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From: Libnos
Subject: My Little Honey - TG This is a work of fiction for the adult reader. If you're an adult,
enjoy. If you're not, go away. MY LITTLE HONEY
by LibnosPART 1. The SeductionMy girl friend, russian pedo bbs portal Tonya, lived in an apartment several blocks away from
mine. We had found each other at work and had discussed moving in together
but the urge to clutter our lives never seemed to be that meaningful to
either of us. She is the one who took the lead in our relationship and I
was quite comfortable just following along. She liked doing kinky sex and I
found most of her ideas erotic, stimulating and seductive Once she got me
hot, I would do just about anything nude candid bbs she wanted. I'm small in size and had
always been kidded about my size and long hair. With this background you
will be able to understand how I got to where I am today.It all began when we went to spider bbs nude a variety show one night that featured a
transvestite act. Tonya had seen the advertisement for the show boys nakde bbs yo
and decided
we wanted to see it; so one Friday evening we went to dinner and the show
afterward.When the transvestite act came on we were both amazed littles models bbs at how feminine the
men looked and acted. During the act, in which the "girls" participated,
they wore high heels, full makeup and female attire. It was hard to tell if
their hips and breasts were real under their dresses. Tonya sat entranced
during the whole performance and I should have paid more attention to the
side glances she made in my direction. Afterward, she dragged me back stage
to the dressing room where the transvestite act was changing. They were
most cordial and Tonya was enthralled at the attire and how they simulated
the female shape. Some wore falsies and hip padding or corsets but we
noticed two who seemed to amazedly have their own breasts and hips. We also
noticed that none seemed to have any body hair. In talking with some of
them we found that they used chemicals to remove body hair and the two that
had female breasts and shapes were on hormones and had very little body
hair to contend with. They were also the most feminine looking of the
act. They also told us that their mannerisms were attained after many hours
of practice such that they were now second nature to them.On the way back to Tonya's apartment she was all excited and kept chatting
about men becoming women. I should have taken this as another bbs models teen warning sign
but I just let her prattle on. Once we were in her apartment she got us
both a glass of wine and we sat bbs img down in the living room to drink and watch
TV for awhile before we went to bed. Sitting next to me on the couch she
said, "Do you know; you almost have a feminine bbs ptsc face and I'll bet with a
little makeup you'd be really beautiful.""No way." I hollered."Oh c'mon. Let me put a little loiltas bbs bit on and you can see for yourself?""I don't think so. What if someone saw me?""No one's going to see you. You'll take it off later. Besides, I think it
would be a real turn on for me."That parting rational must have tipped the scales because I found myself
saying, bbs photo free pics "OK, but not too much. Let's get it over with and go to bed.""Let's go into fallen bbs sex
the bathroom and you can shave first.""OK, I don't paradise adult bbs
know why collection pics bbs
I'm doing this. I'll probably regret it.""No you won't. C'mon."I don't have much facial hair, so it didn't take long to shave with one of
her razors. A new one by the way."OK", she said when I'd finished, "let's go into the kitchen and you can
sit at the table while I work on your face."Seated at the table she began to apply makeup to my face and did my eyes
with liner and lash enhancer. "You really have pretty eyes." she told me."Yeah, I bet.""Wait and see. You'll be surprised."She carefully applied the lipstick and then began on my hair. After combing
it for a few minutes scissors suddenly appeared in her hand and I had
bangs."Hey, what are you doing?" I hollered. "How are we going to fix that?""I'll take care of it before you leave. Now sit still, I'm going to put on
some sex bbs animal gallery earrings.""I know for sure that I'm going to regret this.""Don't bbs amituer be such a fuddy duddy."After applying some finishing touches she told me to pre bbs sex gallery get up and go look in
a mirror.When I first saw my reflection, I couldn't believe it was me. I WAS very
pretty, almost gorgeous."There, what did I tell you? You look stunning.""OK, let's take it off now.""No, no. Its really turning me on. kds bbs rompl pedo
Let's go to bed.""You've got to be kidding. Are you into girls or something?" I asked
kiddingly."I could be, but I want to fuck you now.""Well, that part sounds OK.""I knew that part would get you." she giggled.When we were in bed naked she slid up on top of me while I was on my back
and she kissed sexy bbs
me an unusually aggressive way baby sex bbs with her tongue deep in my
mouth. I put my arms around her as she slipped her body bbs thumbnail gallery between my
legs. Her hands roamed up to my chest and she began to knead the flesh
around my nipples and I felt them getting hard as well as my cock against
her groin.."Oh, I could just eat you up." she declared after breaking off our kiss."God, you're really turned on. I guess we'll have to do this more often." I
mistakenly told her."You bet!" she whispered as she slid down and took one of my hard nipples
in her mouth and began to suck on it."Oooo!!" I moaned in erotic pleasure."You're titties are nice and sensitive, just like mine." she said as she
resumed her slide down along my body and took my cock in her mouth."Oooooohh!!, that's good."She suckled my cock until I felt my juices begin to build up for a huge
climax. Then she stopped and slid back up to look down at me with her body
between my spread legs and my hard cock against her groin. "Sucking cock is
so nice, but we don't want you to cum too soon do we?""Oooo! Fuck me, fuck me!" I moaned in erotic submission."My little honey wants to be fucked doesn't she?""Yes! Oh yes!""Why don't you eat me first little honey." She pulled herself up with her
hips straddling my face and lowered her wet cunt to my mouth.I eagerly slid my tongue as far as I could into her cunt and began stroking
it back and forth inside. She began to pant and shove her cunt harder
against my face as I sought and found her clit. "Oh god. Eat me. Suck
me. I'm cummmminnngg! Oh god.!!" Her juices ran out of her cunt and I
continued to work at her clit as she orgasmed. I thought I would suffocate
but finally her body began to relax as she came down off her climax. "That
was real angel teen bbs board
good. The best I've ever had. You have a real talent for that."
