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7. Patholog}' and Treatment of Arteriosclerosis,
By L. MoHR.
1. Pyuria Through Leucocytosis. — Talma reports
two cases of this nature which seem to show that pus
may be present in the blood, and that its component
parts may be excreted through the organs of the body
without inducing any further change in them. He uses
the word " pyemia " in its etymological sense of the
presence of pus in the blood. The first case reported
is one to which he has been unable to find a parallel in
literature. The patient was a man, thirty-four years
old. the father of eight healthy children, who had had
an attack of rheumatism five years before, which had
lasted about five weeks, and had been suffering for the
last six weeks from repeated chills followed by fever
and sweating. The urine was found to contain pus and
the diagnosis of cryptogenous pyaemia was made. The
patient died, and on autopsy the pleurje and pericardium
were found to be lined with pus, while pus escaped from
the cut surface of the lung. CEdema of the interstitial
connective tissue was present almost everywhere, and
there was a catarrhal condition of the gastrointestinal
mucous membrane, but nowhere could there be found
an abscess, or the primary focus of the pyaemia, in
spite of the very careful search which was made. The
other case was one of atrophic kidney in which pyuria
occurred during an acute attack of a chronic tuber-
culosis of the lungs.
4. Is Hysteria a Nervous Disease? — Kronthal de-
fines hysteria as an easily changing pathological re-
action of the cells, which constitute the individual, and
asserts positively that it is not a nervous disease.
6. The Functional Treatment of Fractures. —
Deutschlander advocates that after fractures of the long
bones have been reduced and the fragments fixed in
position, the affected lirnb should be put through cer-
tain motion's every day and massage applied in order
to maintain its functional capacity. In this treatment
massage plays only a secondary part and is of impor-
tance only in the first stages, while the movements are
of the first importance.
May 39, igo6.
1. Active Immunization Against Infectious Diseases,
By Professor Dieudonne.
2. Contribution to the Cultivation of Typhus Bacilli from
the Blood, By Fornet.
3. Use of Formalin in Uhlenhuth's Method,
By W. LocLE.
4. Polycythaemia and a Contriljution to the /Etiology of
Ophthalmic Migraine. By Georg Koster.
5. A Case of Cxsarian Section with Adhesion of the Ileus,
By G. Martin.
6. The History of Spinal Cord Anaesthesia,
By August Bier.
7. Wards for Patients with Gallstone Diseases.
By Franz Fink.
8. Yearly Report of the Ambulatorium of the Surgical
Clinic of Munich, By H. Geuele.
9. Further Remarks Regarding the X Ray Treatment of
Leucaemia, By J. Arneth.
10. Investigations in Regard to the Metabolism in Lcuc-emia
During X Kay Treatment, By Iwan Rosenstern.
11. The Development of the Cliildren's Policlinic of the
University and of Dr. Hauner's Children's Hospital
in Munich from November 24. 1887. to the Spring of
1906. By VON Ranke.
12. The Trip to the Congress at Lislion,
By Oskar Vulpius.
13. Retrospect Over the Fifteenth International Medical
Congress, By Ostwalt.
1. Active Immunization Against Infectious Dis-
eases. — Dieudonne gives four ways of obtaining active
imnnmiz.'ition : i, Inoculation witii living producers nf
disease of full virulence; 2, inoculation with living pro-
ducers of disease of lessened virulence ; 3, inoculation
with dead Buy Fairness Cream bacteria ; 4, inoculation with bacterial ex-
tracts. The first method is of little practical impor-
tance, the second is used chiefly in vaccination and
inoculation for rabies, the third is employed mainly
against cholera, typhus, and the plague, and to the
fourth belong tuberculin and other products of metab-
olism obtained mechanically or chemically from the
tubercle bacilli. Specific protective materials arc formed
in the bodies of the inoculated under the influence of
the incorporation of the bacteria, a process always ac-
companied by a reaction. When the reaction is absent
protection will not be secured, perhaps because the dose
of the inoculated material was too small. The develop-
ment of the immunity takes from five to ten davs be-
cause the protective material must be formed in the
organism itself, and during this time the organism is
in a condition of increased receptivity toward the dis-
ease. The active immunization lasts for several months.
The author devotes himself mainly to inoculation with
dead bacteria and the treatment of cholera, typhus, and
the plague.

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