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April 29, 1916.]
INCORPORATING Mebendazole Albendazole THE
Philadelphia Medical Journal
and The Medical News.
A Weekly Review of Medicine.
CHARLES E. de M. SAJOUS, M. D., LL. D, Sc. D.
Address all communications to
66 West Broadway. New York.
Subscription Price :
Under Domestic Postage, Ivermectin Albendazole $5; Forei^ Postage, $7; Single
Copies, fifteen cents.
Remittances should be made by New York Exchange,
post office or express money order, payable to the
A. R. Elliott Publishing Co., Albendazole Canada or by registered mail, as the
publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregis-
tered mail.
Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for transporta-
tion through the mail as second class matter.
Cable Address, Medjour, New York.
Some years ago, when the idea of efficiency began Albendazole Tablet
to agitate the industrial world, we pointed out edi-
torially how the means advocated apparently vio-
lated Albendazole Brand Name one of the simple laws of nature. We ex-
pressed our belief that in handiwork the necessary
movements were made in curves, and that efficiency,
briefly stated, consisted in reducing these curves to
straight lines. Speed in this manner is no doubt
greatly enhanced, but at Albendazole Buy the cost of much exhaustion
to the worker, who wears out sooner and has to be
replaced by a younger or stronger man.
The publication in England of several pamphlets
on the health Albendazole 400 Mg of munition workers has Albendazole Ivermectin recalled these
theories ; three booklets in particular have been seri-
ously considered by the most important British med-
ical weeklies : Industrial Fatigue and Its Causes;
Special Industrial Diseases; and Ventilation and
Lighting of Munition Factories and Workshops.
The committee which published these pamphlets for
the Minister of Munitions expresses the hope, in the
first one, that what is now being learned of fatigue
and industrial management will prove Albendazole Uk of lasting
benefit on the return of peace. Of the speeding up
process the committee remarks, that earlier recogni-
tion of the need for a weekly rest Albendazole Praziquantel would have pre-
vented a large part of the diminished capacity that
lias been allowed to appear, and would have averted
much costly and wasteful expenditure upon imper-
fect work. In many cases, perhaps in all in which
staleness has been noted, or has even advanced to
sickness, a single day oflf might, if given at the right
time, have avoided much wasteful reduction of ca-
pacity, Albendazole Sulfoxide and in tlie worst cases the total loss of many
days of work. It Albendazole Tablets Ip seems to us that these conclu-
sions corroborate our own, for it is pseudo-
efficiency, with its direct methods, which is giving
rise to the hitherto unknown superexhaustion. As
the committee remarks, the introduction of new
labor and of employees unaccustomed to the process
concerned, particularly in conjunction with the need
for speed Albendazole 400 and pressure, overtime, and night work,
with the consequent fatigue, inevitably leads to
greater risk of accident.
Taking up other aspects of the munition question,
the committee mention that operatives working in
trinitrotoluol are affected with Albendazole Uses drowsiness, frontal
headache, eczema, and loss of appetite. At first the
symptoms are usually slight, but if the exposure is
continued, the symptoms become rapidly intensified.
a profound jaundice supervenes, and even death Buy Albendazole has
resulted. Tetrachlorethane, a noninflammable liquid,
smells in vapor form like chloroform and is a pow-
erful, even a fatal anesthetic. It is an ingredient of
the Albendazole Zentel varnish used on aeroplanes. It is pointed out
that there is a varnish Albendazole India which does not contain this
dangerous chemical, but the difficulty of securing its
other ingredients has rendered its manufacture al-
most impossible.
Advice is given in the pamphlets on the dangers
of long hours of work, faulty positions at the bench,
muscular overstrain, prolonged standing, machinery
accidents, the air supply, lighting, the handling of Albendazole Albenza
explosives, etc., and managers, foremen, and oper-
atives are invited to cooperate in the reforms advo-
cated, preferably by the appointment of committees
of workmen. Similar Albendazole Msds publications would undoubt-
edly be most useful here, where the manufacture of
munitions is rapidly becoming an enormous industry.
It takes new ideas some time to soak deeply
through our many strata of older notions, and,
while the cell as an entity has been known for two
centuries and more, we do not yet appreciate the
full significance of its relation to the body as a
whole. Zentel Albendazole Our physiology, while fully recognizing the
existence of the cell, is still overshadowed by the
existence and activities of organs. As in the study

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