she said as she slid off me and got off the bed."Where are you going?" I asked as my cock stood rigidly out from my body in
anticipation of being immersed in her now sloppy, loose cunt."You're going to have to get cleaned up. Your make up is all messed and you
need to redo it.""Oh, c'mon Tonya. I did what you wanted. I need a fuck." I whined."We'll talk about it after you're cleaned up and have some new makeup on.""Shit!", I grumbled top 100 porno bbs
as I got off the bed and went into the bathroom. After
about an hour I managed kds bbs college gallery to get cleaned up and made an attempt to get my
makeup redone. when I came out of the bathroom Tonya was sound asleep. I
cursed again and lay down beside her; not bothering to remove the makeup
and after much tossing and turning managed to get to sleep.In the morning when I awoke, I was bbs pedo sex
not sure where I was at first and then I
recalled the previous evening and groaned in frustration. I looked on the
other side of the bed for Tonya but she wasn't there. I smelled the aroma
of coffee so I knew where she was and that I couldn't count on her for a
little morning sex.My free illegal bbs porn cock was semi hard as I slipped on incest bbs gallerie my boxers bbs ls magazine sex and went into the kitchen."Good morning sleepy head. Did you have a boy bbs xxx good sleep?""I can't remember." I grumbled."You young girl bbs forum really need to redo your makeup dear, before you come down for
breakfast.""Shit! I'm washing this stuff off soon as I eat.""You can if you want to, but incest forums free bbs it really makes me horny and I thought we'd
spend the morning in bed.""OK, but it comes off this afternoon.."She didn't respond, but just gave me a quick smile as she bustled around
the kitchen.After breakfast we went into the bedroom and kid video porn bbs after video bbs teen shaving she showed me
how to apply my make up again."You'll get the hang of it", she told me as she watched me apply my lip
stick. "You just need practice.""Am I going to have to do this every time I want sex?""You know it really turns me on. I do things that turn you on.""OK, OK., how do I look?""It really teen model bbs top amazes me how feminine you look. Give me a kiss." she said as
she put her arms around my neck."No way, you'll smear my lip stick.""C'mon then." she said giggling as she took my hand and led me into the
bedroom.She took me over and sat me on the bed where she began to undress me. After
pulling off my clothes she grabbed my semi hard cock and began to
masturbate tgp bbs nyphets
me."Whooo! That feels good."She pushed me back onto the bed and while still fondling my cock with her
hand she took it cute tits bbs
in her mouth."OOOooooo baby!!" I moaned as she started me on my way to a huge climax. I
was way over due to cum and had accumulated a big load. I could feel it
building in my groin as I raised my hips toward her hungry
mouth. "AAAaahhh! I'm coming, I'm coming." and then my dam broke as I fed
her my cum. She gamely hung on as a tidal wave of cum erupted in her mouth
and she struggled to swallow it. When I was through it was like coming down
from an extrodinary high."OH baby, that was heavenly. You are one great cock sucker.""It tastes good, too.""What does it taste like?""Sweet and nourishing.""I'll take your word for it.""You ought to try asian virgin bbs it.""Shit! I'm not queer."She had resumed fondling my cock with her hand and it began to respond
immediately. Climbing up on my body bbs lilita she slowly lowered herself down on
it. The warm, wet feel of her cunt felt great on storires bbs my cock as she began to
ride it. She was thrusting herself up and down its length as she began to
fondle the flesh around my nipples as though they were breasts."I wish you had breasts." she gasped as she bent down and began to suck on
a nipple.The feel of her mouth on my nipple sent an electric shock through my body
and I began to fantasize about what it would be like to have breasts to
please her."Sure baby. Why not?" I moaned in my erotic fantasy."Would you like to see what it would be like to be a female cp bbs child porn
with breasts?
