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Related post: solution in fifty c. c, or double that quantity in
100 c. c.) If now the second titration showed that
17.7 c. c. of rhodan solution were used, that would
correspond to 8.85 c. c. AgNO s used in excess.
Consequently, of the Tamsulosin Hydrochloride Tablets ten c. c. AgN0 3 , added the Tamsulosin Otc
second time, only the difference between ten and
8.85, that is, 1. 1 5 c. c. of the silver nitrate were
actually required to Tamsulosin 400 Mcg bind all the chlorine of the
ashes. The difference of the 4.5 of the first titra-
tion and 1. 1 5 of the second titration, gives the num-
ber of c. c. AgNO s required to bind the chlorine
present in the chyme Tamsulosin Cap 0.4mg as free hydrochloric acid. In
this example the difference is 3.35. As one c. c.
of the AgN0 3 solution equals 0.00607 chlorine, this
number is multiplied by 3.35, which gives 0.0203345
chlorine present as free hydrochloric acid in the ten
c. c. of the chyme. As 36.5 c. c. hydrochloric acid
equals 35.5 chlorine, the 0.0203345 will equal
0.0209073 hydrochloric acid. From this last num-
ber the acidity of the chyme can be calculated, in-
asmuch as 0.3 hydrochloric acid to 100 c. c. water
gives an acidity of forty.
According to this method I ascertained the free
hydrochloric acid in three specimens of chyme. In
the first specimen the tropeolin gave free hydro-
chloric acid twenty-two and 26.6, according to
Mathieu and Remond. The second specimen gave
with tropeolin free hydrochloric acid thirty and
30.26, according to ATathieu and Remond. And
the third experiment yielded free hydrochloric acid
thirty-four, with tropeolin and thirty-seven, accord- Tamsulosin Sr
ing to Mathieu and Remond. The Tamsulosin 0.4mg Cap slight differ-
ences are negligible. These experiments certainly
qualify the saturated alcoholic solution of tropeo-
lin 00 as the most excellent indicator for the de-
termination of the free hydrochloric acid, standing
in no way behind the Guinzburg reagent, which
latter is more expensive and has no superior quali-
ties over the tropeolin. On the other hand, the
tropeolin is superior to both Boas's and Guinzburg's
reagents, in so far as these cannot be used for the
quantitative analysis, while the tropeolin can.
The tropeolin 00 solution is prepared by putting
an excess of the tropeolin 00 into absolute alcohol.
The bottle is shaken up a few times for the next
two or three days, and a small additional quantity
of tropeolin is added. Again the bottle is left for
two or three days and shaken up a few Tamsulosin 400 Micrograms times. This
adding of tropeolin is repeated a few times, until
the solution is of the color of the tincture of iodine.
In order fully to familiarize oneself with the
proper color reaction of the tropeolin, a Tamsulosin Hci drop or
two are added, in a beaker, to a small quantity of
a hydrochloric acid solution and the resulting color
is well noted. Again, one or two drops of the
tropeolin are added, in a beaker, to plain water and
the resulting color here is also noted. With the
mineral acids tropeolin gives a somewhat cherry
red color, and with plain water an amber color.
In the chyme analysis the titration is continued un-
til the end reaction of the tropeolin, i. e., the am-
ber color is reached.
The Guinzburg reagent consists of:
Phloroglucin, 2 grammes ;
Vanillin 1 gramme ;
Absolute alcohol, 30 grammes.
The solution is to Tamsulosin Mr be kept in a dark bottle and must be
freshly made.
A few drops of the chyme are put into a white
porcelain spoon or dish, a drop of the Guinzburg re-
agent is added and heated over a Bunsen burner.
At the periphery of the heated liquid appears a
beautiful pink ring. This ring is occasionally bet-
ter noticed when the dish or spoon is removed from
the flame and blown upon. In observing the color,
we must be sure that the color Buy Tamsulosin is a decided pink
and not something which looks like pink. The
drawback to this solution is that it is comparatively
clear and cannot keep very long. Boas's reagent
consists of :
Resorcin, 5 grammes ;
Sugar 3 grammes ;
Dilute alcohol, 100 grammes.
Also this solution must be kept in a dark bottle ;
but it can keep for years and is cheaper than the
Guinzburg solution. This reagent is used in the
same way as the Guinzburg reagent and also gives
a pink ring on heating. There is no criticism as to
the reliability of these two reagents ; they are both
The dimethylamidoazobenzol solution, better
known as Topfer's solution, is used in a half per
cent, Tamsulosin Online alcoholic solution. It gives a carmine red color
with free acids, Otc Tamsulosin mineral and organic, and its end
reaction is recognized by the solution turning a
lemon Flomax Tamsulosin Hydrochloride yellow color. The fact that this solution also
reacts with the free organic acids, caused me to em-
ploy this reagent just for the determination of the
free organic acids, while I use the tropeolin for
the determination of the free hydrochloric acid.
The phenolphthalein is used in a one per cent, al-
coholic solution and has the property of turning an
alkaline solution to deep carmine red. In the chyme
analysis Omnic Tamsulosin it is used to indicate when the chyme ceases
to be acid and turns alkaline, which is recognized
by the chyme taking on a carmine red color. Occa-
sionally a bare trace of chyme is aspirated, or only
a small quantity over which a dense layer of mucus
lies. My practice under such conditions is, in order
to ascertain, qualitatively, the presence of free hy-
drochloric acid and free organic acids, to wet a small
strip of filter paper with the chyme and then drop
a drop of tropeolin or Topfer's solution on the wet
filter paper. In the presence of the free acids, the
characteristic reaction takes place on the filter pa-
per. Where there is a good deal of mucus I al-
ways wait a little while and then pour out the chyme
from the first beaker into another ; there is always a
drop or two left in Buy Tamsulosin Online the first beaker which is free
from mucus, and I dip the strip of filter paper in
this drop of chyme and then test with the indicators.
616 Madison Avenue.
March i, 1913.]

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