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C. That absolute rest in the horizontal position, so as to remove the dis-
tensile force of the superincumbent column of blood from the weakened and
dilated portion of the vessel, is a necessary part of the process of cure.
7. That the diagnosis between this state of partial Buy Voltarol Voltarol Tablets 50mg dilatation and tempo-
rary irritation of the aorta and any of the forms of actual aneurism is to be
based on the condition of the vessel as determined by most careful digital
exploration (after the bowels have been well evacuated); by the absence of
bruit except on pressure; by the mobility of the aorta and the verj' elongated
fusiform shape it assumes; by the absence of true diastolic throb; and, lastly,
by the effect of horizontal rest in decidedly diminishing, not alone the pain,
distress and suffering experienced by the patient, but in sensibly reducing
the force and volume of the aortic pulsation.
4. Ckromidrosis, or Colored Perspiration. By Dr. Geemain. (Gazette Heb-
domadairc, June 29, 18G6. )
Obs. A gentleman, aged 68 years, in vigorous health, presented the fol-
lowing singular phenomena; The morning following a copious pespiration he
found upon the back of his left hand spots of dull but deep blue color, with
well defined outline, which spots gradually disappeared in a few days. M.
Germain had the opportunity of examining these spots on five different occa-
sions, and many of his professional confreres also saw them. The spots left
a distinct blue stain Voltarol Emulgel P upon the wristband, and the skin also presented an
equally decided coloration. At one time there was on the back of the left hand
a very large spot, tolerablj' regular in outline, of the dull deep blue color, ex-
tending over the superior portion of the first three metacarpal bones, and
reaching to the carpus; the veins of the hand were swollen, and of a bluish
tint, and from the veins there extended in a radiating manner dotted lines,
which were lost in the colored spots. They were about four or five millimetres
in length; the skin was not discolored. At another time the spot wis situated
on the right radio- carpal articulation. The exuded colored matter was col-
lected upon the liuen or by scraping tlie skin with a scalpel. A chemical
examination of the material showed that Voltarol Emulgel it was soluble in distilled water, in-
soluble in ether; the presence in it of iron was proven by the reaction with
sulpho-cyanuret of potassium. The discoloration remained at a temperature
of 245° Centigrade.
The most of those who have observed cases of colored perspiration have first
sought to ascertain if there was not some deception in the case. But here it
is to be regretted that a more detailed histological examination was not made,
and that the reactions given by sulphuric acid are not noted; but the dull, non-
glistening aspect of the spots is Voltarol Gel an important point. However, we refer those
who may be curious enough to study this subject to a memoir by M. Leroy
Me'ricourt (Annales d'Oculistique, 18G3), or to a excellent article in the sup-
plement of McKenzie's Traite' des Maladies de TCEil (fourth edition, 1865),
where they will tind narrated a number of cases of chromidrosis. ( Bulletin de
P Academie Eoyal de Midecine de Bel^ique, Annee 186G. )
5. Case Voltarol Emulgel 100g of Intenniiteni Fever in a Child in Uiero. (Edinburgh Medical Journal,
June, 18G6.)
At a recent meeting of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society, Dr. Hubbard
related the following case:
In September, 181G, during the universal prevalence of an epidemic form
of Voltarol 50mg malarial fever in Hliuois, Mrs. C. was delivered of her second child. She
had been for many days the subject of intermittent fever of the tertian type,
and had noticed that, on the Voltarol Gel Uk days of the recurrence of the chill, there was an
entire cessation of the motions Voltarol 75mg of the child, which, on her " well days" were
resumed with their accustomed vigor. The administration of quinine was
purposely withheld Voltarol Uk until after her confinement, on account of its well known
effects in causing iiterine congestion and inducing premature uterine action.
She was delivered on her " ivell day,'' and the next day suffered a return of
the ague. The child also had a well marked chill, followed by fever. Quinine
was administered to the mother, promptly arresting the disease, at the same
time apparently arresting it in tin.' child. It has been Voltarol Retard 75mg observed by physicians
practicing in malarious districts that, in seasons of unusual prevalence of in-
termittent fever, in cases where the mother has lost the disease during the
whole or greater part of her pregnancy, that it was not very uncommon for
children to be born with enlarged spleens, anasarca of extremities, and other
appearances which follow protracted ague.
Sir James Y. Voltarol 50mg Tablets Simpson stated, in relation to Dr. Hubbard's interesting case
of intra-utorine ague, that the disease was alluded to by Dr. Morton and some
of the older authors on medicine. Dr. Russell, the author of a celebrated
monograph of the Plague at Aleppo, alludes to some instances of children
being born with plague-spots upon them, and has given, in a separate paper,
the details of a case of ague in the foetus. In this instance, the mother had
attacks of tertian ague Voltarol Cream every second day in the last weeks of utero-gestation,
and the unborn infant had what were reckoned shakings and rigors on the in-
termediate days. That these shakings were tertian ague also in the foetus was
proved by the fact that the child, after birth, continued to take them every
second day till they were an-ested by the use of bark.
6. Treatment of Biliary Calculus. (British MedicalJoumal, May 19, 1866.)
Dr. Luttou, in an article in the Xouveau Didionnaire de Medecine et dc Chi-
rurgie Pratiques, observes that the radical treatment of biliary calculus should
be undertaken only in the intervals between the attacks of hepatic colic,
otherwise the symptoms which require special management will only become
aggravated. He first describes the treatment of biliary calculi, and then that
of the symptoms which they produce.
1. As a remedy for the calculi, solvents have been employed, a. Alkaline
Eolvents are much to be preferred to all others; they have produced certain
and permanent cures. Sometimes, under their influence, the calculi are
broken up or really dissolved, and disappear without leaving any traces; but
most usually they are expelled in abundant bilious evacuations. This crisis,
preceded often by violent hepatic colic produced by the treatment itself, is not
always without danger. The alkaline treatment comprises various medicines,
such as the fixed alkalies, salts of soda, carbonate of ammonia, vegetable salts
of alkalies, etc. ; but the most usual are the waters of Vichy, Vals, Carlsbad,
Ems, etc. These waters are used in drinks and as baths; and they must be
employed perseveringly, at diflferent periods, during several years in succes-
sion, h. Durande's remedy consists in the administration of half a drachm
to a drachm every day of a mixture containing fifteen (jrammes of sulphuric
ether and ten grammes of oil of turpentine. Its use has been attended
with success; but, far from this success being due to its solvent action, it is
found that, where it has succeeded, the calculi have been expelled without
being dissolved; so that this remedy appears Voltarol Emugel only to excite evacuation, and
belongs rather to the class of expulsives than of solvents. Chloroform has
been much vaunted by some; but its efficacy is very doubtful, and Buy Voltarol Tablets it only Voltarol Tablets
calms the pain. c. As a mechanical expulsive agent, purgatives especially
should be ordered; frictions, douches, shampooing and electricity have also
been employed to favor the expulsion of calculi. Purgatives are preferable
to all these; especially sulphate of soda and castor-oil. In diet, the patient
should use fresh and laxative herbs (such as the cichoraceas and boraginacere),
grapes, and fruits, and whey. All fat should be excluded from the food; and
the diet should be plain and properly proportioned, consisting of roast or

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