They would really turn me on."I was too young bbs girls
close to cumming to care as I responded, "Sure baby."She suddenly stopped and fozya bbs lsmodeling bbs I awoke from my erotic dream world."What's the matter?""I want to sex games bbs
see you with breasts. I'll bet it would be a big turn on for
both of us.""Shit! Breasts?? Why do I need breasts?""You said you wanted to try them.""OK, OK, just hurry it up I've got a big hard-on that needs free bbs models pics attention.""I'll be right back." she said as she scurried into child sex bbs russian the bathroom. She was
back quickly with two realistic falsies."Let's see how they fit. You don't have much hair on your chest so that
shouldn't be a problem. I got these from a friend who'd had a mastectomy
and wanted smaller ones."She placed the first one over my nipple and pressed down. I suddenly
realized it had some sort of adhesive on it that held it in place."Hey, are they going to come off?""Its OK, I have a solvent she gave me that allows easy removal." she said
as she pressed the second one in place."Take a look in the mirror now."I got off the bed and went and looked in the mirror in the bathroom.I had to admit I did look sexy and feminine. My hard-on grew larger as I
gazed at myself teen ls bbs with my made up face and the breasts moved as though they
were real breasts and were part of me. If I met that girl somewhere, I'd
want to fuck her I thought as I began to fantasize again. The color tone of
the false breasts almost matched my own model bbs thumbs skin color and the prominent
nipples looked as though they were ripe for sucking."What did I tell you. Don't you look sexy?""Yes, but I'm a guy.""C'mon back to bed and I'll screw your brains out you sexy guy." she
giggled as she took my hand and tore me away from staring at myself in the
mirror. The breasts jiggled and bobbed realistically as I walked.She saw me staring down at them bbs top index erotica and told me, "You'll get used to them."Laying me on my back on the bed again she resumed fucking me."Doesn't my little honey like to be fucked?" she whispered in my ear as she
began thrusting her hips up and down while she fondled and kissed my new
breasts. I could almost feel them tingle as she suckled them."OHHHHhhhooo god!"That's my little honey. Pretend your cock is mine and I'm fucking you with
it. You want me to fuck you deep and hard don't you?""Oh yes, fuck me! Drive it into me!""Now you know how it feels to be a woman. To want to be fucked. To give
herself totally to her lover and submit to his needs.""Oh god, yes, yes!""Now I'm going to cum inside you. Do you want my cum?""Yes, give virgin girls bbs me you cum. OOHhhoo! I'm cumming. Give it to me." I babbled in
my fantasy as I suddenly reached my climax and I thrust up my hips to get
his big cock deeper inside me and wrapped my legs around him. "OOOooo yes!
I want it." My pussy throbbed and clasped at his cock as I reached a climax
like I'd never experienced before.When it was over it was as though I was slowly coming out of a dream. Tonya
still sat straddling my hips with my surprisingly still hard cock in her
cunt. She smiled down at me. "Wasn't that wonderful?""What happened?""You opened yourself up to be what you really jailbait forum bbs want to be my kds bbs top little honey."
she said as she began to move her wet, warm cunt again on my cock which was
still showing a lot of life. I non nude loita bbs
had never been this turned on before and
wanted to regain my fantasy world as quickly as possible."Oh, you're still nice high school teen bbs and hard. I could fuck you all teachersex bbs
day. Wouldn't that be
nice?""Oh, yes!!"Can you imagine yourself as a real girl with nice soft, lacy undies against
your skin and pretty shoes with a nice dress? Think how nice it would be."
