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Related post: Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 10:23:54 -0800
From: Joe
Subject: MOTEL 4 (Encounters, Urination) MOTELAs I knelt there on the bed in the motel room, the two new studs
pumping in and out of me, I rocked in pleasure, enjoying the way they
were fucking me. Suddenly, one guy pulled my head up and my mouth off
his cock and asked, "You like piss baby!?" I smiled up at him and
licked my lips. His buddy, who was slowly sliding his big dick in and
out of me, said, "Shit, feed the pig your piss Steve! Don't ask him,
give it to him!!" He pthc kids boy girl
laughed and the guy named Steve pulled my head
forward, sliding his cockhead into my mouth. He kept my head angled up
and said, "I want to watch my piss go into your mouth honey, so keep
your mouth open!" I just stared up at him, knowing zep's new guide pthc that this was what
he wanted, his cockhead lying on my tongue.Then, his cock twitched and a spurt of piss shot into my mouth. I
swallowed quickly, pthc thailand but it was followed by the main stream, as his piss
flowed freely. He said, "Oh man, yeah, drink that piss baby! Take it
all you little fuck whore!!" Just then, the man fucking me, drove
his cock up into me hard, forcing my mouth down on the pissing cock in
my mouth. I clamped my lips around it, not wanting to lose any of the
hot man piss being fed to me. Steve grasped my head and pushed his
cock into my mouth further, moaning as I sucked and swallowed his
flow. Then, it stopped, and he began to fuck my mouth, holding my
head still by the hair. At the same time, the other man, grasped my
shoulders and plowed his hard shaft in and out of me with abandon.Once again, I was being filled at both ends, both orifices stuffed
with hard man meat. I loved it and stroked over Steve's hard thighs
and ass and moaned in pleasure. At the same time, I began to push my
ass back to meet the deep driving fuck strokes of the man pthc illegal xxx porn fucking me,
working my ass in circles at the same time. Steve said, "Shit Alex,
you said this place always has fresh hot boy pussy, purchase pthc but man! Shit,
this is the best mouth I've had on my cock in a long time!!" Alex
slammed up into me hard and ground his crotch into preeten pthc
my ass crack as I
moaned bbs board message pthc
loudly around the mouth filling cock.He slapped my ass and said, "Yeah, every time I get to this stop, I
want it to be Friday night. The manager always provides a hot slut
for the guys and man, this one has an ass that just won't stop! Take
it bitch, take it deep!!" He drew his shaft out and slammed pthc 0001
back up
into me, lifting my knees off the bed a bit. Just then, Steve jerked
his cock from my mouth and, holding fotos pthc jpg my head by the hair, jerked his
cock wildly. I stared at it as the head got redder and the pee hole
seemed to expand, and then, he was cumming. He shot all over my face
and neck and began to whip my face with the shooting cock. I loved it
and kept my tongue out, my mouth open as he spewed his load on my
face.Then, as his climax eased off, he shoved it down into my mouth and
said, "Suck it all cunt mouth!" I did it, eagerly, wantonly, wanting
to get all that thick rich man cream from his hard shaft. Then, he
pulled out of my mouth and moved to the side of the bed as Alex rocked
me with the power of his thrusts. I rocked in pleasure and then, he
jammed his hard meat into me to his balls and I squeezed on that sweet
dick as it began to shoot into me! He hollered, "Aww shit, take it
cunt, take it you hot assed pussy bitch! Ooo, baby, work that pussy,
milk it honey, milk it!!" I did it, oh yeah did I do it, squeezing
and releasing on that big hard dick as it shot up inside me.Then, Alex pulled it out of me and slapped my ass and said, "Your turn
Steve! Shit he's got one hot tight fuck hole!!" Steve 10yo nude pthc web
moved over and
slapped my hip and said, "On your back honey! I like my whore's on
their back!" He was smiling lewdly as he said this and I eagerly
rolled over on the cum stained sheets and lifted my legs, holding them
under the knees. I wiggled my ass up at him and he asked, "You want
my cock, don't you honey!? You want it deep and hard baby!?" I slid
one hand down to my cum soaked hole and wiggled one finger at my hole
and said, "Ooo, daddy, I pthc fc2 ephp sure do! I want every inch of it stud!
