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From: story line books
Subject: MEXICAN BORDER FAMILY PART 2 PART 2 THE COMMITTEEI returned to phoenix, and I was happy that I stayed over, as there was a
road block, and bbs lolit top 100
The Mexican police, were stopping people, as a hijacking
had just taken place, and list cp loli
they Were questioning all who were driving by.I arrived at the boarder, which city is Nogales, and had to wait to cross
over as they were Checking all of the cars that were coming from Mexico. I
just sat and was thinking as To what free cp loli
had taken place in the past hours, was
that a dream or was it for real. I would tell My friend Steve about it as
soon as the shower loli
I got back.The drive to phoenix was good and the weather was hot, nude uncensored loli I just keep thinking
as to how I lolit illegal or we could help this family. I have a lot of gay friends, and
the co I work for has many grants that can also help people.I first went home, to change clothing, and check on my dog, lolias kid sex named Street, I
guess why I Named him that as when he was a puppy that is where I found him
was in the street. Well he was very happy to see me, and so I feed picpost loli him,
showered and drove to the office.
I walked into the office, and Steve, was right at my desk, started to ask
me questions as to what was going on and why I did not come home last
night. I told him to come over to night and I would tell him what had
happened. Just a little about Steve, he is 23 years old, Very blonde hair,
blue/green eyes, and 5 ft 9 in seventeen lolite pics tall, and about 160 pounds, very handsome,
he works in my office, and takes care of a lot of things which I deal with
all of the time. As I was sitting there, several more co-works came in and
we started talking about lolicon pic xxx
how are office and department could help, and take
on a south of the boarder project, and so I started to tell them about this
family that I meet, and the house conditions, and the little farm, and
about all of the kids. hxxp secret loli
I also told them that is little lolitta pussy pics was near A little village
called san Jose decamp. I will introduce you to some of my other fellow
Workers, lolity sex ass who are also gay, and live in the phoenix taboo cartoons lolicon
area. The first is Paul,
he is a very out spoken, but underage lolitias kind person and very much a go getter, next
there is Jesse, who is quite, but Ready to help hentai tgp lolicon when needed, Kevin is a
soft spoken and generous person, who likes to help when he can, and then
our two girls, who are lovers, yes, lesbians, we do have straight people in
our department as well, but they tend to be in a group all of their own.Most of my friends are in there mid twenties or early thirties. By the way
the names of Our girls, are Carol and Kathy, they are very good nn bbs loli friends of
mine, and I like them a lot, They come over to my house all of the preteens models lolicon
time.Well back to the conversation at hand. We all said that we would want to
help, and so set up a meeting at my house for the weekend, I thought that I
would have pool party and then we could enjoy the water, bar-b-que, and
form a group that would start to work on the south of the boarder family
project.I had a lot of clean up work to do before I could go home for the weekend,
and so I sat down at my desk, and dug in to get things completed before the
end of the day.
It was about 6PM when I arrived home, illegal loli pics and at the door lolicon movie forum download
was Street, waiting
for me, he is a real happy dog, and loves to play and swim. I checked my
mail, and quickly went young loli cuties pictures in and changed my clothing, as I just love to run
around my house and back yard in my boxers, I just seem to feel real free
in them. I need to get some food in me and relax for a while, as I knew
that Steve, would be coming over, and I thought that we would go swimming
and then talk as to what took place, in Mexico.I eat, and then Steve, arrived, he is so handsome, and I know that he is
single, lolite models
as I have seen him when I have been out to the bars in the city. I
guess it is time for me to get to Know him a little better.We went out to the pool, and each of us had a xxx lolicon hentai beer, and we were just
sitting and talking, As the events which took place for me in Mexico, on
Thursday.I told him about the family that I meet and all of the boy's and everything
that went on, and he was just sitting there talking it all in, and I also
told him about the younger boy's and that the father had told me to enjoy
all of them, as I lesbian loli bbs feel that he does the same. Well Steve, was really
getting interested in going and was wanting to make a visit to this
family. I told him about the angles, and the olive skin, cold back hair,
etc. Well I was warm and I wanted to take lolit naked a swim, so off came my boxers,
and into the pool I went, I Had never seen Steve in the nude, but I guess
it was about time that I did, as off came his Shorts, and into the pool he
came with me. I just looked at him, and could tell that something was there
for free nude loli preteen
me, but was not sure as to what it was, maybe a start fresh loli ass
for love, 12yo loli pix I do