she whispered to me. My fantasy followed her suggestions as she continued
to keep me in a high state of arousal with thrusts from her cock."Oh yes.""Wouldn't you like to suck my cock now? A real girl likes to suck her man's
cock and give him pleasure."My mind whirled around putting a man's cock in my mouth and in my erotic
state I could find nothing wrong with it. Girl's liked to suck cock."Oh yes. Let me suck it."I don't know where she had it but suddenly I felt a soft knob pressing
against my lips and I opened my mouth to receive a large dildo.That's it my little honey. suck on my cock. Make me cum in your mouth. You
want to taste my cum don't you?"I responded by sucking little girls bbs board
on the plastic imitation in my mouth, but in my mind
it was the real thing and I suckled it to encourage my lover to cum."Oh little honey. I'm going to cum in your mouth. Swallow it all. Are you
ready?"I vigorously nodded my head as she slowly shoved the dildo to the back of
my throat and I suddenly felt a jet of fluid hit the back of my throat
followed by others and I swallowed it as my lover wanted. I was later to
find out that she had used her pressure bulb model with a mixture of egg
white, flour and milk."Good girl! Good girl! Now you are a real woman."I nodded again bbs lol teen pics as she slowly with drew the dildo from my mouth leaving a
peculiar slimy taste there.Then she slowly bbs pre young
raised her hips and my cock sprang reluctantly phedophilia bbs free of her
cunt as she dismounted leaving me wanting her cock still inside me."Oh, I need it." I gasped."I know you do my little honey, but its time to take a break. We can save
some for later. we need to put on your nice soft girl clothes now. Wouldn't
you like that?""Yes, my nice soft girl clothes.""Okay, c'mon, get up and we'll shave your child spandex bbs body nice and smooth so that
they'll feel sooo nice against your skin."I was still in a dream state as I slowly got up and followed her into the
bathroom; my breasts jiggling and my cock swaying as I moved. She put me in
the shower to wash and soften my skin and then helped me amateur sex pic bbs to lather my
body. I began to remove my body hair with a razor as I stood in the shower
and she stood and watched. Thankfully, I didn't have much on my chest but
concentrated on my legs and arms. When I was done she handed me a towel to
dry myself and then ran her hands over my body."Oh, feel that how nice and soft you are. Your panties will feel so nice on
your skin now."Taking me by the hand she led me back into the bedroom and I found she'd
laid out bdsm tgp bbs some clothes for me. "Thankfully, we're about the same size so
these should fit OK." she said as she handed me a pair of low cut, thong
white panties to put on.I pulled the panties up my legs and reveled in the feel of them against my
smooth skin. I had trouble getting them over my hard-on but they cupped my
balls in a silky embrace and I left them tented out in front with the thong
in the crack of my ass. I felt so sexy."Now we can pedoland bbs list put your teen bbs forum 16 bra on." Tonya said and handed me a white, lacy bra
and helped me slip it on and fasten it. The nipples of my falsies pushed
out the lace mesh cups. "Oh, that's so feminine."Then she angels ukrainian bbs put a ranchi zeps bbs
small corset around my waist and tightened it so that I
could hardly breath. Next she put on a garter belt and helped me put on
black nylon stockings. I looked at myself in the mirror and just about
swooned at how ravishing I looked."My little honey likes how she looks, doesn't she?""Oh yes!!" I responded in a falsetto voice I'd never used before."Now let's put your dress on."She showed me how to put a short black dress with a mini skirt on and
afterward put a necklace bbs kds non nude
around my neck. It was stunning on me. It showed
off my nice little girl porn bbs legs and breasts with tpg bbs galleries
a hint of my nipples through the
fabric. My hard-on also tented out the skirt slightly in front but I was
not that well endowed so it wasn't too noticeable."Now put on these shoes and practice walking in them." she told me as she
handed me a pair of black shoes teen bbs nn
with four inch heels.Slipping them on I found them a little tight and spanish bbs ass complained about free xxx movie bbs
"These are too tight.""Don't worry, we'll pick up some that fit when we go shopping this
afternoon..""Go shopping. I can't go out like this. What if someone saw me?" It was
like I ls bbs magazine sample
was waking up from a dream. Her words had dispelled a fog that I had
been immersed in."What are you worried about. No one's going to recognize you the way you
look. You're a beautiful woman now. Look at yourself in the mirror." I went
back into the bathroom; tottering slightly on the high heels, and looked at
myself in little virgins kds bbs the mirror. She was right. I didn't even recognize myself. I was
gorgeous.Coming up behind me as I stood in front of the mirror she slipped her hand
up under dress and brought my cock bbs thumb back up to its state of hard readiness
again. "That's my little honey. You can do it. We'll go out and do a little
shopping at the lesbian 13 years bbs mall and have lunch. Won't you like that.""OK, bbs sisters
I guess." pedo board bbs It was difficult to tear myself away from the mirror. I
couldn't believe the stunning creature appearing there was me."Now I'll put a little perfume on you and then I'll get dressed and we'll
go."She took a small bottle of perfume and applied some behind my ears and
around my throat."There, doesn't that smell nice? Its called 'Moonlight Madness'."The sweet fragrance seemed to swirl around me and made me feel even more
feminine.I waited until she got dressed which didn't take long. adult bbs post chat
She looked almost
manly with her short teen xxx pic bbs hair, without makeup nude cgi bbs in her denim slacks, a plain
white blouse, leather jacket and low heeled young nude bbs pics shoes."I'm video angels bbs ready to take my girl shopping," she said as she took my hand and led
me out the door and into what was to be a new life.