Please fuck me stud, please! I want that big dick in my pussy stud,
please!!" Alex laughed as he heard me begging and slapped Steve on
the shoulder.He said, "Go for it dude! Make that little bitch moan for your cock
stud!!" Steve moved over me, his hands on either side of my shoulders
as I felt his cockhead touch my hot feverish hole. I lifted young girls bbs pthc my ass up
to pthc bbs elwebbs
it sluttishly and he plowed into me, slowly, but not stopping till
every inch of his hard meat was in me. I moaned and my back arched and
my image pthc head lolled from side to side as I pushed my ass down into his
crotch, impaling myself completely on his cock. He began to fuck,
pulling his cock out till just the head was in me and then, all the
way back in to his balls. I loved it and stroked his strong hairy arms
and chest and gasped, "Yes, yes, ooo, yes, so big, child 12 pthc so hard! Ooo, fuck
me you big dicked stud, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!!"I don't know what I said or did at that moment, but, just then, Steve
lifted up and back and slid his hands on my legs and spread them wide.
My legs were like a spread vee as he held them by the ankles and his
hips drove that big hard cock of his in and out of me roughly. I
groaned and writhed on the bed in utter abandon, as I stared up at the
man fucking me, little whimpering sounds escaping from my lips! When
he said, "hard and deep," he wasn't kidding! Oh shit, over and over
that big hard cock scraped my aching prostate, pumping into me full
force each time.I heard Alex laugh as he said, "Yeah man, fuck that little cunt whore!
Make him work for it stud! Show him what he's good for Steve, make
him work for that big dick!!" I was barely aware of what he was saying
as I stared up at the hard man above me, using me deliciously. He
slammed up into me, making me pthc taboo lift my ass as he ground his cock inside
me. Then, he eased it out and then, slammed it back in again! I
moaned and gasped as he took me fully, making sure I felt every inch
of his hard shaft inside me. Just then, Alex came up on the bed and
knelt near my head and slid a hand over my chest.I gasped as he grasped my right tit and pulled on it, my ass
tightening on the pumping shaft in my ass. He did it again and Steve
said, breathlessly, "Yeah Alex! Yeah, work the whore's tits! Twist
those fuckers man, it makes his pussy even tighter!!" I groaned and
grasped out at Alex's ass as he pinched my tit hard, squeezing it as
he smiled lustfully down at me. He moved then, kneeling with his
knees on either side of my head. He put both hands on both tits and
said, "Shit, if one does that to him, let's see what two do!" He
laughed and my body rocked and pthc young video my chest arched up as he pulled on both
my tits.As he did, he captured my head between his thighs and my scream was
buried in his crotch. He lifted his butt a little and scooted over me
and pressed his sweaty ass crack right over my face. As he pinched my
tits again, I moaned up into his crack and then, he pressed his hole
over my mouth. nude cp pthc bbs I moaned up into it as my tongue acted like it had a
will of its own and swiped and licked at his lightly haired hole.
When he felt my tongue working on his hole, he said, "Yeah, eat me
honey! Eat my shitter! Yeah, video upload pthc
get that fucking tongue up in there you
fucking slut pig!!!" I lesbian teen pthc did as wanted and rocked my hips, lifting up
to Steve eagerly as he plowed in and out of me.Then, Steve stretched my legs danish pthc
even wider as he slammed his cock up
into me, his balls pressed against my upturned butt cheeks. He
groaned and shouted, "Take it cunt! Yeah, oh, uh, uh, awwwwww shit,
take my cum you fucking slut cum pig!!!" Alex ptsc pthc kinderficker was laughing as bbs info pthc
continued to squeeze my tits and ride my face, as I felt Steve's cock
explode inside me. The twisting of my tits had my ass hole spasming
on that hard shaft pthc movie tgp as it spewed its load inside me. pthc porno I moaned over and
over into Alex's hot ass crack, my tongue shoved into his hole. Then,
Steve jerked his cock out of me saying, "Oh man, oh shit, what a
fuck!!"Alex lifted off of me and leaned over and rubbed his dick on my face
and said, "Yeah, told you this was a hot stop. Shit, sometimes you
come here and there's nude pthc top loads of studs, lined up in this pthc pedo little girl room with some
slut on the bed like this, going at it! One time, I watched while
this hot little number got double dicked by two studs at one time!!"
Steve asked, as I lay there, my face and chest covered in cum, my
inner thighs oozing his cum, "Double dicked!? What the fuck is that?"
