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Related post: There is also less destruction of tissue and it
is sooner removed.
11. When placed externally it causes un-
BENJAMIN: Selegiline Buy INTESTINAL Purchase Selegiline Online SURGERY
necessary adhesions, plastic exudate and
fibrous bands. It may interfere with proper
bowel function because of its prolonged Buy Selegiline irri-
12. Absorbable suture material used for the
outer layer is soon taken care of and does not
cripple the action of the intestine.
13. The application of the suture in intesti-
nal work has been carefully studied. It must
serve the purpose of controlling hemorrhage,
proper coaptation of the tissues, security
against leakage, must avoid pursing, be quick-
ly introduced and not strangulate the tissue.
The back-lock stitch of Pagenstecher thread Order Selegiline Online as
applied by the author for the inner layer serves
all these purposes.
14. Experimental work has demonstrated
that chromic catgut lasts sufficiently long when
employed as the outer suture for positive and
firm union to occur.
15. A perfect, clean and satisfactory result
is obtained by the inner Pagenstecher lock
stitch and a chromic catgut for the outer stitch
in intestinal anastomosis.
16. The after treatment of cases of sutur-
ing the bowel, should be carefully supervised,
e. g., by limiting the diet, starvation treatment
if Order Selegiline necessary, until the union is sufficiently
strong before the bowel is called Selegiline Online upon to pass
the contents onward.
1020 Donaldson Building.
The Power of Imagination
A clergyman who had once lost his voice
from laryngitis could never thereafter face a
congregation without losing his voice again
and becoming speechless, unless he had an
understudy, so to speak, ready to instantly
take his place if he failed; in which case he
never failed.
A brakeman injured his back and was lame
for six months. When he recovered he in-
sisted that the function of sensation in his
lower limbs was lost. When, at one sitting,
he was convinced of his mistake, he promptly
The Boers, before the African war, were
considered cowards because their youths
avoided manual encounters Purchase Selegiline in every way pos-
sible. They had, for generations, been taught
that fist fights were degrading. It was learned
later that though they might not return a
blow they were not afraid to exchange bul-
Their fear of pugilistic punishment was sug-
gestive, i. e., hysteria. (Tom A. Williams.)
The article quoted is a logical, forceful
plea against terrorizing children. Who
among us has been so fortunate as to escape
such wicked suggestions. Mistaken religious
duty has been responsible for many hours Generic Selegiline of
unhappiness if not of torture, to sensitive
young minds. The writer can never forget
or forgive the terrors with which the dream,
often renewed and not exorcised for years,
that for some venial sin Satan in person pur-
sued him through dark streets, into vacant
houses, over and under the pews in a mid-
night church, pursued his slumbers and wak-
ened him shivering with horror. The grown-
up that would introduce such an image of
terror to the facile imagination of an alert,
sensitive child, deserves the severest penalty
of the unwritten law.
When the physician is able by plain common
sense to free young fancies from such fol-
lies as suggestive hysteria he does well.
But it will not be well if he fails Buy Cheap Selegiline to remem-
ber that sometimes these suggestions would
do no good if they fell upon uncongenial soil.
An indigestion, a constipation, a derangement
of metabolism, too little ventilation, too much
school ambition, these and many other things
can tune the nerves to such a tension that
when touched by even Buy Selegiline Online a foolish hand they can
respond with vibrations of a fear that will
continue to reproduce itself until properly
Seale Harris, M.D., Editor-in-Chief Mobile, Ala.
H. A. Moody, M.D., Managing Editor Mobile, Ala.
J. A. Witherspoon, M.D Nashville, Tenn.
W. D. Haggard, M.D Nashville, Tenn.
W. A. Bryan, M.D Nashville, Tenn.
W. M. Litterer, M.D Nashville, Tenn.
W. M. Cullom, M.D Nashville, Tenn.

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