What Is Chloroquine Chloroquine Malaria Tablets

What Is Chloroquine
What Is Chloroquine

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tiously remarked the other day that "a decagramme
of prophylaxis is to be preferred to a hectogramme
of therapeusis.
A knotty Chloroquine Cost question, propounded years ago, has been
resurrected {Maryland Medical Journal): " Did Adam
have an umbilical cord?" Mr. Darwin.of course, says
he had as well as a homologous tail, though some sci-
entists (and punsters) don't know, and don't give
Adam either .
Hager says the mixture of Cost Of Chloroquine the tincture of the
sesquichloride of iron in simple syrup and then with
a little milk removes its styptic taste, and prevents
its injurious effects on the teeth.
A rare cause of death is reported to have been
given by a Topeka, Kansas, coroner's jury: "The
deceased came to his death from having called an-
other man a liar."
Mark Twain finds something extremely fascinating
in science : it gives you Order Chloroquine such wholesale returns of
conjecture for such trifling investment of fact.
f 00U 1^0ttC«S,
The Principles and Methods of Therapeutics. By Adol-
phus Gubler, M. D., Professor of Therapeutics in the Fac-
ulty of Medicine, Paris ; Member of the Academy : \ hysi-
cian to Beaujon Hospital, etc. Translated from the
Philadelphia : D. G. Bi-inton, 115 S. Seventh St.
Grubler was a worthy successor of his preceptor
Trousseau, and the student by no means rested
satisfied with what was imparted to him by his illus-
trous predecessor. Since, therefore, it was announced
a few months ago, that a translation of Gubler's
work with the above title, was shortly to be given What Is Chloroquine to
the profession the latter has been on the qui mve.
The book has. come and we must confess to some
disappointment in our expectations. This disappoint-
ment is Buy Chloroquine not so much due to any defect in the book as to
our misconception of its nature. The term ' ' Prin-
ciples " in the title led us to expect something after
the nature of " Williams on the Principles of Medi-
cine," or of "Fothergill's Handbook of Treatment."
Our examination of it does not justify the use of the
term " Principles." Amend the title of the book so
as to have it appear as a treatise on the methods of
treatment, and we become pronounced in our com
mendation of it.
The book opens with an interesting biographical
sketch of the late M. G-ubler, who was born April
5th, 1821, and died April 20th, 1879.
The first four chapters (fifty pages) of the book
proper, are devoted to G-eneral Therapeutics, and in
the somewhat brief remarks in these on the correla-
tion of organic forces we have the nearest approach
to a justification of the term " Principles " which
the book affords. The following fifteen chapters are
devoted chiefly to the consideration of the avenues
through which medicines are admiaistered.-hypoder-
mic medication, atomization of liquids, — medicated
baths, etc. Following these are three chapters on
Arsenic, and then three on the elimination of medi-
The remainder of the book consists of chapters on
the following subjects respectively : Accumulation Chloroquine Price
of Remedial Agents, Prevention of Accumulation,
Force of Habit, Intolerance, Antagonism between
Morphine and Atropine, and conditions Affecting
Medicinal Action.
The subjects indicated are quite exhaustively
treated and the work as a whole is one whose field
is not so fully occupied by any other work with
which we are familiar.
A Treatise on the Materia Medica and Therapeutics . of
THE Skin. By Henry G. Piffard, A. M.. M. D., Professor of
Dermatology. Medical Department of the University of the
City of New York ; Surgeon to Charity Hospital, etc.
New York : Wm. Wood & Co.
This volume constitutes the February number of
Wood's Library of Standard Medical Authors for
1881, and the subscribers to the series arc Buy Chloroquine Online certainly
to be congratulated on the fact.
Dr.Piffard's name has for some time been familiar
to the profession as that of one of tjie rising derma-
tologists of this country, and the work before us will
be sufficient not only to fix his place as a leader but
to add to his reputation as an indefatigable worker.
It is certainly remarkable for the research it displays.
The book is divided into two parts, the first being
devoted to materia medica and the second to thera-
peutics. At the very outset the auWior is beset with
the difficulty which awaits any one who attempts a
classification of drugs based on either their physio-
logical or therapeutic properties. Such a classifica-
tion is, in tlie very nature of the case, very difficult,
and Dr. Piffard intimates that in the case of the
materia medica of skin diseases it is impossible.
He therfore makes no attempt at classification, and
discusses the drugs in alphabetical order. This plan
has the advantage of convenience for reference.
Each drug is considered under four general heads :
physiological action following internal administra-
tion; physiological action of local application; the
therapy of internal administration ; and the
therapy of Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets local application. The plan is origi-
nal, and is a marvel of conciseness, enabling as
much to be condensed into Chloroquine Malaria Tablets a hundred pages as
would under ordinary methods require a large
volume, and all without interferingwith perspicacity.
The author Chloroquine Buy has evidently suffered no pent up
Utica to contract his powers, and neither has he any
of the fears of professional, straight-laced, codical
condemnation before his eyes, for he quotes liberally
from the Pharmacopa^a Homa^opathica Polyglotta
and the National (Eclectic) Dispensatory, and actu-
ally intimates in some places that w^e are indebted to
"irregulars " for a knowledge of the therapeutics of
some drugs to which we had flattered ourselves we
had a pre-emption right.
The part devoted to therapeutics is based on the
author's individual experience in the treatment of
the affections discussed. Just enough of matter is
given of a nature irrelevant to therapeutics to facili-
tate an intelligent comprehension of the latter. The
style throughout is clear, and succeeds in making
the reading of a subject usually repulsive in its dry-
ness, at once interesting and intelligible.
A Manual op Diseases of the Throat and Nose. By
Francke Huntington Bosworth, A. M., M. D., Lecturer on
Diseases of the Throat in the Out-door Department of
Belle vue Hospital, etc.
New York : Wm. Wook & Co. Detroit : Thorndike Nourse.
Readers of medical journals cannot but have been
struck with the activity in the subject of laryngolo-
gy and diseases of the throat and nose, which has
characterized the past year or so. The literature of
the subject has had several important contributions
during that time, and among them the book
before us occupies a by no means inferior po-
sition. We Chloroquine 250 Mg are told in its preface that it has not
been the design of the author to prepare a com-
plete treatise on the throat, but rather to describe
those affections met with in ordinary practice, Chloroquine Tablets
and for this reason some of the subjects usually
discussed in works of this nature, as diphtheria

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