Sir William was presented with a medal, which is
to be presented annuallj' hereafter to the American chemist
making the most important advance in technical chemistry,
under the name of the Perkin Medal. He was also pre-
sented with a silver tea service. An outline of the effect
of his discoveries and researches on chemistry formed the
subject of an address Lidocaine Alternatives by Dr. Hugo Schweitzer, who called
special attention to the vast array Of medicinal chemicals
now derived from coal tar. and whose product on was indi-
rectly attributable to Sir William's epoch making Lidocaine Ointment Usp 5 discovery.
On October 8th a reception was tendered to Sir William
by the .-Vmerican Electrochemical Society, and a reception
and smoker in his honor was held at the Chemists' Club Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly Usp 2 on
the even ng of October gth. The chemists of Boston Lidocaine Canada enter-
tained him at a banquet on the evening of October loth,
and he is to be received by the President next week, and it
is understood that honorary degrees will be conferred on
him by Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University
before his return to England.
Society Meetings for the Coming 'Week:
MoND.-\Y, October J^th. — New York Academy of Medicine
(Section in Ophthalmolog\') ; New York County Medi-
cal Association; Hartford, Conn., Medical Society;
Chicago Where To Buy Lidocaine Cream Medical Society.
Tuesday, October i6th. — New York Academy of Medicine
(Section in General Medic ne) Injecting Lidocaine ; Medical Society of the
County of Kings N. Y. ; Binghampton, N. Y., Academy
of Medicine; Buffalo Academy of Medicine; Ogdens-
burgh, N. Y., Medical Association ; Syracuse, N. Y..
Academy of Medicine ; INIedical Society of the County
of Kings, N. Y. ; Baltimore .Academy of Medic'ne ;
Clinical Society of Elizabeth. N. J., General Hospital.
Wednesd.w, October lyth. — Woman's Medical Association

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