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An a rule patient sat quietly all day long, chewed rags,
at times saliva drooled from mouth, took no interest in
what transpired about the ward, did not associate with her
fellow patients, and was dressed and undressed by an at-
tendant. .A.t times laughed and smiled to herself without a
recognized cause, was not spontaneously productive and
answered no questions. Often she made grimaces and
gestures. The visits of her parents produced no impres-
sion upon her. She had many spells of excitement. On Is Nexium Generic
one occasion she was talkative, cried, appeared apprehen-
sive, tossed herself on the ground, and was much dis- Coupon Nexium
turbed. When excitement subsided she was extremely
timid, and frequently jumped up suddenly as if reacting to
external stimuli, but nas inaccessible to examination. (We
have only one record of sucli an episode — the others were
accompanied by dcstructivencss and mild hyperactivity.)
C.\SE n. — Jessie P. .Xdmitted .\ugust 2, 1007. .F,t. six-
teen ; Russia ; single.
Family history: Paternal uncle was eccentric and llighty.
Uectmbcr 5. 1908.]
Personal history: Patient was born sixteen years ago in
the western part Generic Nexium of Rnssia. During intrauterine life mother
frequently menstruated and was weak. She was the fifth
of seven children. She attended school and was considered
a good student. She was always quiet, would brood over
trifles, and at times would become nervous. Otherwise she
was considered bright, cheerful, and pleasant.
She never n.enstruated.
In the spring of 1904 she was frightened by her aunt,
w-ho was regarded peculiar and mentally Nexium Coupon imbalanced. (This
aunt was not consangunieous. What Is Nexium but Coupons For Nexium by marriage.)
Ever since then it was noticed that she would shrug her
shoulders, was afraid to go to her aunt, and in fact, feared
the house in which the aunt lived, i-requently she would
crv, and refused to go to school. At this time she com-
menced to react to hallucinations, and often remarked,
"What Coupon For Nexium does he want — he wants me to eat." During these
hallucinatory episodes she would become irritable and ex-
citable, destructive and assaultive, .^t this time she would
go to her room and remain by herself. She thought she
saw black cats and heard the voices of her dead relatives.
At times she would take food to excess, and at other times
she would eat very little. Occasionally she assumed an ag-
gressive attitude toward her 40 Mg Nexium mother. Whenever she Cost Of Nexium was
sent on an errand or to school, she would run very fast, as
if she were driven by some one.
Shortly before her admission to this hospital she became
much excited, manifested assaultive acts, screamed and
shouted, Nexium Price and refused food. Price For Nexium She was sent to Bellevue Hos-
pital in the latter part of September, 1904. '
While there she was depressed, apprehensive, and reacted
to hallucinations. She said : "Someliody is trying to kill
me Esomeprazole Nexium — I was afraid — talk about me — at night — I saw Christ
in the woods to-night — I was afraid — in Russia is no Christ
^I saw Christ here."
When admitted here on September 28, 1904, physical ex-
amination showed some stigmata, slight eruption, and exag-
gerated knee jerks. Mentally, she was restless, appeared
confused, suspicious and apprehensive. She was not very
accessible to examination ; only after much urging Nexium Coupons she
answered but few questions. The following replies to
queries will illustrate her peculiar trend of thought:
"Why did they send you away from your home?" "I don"t
ktiow, i was crying." "What were you crying about?" "I
don't know." "Were you afraid?" (No answer). "Where
do you live?" "With my mother." "What street?" (She
jumps up nervously from her chair and shakes her head.
"What kind of a house is this?" "I don't know."
During her residence in this hospital she was irritable,
timid, peevish, and would frequently cry or Generic For Nexium laugh in a
childish fashion. Often she would make peculiar motions,
and would pick her face aimlessly. Nexium Esomeprazole She was not very
In May, 1904, she became quieter, more composed, and
fairly tractable. At the time of her parole (June 9. 1904)
she was quiet, answered questions readily, appreciated that
she was in a hospital, was anxious to return home, but ex-
hibited no insight into her mental condition. However, she
was still nervous and mildly restless.
When returned home she was not considered well men- Cost Nexium
tally. She answered questions readily, and Generic Of Nexium would assist
witii lipht work about the house. However, this lasted but
a short time. She was not allowed to go on the street for
fear of getting lost. For several days she would not eat.
and then again her appetite was ravenous. At times About Nexium she
would become excited, and then she would suddenly say,
"Why did he hit me? What do you want from me?" She
of'.en talked to herself in a loud tone of voice.
For the past year she grew gradually worse. She was
restless, would run away, inclined to be destructive and
assaultive toward the members of her family.
August 2, 1907. she was readmitted to this hospital.
Her mental condition remained practically unchanged.
She was restless, uneasy, and fidgety in her behavior.
She shrugged her shoulders, rubbed her face, raised her
skirt, Nexium Generic picked hei' nose, and made many bizarre motions with
her hands. .At times she Nexium Cost emitted peculiar sounds which
could not he distinguished. Quite often she laughed to her-
self loudly. When questioned she did not seem to make
any effort to comprehend the examiner and her answers
were given in a haphazard inanner, and accompanied by no
affect. For instance:

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