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Related post: and sixty-one patients at the Manhattan Hospital, most
of whom were chosen on account of their hallucinations
of hearing. The rest were taken by accident, without
any special plan. The psychiatric classification is as
follows : Dementia praecox sixty-three, paranoia twenty,
dementia paralytica twenty, alcoholic insanity nineteen,
mania depressens sixteen, senile dementia fourteen,
epileptic insanity six, various three. The ear classi-
fication Order Irbesartan Online is as follows : Otitis media catarrhalis seventy-
one, otitis media purulenta (active or cicatrized)
thirty-eight, foreign bodies fourteen, labyrinthine or
nerve disease twenty-three. In ten of these the diag-
nosis was definitely established ; in thirteen the diag-
nosis was not positively differentiated from adhesive
processes in the middle ear. Among the one hundred
and sixty-one cases there were fifteen with no ear dis-
ease; hallucinations of hearing one hundred and thirty-
four cases, and only three cases Purchase Irbesartan Online had perfectly normal
hearing. Of the one hundred and thirty-four cases with
hallucinations of hearing one hundred and twenty had
ear disease, sixty-three tinnitus. The improvement of
the total of one hundred and sixty-one cases due to
otorhinological treatment was only 3.7 per cent., while
out of selected cases 62 per cent, showed marked im-
provement, and the Order Irbesartan balance some improvement.
2. The Therapeutical Value of Localized Hyperaemia
in the Treatment of Ambulatory or Dispensary Cases.
—Beer describes the various methods of producing ar-
tificial localized hyperaemia and the application of these
methods in various diseases. There are two kinds of
hyperaemia, active or arterial, and passive or conges-
tive or venous. The former Bier produces by the use
of heated air, it has been particularly useful in chronic
rheumatic joints. The author has used in his one hun-
dred and fifty cases two methods : Hyperemia induced
by Generic Irbesartan suction, and hyperemia induced by constriction.
The author gives eleven illustrations, showing the dif-
ferent cups and appliances used Buy Irbesartan Online to produce the suc-
tion hyperaemia. Ninety patients were treated by this
method, eight as prophylaxis against infection, twenty-
six had infected wounds and cellulitis of fingers or of
hand, thirty-five abscesses, furuncles, and carbuncles,
six suffered from acute suppurative adenitis, seven from
acute bursitis, and two from contusions (black eye).
The author believes that we have gathered sufficient
experience in general Buy Cheap Irbesartan surgery to demonstrate clearly
that Bier's method of producing hyperaemia by suction
is essentially practical. Of hyperaemia produced by
constriction the writer gives two illustrations, the thin
Martin bandage and the rubber tube: Buy Irbesartan it is used in
chronic rheumatic joints, in gonorrhceal pains about
joints, in tuberculosis of bones and joints. Here, also,
the author has had good successes in his patients (six).
A full bibliography is added to the article.
3. Surgical Diagnosis in Emergency Work. — Harts-
horn describes his experience as ambulance surgeon in
one of the large New York city hospitals. The number
of calls each day ranged from twelve on the average to
thirty as a maximum rate, though during the time of
extreme heat in summer they ran even higher than
this. The chief difficulty in diagnosis seems to lie be-
tween alcoholism and the various lesions of the skull,
injuries to the trunk and extremities being as a rule
quite evident, or accompanied by symptoms of such
a character that mistakes in these instances are much
less frequent. More cases of alcoholism are seen on
ambulance duty than any other one thing. The author
describes the character of the most often observed
Septemoer 1. lOOti.]
cases: Concussions; fractures of the skull, of the ex-
tremities; alcoholism; epilepsy; apoplexy; opium, and
carbolic acid poisoning; uraemia, illuminating gas poi-
soning; internal injuries; the thoracic, abdominal, and
minor lesions.
4. Pneumothorax, with a Report of Fifteen Cases. —
- Hall reports fifteen cases of pneumothorax and states
that of the ordinary signs of pneumothorax, or, more
properly speaking, of pyopneumothorax, it was found
that splashing had been present in thirteen cases, not
tried for in one, absent in one. The author thinks that Purchase Irbesartan
as the sign is so constant, so easily obtained, and so
entirely reliable, it should be more often tried for than
it is when percussion draws attention to any peculiarity
within the chest not easily explained. The heart was
notably displaced in the opposite direction in all but
one case, the average displacement being a little over
three inches. Notable cyanosis was present in thirteen
of the cases. Rapid pulse was a practically constant
feature. The temperature was generally elevated, but
was doubtless more influenced by the tuberculosis or
an associated infection than by the pneumothorax in
most cases. Of the fifteen cases the cause was tuber-
culosis in eleven cases, in two of these in conjunction
with attacks of acute pneumonia. In one it followed
a bronchopneumonia. One case occurred from the
wounding of the lung by the needle used by a house
physician in injecting antistreptococcic serum for a
supposed sepsis, the real cause of the chill being an
acute pneumonia, followed by crisis on the ninth day,
and an empyema later — a pyopneumothorax. In two
cases the pneumothorax was due to a gunshot wound
of the left chest, haemothorax being also present. Eight
of the cases were upon the right and seven on the left
side of the chest. Twelve cases were fatal.
August II, igo6.
1. On the Relations of Medical Men to Their Patients,
By R. Maclaren.
2. The Present Position of Prostatic Surgery.
By J. H. NicoLL.
3. A Series of Cases in Which Collections of Stones

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