not know. He swam over to me, and we were just looking at each other, and
he said, That he had been watching me lolias worlds in the office, and was not sure how
to approach me in getting to know him, and him getting to know me. Well I
guess it has happened.Just to tell you about Steve, he has a very smooth body, as I am very
hairy, and a very nice and long dick, which I noticed was loli links russia half way up, and
in looking at him I could tell that my dick would loli bbs red vids soon be joining the stiff
club as well.We talked for a while, just general things, and drank our beer, and then I
asked him if he would like to spend the night, and he said, I thought you
would never ask, and swam over to me and kissed me on japanese loli porn
the lips, well that
lead to us playing with each other in the pool, and now with both of us
hard, we were touching and having a great time. I just love the Hair that
he has around his dick it is so soft and reminds me teen loli galleries of a kitty, so from now
on I will call it my kitty, as he is playing with my balls, sexy lolis he goes under
water, and starts to suck on them one at a time, I just went to heaven, it
feels so good, and then he started to suck on my dick, and I in return
wanted to suck on him, so we go out of the pool, and put several towels
down, and continued out molesting of each other beside the pool, we just
took out time, and I could see that he was holding nasty lolits back from coming, so I
put my hand between his legs, and started to play with his butt crack, and
he then moved his leg, so that I could get taboo little loli galleries my fingers, near his hole, and I
started to rub his, hole, and first I could get 12yr loli one finder in and as I was
rubbing, I got two finders in, and then all of a sudden I got a mouth full
of the sweets cum I have ever tasted, and it just keep Cumming and Cumming,
And then I shoot into his mouth, and it felt so good, and he was eating young girls free lolia all
of it and we were both very spent, and tgp loli board we just lay there holding onto each
other and enjoying the events that just took place.We got up and went into the house, and it was about 11PM, so we bbs loli preteen photos took a
shower, and went back to loli porn kds
the TV room and started loli porn nymphets
to watch TV for a while,
and all of this time we Are holding, and touching each other, like we were
new found friends.I guess it was about 1AM when we went to bed, and all I could do was lay
there and think of loli nude 14y every thing that had taken place it the past 48 to sweet lolipop nude 72
hours, and I turned on my side and put my arm around Steven and went to
Well morning did arrive, and Steve was planning to help me with the pool
party nude loli porn thumbs for that evening, as to when our office friends were going to come
over and we were going to set Up a committee from hard lolit pics our department in the
company, to find a help project for all of us To work on and work with
people. It really is interesting to see just who in your department is will
to help and those who say they are willing to help but never lift a hand,
Well the group lolicon hentai incest trailers
that we have I videos hentai loli know there work, at the office, so I know
what they will do Out of the office.I got up and made coffee, lolicon tgp free and Steve wondered in and we both went out lolicon hentai free to the
deck, and were reading the paper, and drink coffee, and I had some donuts
on hand and we enjoyed some of those as well. I was asking Steve what we
should do for tonight, as just as I was asking him the guestbook kid loli telephone rang, and
it was Jesse, and loli cgiworld dreamwiz
he was wondering what I needed him to bring in the
evening, and he said that he loli preteen nudist girls
would call all of the others as well, and have
them bring things, I said that loli blowjob I would furnish all of the meat items for
the que,. And they could take care of the rest , plus bring soda, and
beer. I hug up and told Steve what was Going on, and he came over to me and
sat in my lap russian loli ru
and sex cartoons loli was telling me how he really did Like me and had been
waiting a long time for this to happen, and I told him that I loli sex porno childnn hc loli felt the same
way.We went into the house, and were both going to take a shower together, he
was like a dream come true, but I was not going japanes lolit to tell him, we entered the
shower, and started to soap each other down, and we started to kiss, and we
were just full of soap all over, underage loli kids and I had Steve's dick in my hand, and oh
how I wanted him to fuck me, and cum in me, as this would make him a part
of me. I turned around, and I guess he got the right signal, as I just
spread my legs a little, and his dick head was illegal cp loli
right at my door, I could
feel him pushing, as it had been a long time since I had the door open for
any one at all. I now could feel him inside of me, and one of his hands was
on my dick, and he was going back and forth, it lolicon tgp teen felt so good, and he was
hitting you prostate, and I could feel me start to cum, and just as I mclt kds loli was
Cumming he shoot his big pthc loli photo
load into me, and I could feel it hit the inner