PART 2. The Final AdjustmentWe went shopping and I managed to master walking in high heels. Taking
short steps and swinging my hips was not only the correct way of walking
but it also made walking more seductive. I noticed many men giving me the
eye as I walked beside Tonya in the mall.We spent 2 hours picking jap bbs up new feminine clothing, undies and shoes for me
and then had lunch. I must have maxed out my credit card and wondered how
long it would take me to pay it off. I wanted Tonya to go slow but she
said, "You're a natural at this. You might as well take bbs ta nudist pedo advantage of being
a she-male. Its the new you." We even went into the ladies room together
and I sat down at one of the toilets to pee just like a real woman.When we returned to her apartment I was really riding high. I felt so good
being a woman and the attention of the men reinforced my new found
femininity."You were great." she told me. "You must have been a woman in your previous
life.""I feel so good." I responded."You look so sexy, let's go back to bed so I can fuck you some more."Without pre lil bbs
thinking I said, "I don't want to spoil my makeup"Tonya laughed, "You are a real woman now."Tonya had me take off the mini dress and my thong panties as dark bbs toplist we undressed
and got back into bed. "Doesn't it feel sexy to have your little, hard
clitty exposed?""Yes, it makes me feel so vulnerable.""Well let me rub your clitty and make you feel real good." she said as she
climbed astride my knees and began fondling my cock and balls with her
hands and then as it rose from its semi hard bbs lo kiddy state she took the head in her
mouth."Oh yes. Suck my clitty. It feels teen model bbs cgiworld so good!" as I thrashed my hips about
under her ministrations.When she had me up near the boiling point she asked, "Would you like a nice
big cock in your cunt free offhost bbs pics now?""OOooo! I want a big cock in my cunt. Fuck me."I must have misunderstood what her intentions were because she slowly
raised my legs until my knees were bbs livedoor jailbait movies
almost touching my pedo boy bbs vids shoulders, exposing
my rosebud ass hole to her finger, which she greased and slipped into me."OOOhhhoo!""That feels good doesn't it?" she said as she began to massage my prostate."Good, so good!!" I moaned finding a new rush of erotic submissiveness."This is your cunt now. You chinese anal bbs want a big cock in your cunt don't you?"Yes, give me a bbs porn board forum
big cock."Her finger slipped out of my 'cunt' and I soon after felt the greased head
of the dildo I'd sucked on earlier being pressed bbs young pussy into me."OOooo!! That feels good.""Here it comes my little honey. Your first big cock in your virgin
cunt. Relax and let it happen. Give your cunt to your lover. He wants it
very much""Yes, yes." I screamed as she slowly worked it into me. I felt the head
slide inside and then it slowly went model bbs toplist deep into my bowels, leaving me
impaled on its length.When it was deep inside me she let my legs down until it was held in place
by my weight. Then she began to suck on my clitty. It didn't take long
before she brought me to my climax and I let fly with a large load into her
mouth."Oh yes, oh yes!!"Then she slid up on me and brought her mouth down on mine. I opened my lips
to little virgins bbs receive her tongue but instead she dumped my cum in my mouth and then
she clamped her lips on mine and nudist photos bbs held my nostrils until I was forced to
swallow it."There you are my little honey. You have a cock in your cunt and a load of
cum in your stomach. You're a real woman now. Don't you want to thank me
for erotic ru bbs making you happy?""Thank you, thank you.""You're a slutty she-male now and you won't be happy until you've had a
real cock in your cunt and sucking on a real cock will you?""No, I want a real cock." I moaned tasting the slimy cum in my mouth and
feeling the cock in my cunt."That's my little honey girl. Tonight I'll get you a real cock. You
remember Jack, my boss at work. He's bi and he's had the hots for you for a
long time. He df toplist bbs told me that if I got you ready for him he'd child bbs nudist
make me his new
assistant. Do you think you'll be ready for him tonight?""Oh yes, I want his nice big cock. I want to suck it and taste his cum. I
also want his big cock in my cunt. I want to be his slut."
EPILOGThat's how I was led into being Jack's slut bitch. He keeps me in his
apartment. I don't work anymore. I just keep myself beautiful and ready for
him. He has a nice big cock and he gives me all the cum I need. Tonya is
his assistant now and I think he fucks her too, but I don't care. She
deserves it for all she's done for me.
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