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Related post: of the acetabulum." In this case the degree of the
violence was sufficient to fracture both bones.
Examined four months after the injury, patient
had good motion in all directions, except abduction,
which was somewhat restricted. He walked wich-
out support, though timidly on account of a pro-
longed crutch life." He was free from pain.
W'e are iitdebted to Dr. Edward Martin for the
privilege of reporting this case,
241 South Thirteenth Street.
Fic. — Fracture of floor of acetabulum and of head of femu'.
Note broadening and flattening of head, showing that acetabulum
has been sprung. Arrows indicate sites of fractures.
pact upon it through the neck of the blow received,
upon the trochanter and the unyielding pelvis.
That is. a man carrying a heavy weight upstairs
has Daivonex Online every muscle tense and the skeleton fixed, so
that the pelvis could not recoil from the blow and
thus minimize the violence. Furthermore, it is
probable that the stove, falling from above, struck
the ' superior rather than the external surface of
the trochanter, thus bringing a cross strain upon
the femoral neck. In the skiagram the head of
the Buy Daivonex femur resembles the very much flattened head
of an ancient hammer.
In our paper we discussed the question : When,
given a certain vulnerating force, does the aceta-
bulum yield to fracture and when the neck of the
femur? We cite the theory advanced because this
case seems to prove it beyond doubt. "The can-
cellous tissue in the head and neck of the femur
By J. RuDis-JicixsKY, M. D.,
Cedar Rapids, la.,
Kilitor of the Official Paper of the United Bohemian Gymnastic
Association in the United States.
The fact that numerous works on preventive
medicine, hygiene, exercise, physical culture, gym-
nastics, athletics, etc., are already in existence
proves the importance of these and similar subjects,
and the proper development of the body and the
mind seems to be uni\ersally recognized as the
main necessity for the building up of better and
healthier human beings, so that with better and
stronger individuals a stronger society and nation
may be formed. The busy practitioner has often
neglected the consideration of exercise in its rela-
tion to life, and as a subject belonging to preventive
medicine, because in the medical school he was
never taught the real value of systematic work in
this direction, and, from the physiological stand-
point, never could adequately study the utility of
exercise, because almost all the reliable works treat-
ing of it were based either on military needs or the
requirements of special organizations having in
view special method.-, and systems of instruction.
For thirty years I have been engaged regularly
in gymnastics and athletics, and have studied the
features of the dift'erent systems as thoroughly as
possible, both theoretically and also in the open
field or in the actual work in the gy-mnasium, while
since i8c)6 I have tried by the Rontgen method to
obtain information in regard to the action and pos-
sible results of systematic muscular movements
upon the tissues. Our knowledge of both the nor-
mal and pathological anatomy of human beings has
heretofore depended almost entirely on post mortem
findings, and these were certainly not completely
satisfactory, since the different stages of develop-
ment and the functional activity of the organs, as
[New York
Medical Journal.
well as the primary causes of disease and the path-
olog}'' of the various lesions resulting, should Daivonex Cream be
studied step by step during life. The Rontgen

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