most part of me. I just stood there for a few min's to calm back down, and
to come back to earth, as he was pulling out of me, I had another great
feeling from the person who I feel will some be a great part of my life. We
finished our shower and got our shorts and shirts on and loli bbs forums went young loli girls galleries to loli russian preteen porn the
grocery store. I new that we were going to have about 20 people over, so I
was going to do ribs, chicken, hot virtual sex lolicon
dogs, and hamburgers, what a thing to
get ready for during the day.I took me and Steve most of the day to get the place ready for the night,
and I wanted pre nympho loli fuck
to start the bar-b-que on time loli bbs porno
so that we teenage lolits could eat after
everyone has been in the pool swimming. It was about 5PM when the first of
the guests started to arrive, and they placed there items which they
brought on the deck, and stripped down to there swim suits preteen loli cp tgp and in the loli ass pool
they went, I could see that we were going to have more people than I had
planned for but if you knew me you would know that I plan for just these
things, and it was good that I did.It was about 7PM, and all but one of the guests had arrived, it would say
that I had planned for twenty, and my last count was 35 people, I was just
now waiting for Jesse and friend to arrive. I was cooking, and people were
coming over and talking bd lolicon with me, and then Jesse showed up and I knew we
were all here now, Jesse is a very good friend of mine, he has a lover, but
Jesse is one person that I could and still do talk with about everything.All of the people had brought a friend, and all were having a real good
time in the pool, And were eating and drinking and talking.I guess it was about 8:30PM, when I japan loli videos told Jesse to get the group together so
that we could set up a committee and we can give it a name, and so on.Well Jesse, got everyone's attention, and started to explain what nymphet body lolipop
we were
going to do and who we wanted to help, and why.I got up and explained about young kds loli fuck the family, and their living conditions, and
how they treated lolicon free gifs me, and that I would like to have the family as a
department project, loliteen nude
and nude art loli to better there lives.Jesse, said that we should vote in a president, and Vic president,
secretary preteen young loli fuck
and a hentai loli series treasurer, as this group will be handing a lot of money at
times. Several people were asking questions, and the first thing we need to
do was to name the group, several names were put into loli nude pic bbs the basket, but the
one that all liked was pedo loli rompl "Hands Across The Boarder" everyone excepted this
and it was voted uncensored lolicon pics
into place. Now it was time to get the heads set up and so
People were asked to make a nominations for president, and the rest, all
names were put out and the final vote was that I Russ Graves would be the
president, Vic-president would be Steve, secretary carol, and Kathy was
treasurer, as Kathy works in sex lolit
the accounting department, and has a degree in
accounting.Well now that the heads have been picked, lets get the first of the
projects under way.I told them what I saw, and that I would work on the phases that we would
need to undergo to help them improve there home, there land, and the family
in general.I appointed Paul to see what kind of money and help that we could get from
the company, And to have carol check into a non-profit status for us, when
the time came. It seemed that all that were present, were willing to help
in each and every way, and that in the near future that we as a group would
be lolipop adult dvd
going down to the little farm, and our russian lolitta porno thumbs Mexican family and start to help.I was getting late, and almost all had gone, and most helped to get the
place cleaned up and back to where it was, I was very tired, and just
wanted to crash, as loli cum model
Steve had to lolicon video no tits go home preteen lolipop because of his cat's, and check
things out.I can see that we are going to be on a good track, I will have to sit down
tomorrow and get The workings under way, I have all of the telephone
numbers, for all of the group members, and I will in due time start to call
then to see what they forum loli porn
can donate, give in money or share there time. I
guess to get to the "The Farm," private lolit foto
is about a three hour trip to and across
the boarder, to the farm, I think loli pussy russia
that the first trip we will make it an
all tgp nude loli weekend camp over, and leave on Friday night, and return on a Sunday.I feel the first things that we will try and give to them is house hold
items, refrigerator, gas stove, table, beds, linen and what ever we can
come up with. MY asian petit lolit mind went back to the last few days, and how my feeling
have gone from none to a lot for a person extreem lolicon that child loli cp I have worked with for the
past several cp loli pre
years, and to loli sites free know that he really does like me a lot And me
the same to him.
Please feel free to give me feed back as to what you would like to see and
to read.
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