Alex guided his cock to my open mouth and slid it in and said, "Two
guys putting their dicks in the sluts ass at the same time!!" Steve
asked, shocked, "You don't really mean that, do you? I mean two cocks
in a guys ass at the same time!!"Alex leaned over me and spread my legs and was rubbing his fingers in
the cum oozing out of my hole as he slid his cock in and out of my
mouth. I held onto his ass, enjoying his hard shaft in my mouth, pthc cp portal
as I
heard him say, pthc petite bbs
"See this hot cunt this bitch has! intercambio pthc Shit, it can
stretch to take two dicks at one time. I've even seen guys getting
fists shoved into their asses!" He chld luv pthc shoved two fingers into me, making
me moan on illegal pthc mpegs his cock and lifting my ass up for him. Steve asked, "Want
to try it Alex? father daughter pthc
You know, putting both our dicks in his ass!?" Alex
chuckled and said, "Hmmm, might be interesting. The way this faggot
bitch acts, I bet he'd love it!!"He pulled his cock hussyfan pthc yr from my mouth and pthc movie gallery
looked down pthc porn free at me and said,
"Guess what cunt boy, we're gonna take you to heaven!!" I was so lost
in what was going on, I barely understood what he was saying. He lay
down on his back on the bed and held his cock up and said, young russian pthc "Come on
honey! Get that sweet little pussy of yours on my cock!" I crawled
over him and knelt over his waist and pushed my ass down to his
cockhead. When I felt it, I eased down on to it and then, slid all the
way down to his pubes, luxuriating in the feel of his cock sliding
into me.Then, he slapped my thighs and said, "Now bitch! Turn around on that
hard cock and face Steve!" I managed slowly to turn on his cock, the
feeling so strange inside me as I moved. I was now facing Steve who
stood at the end of the bed, slowly stroking his 16 pthc sites cock, his eyes wild
as he watched me lift and lower myself on Alex's cock. Then, Alex
grasped bbs links pthc my shoulders and pulled me backwards and held me against his
sweaty chest. His mouth was next to my ear and he said, "Now pthc kp cp
when I pull my dick out a bit, start pushing yours into him!!" I
realized what they were going to do and said, "No, please, not both of
you, no, please!!" Alex laughed as he clasped me against his chest and
said, "Shut pthc pic archives the fuck up bitch! We're gonna give you russia sex pthc more dick than
you've ever had at one time and you're gonna love it!!"I groaned as Steve moved over us, kneeling between mine and Alex's
spread legs. He put one hand to the side as he middle eastern pthc stared down into my
face and used his other to guide the new pthc keywords head of his dick to my cock
stuffed hole. I felt the head there and then, moaned as I felt him
pressing in against my hole and Alex's cock. He pressed harder and
Alex drew his cock out a bit and then, as he moved back in, Steve's
cock slid in and I felt my sphincter spreading even wider. It hurt
and I gasped and begged, "No, please, oh it hurts, no please, please
don't do this!!!" Steve slapped face and then, spit in my face as he
said, "He told you to shut the fuck up bitch!! Now, relax, let me get
my dick in you!!"I groaned as Alex clamped his hand over my mouth and I screamed as I
felt the head of Steve's cock slide into me. My hole was being
stretched further than it had ever been and I gasped, my chest heaving
as I screamed around the hand covering my mouth. Steve kept moving
into me and then, when he had it all in, rubbing against Alex's cock
inside me, he said, "Shit, I can't believe it! His fucking male
cunt's got both of our dicks in him!" Alex chuckled and said, "Told
you we could do it! Now, lift him up a bit and let's hussyfan password pthc vicky
take him to
cocksucker heaven! 13 yo pthc torrent
Let's show this bitch how much he loves to be
fucked!!"Steve pulled me up and I felt Alex rising up too. Somehow, they were
both on their knees, me spitted on their joined cocks in my ass hole
as they held me close. Then, they began to move their hips, first one
pulling out, the other pushing in, then, again, then, again. I don't
know what came over me, but it was beginning to feel wild, and the
feel of their naked sweaty bodies tight against my chest and back was
getting me hotter. Suddenly, I gasped, "Yes, yes, yes, ooo, yes, your
cocks, your cocks!!" Alex jerked my head around and asked, "What
about our cocks honey!?" I gasped out, "So good, so good, so full! Oh,
oh, so good!!!" Steve laughed and said, "Got him going now Alex!"Alex rammed his cock up into me as Steve was just trying to shove his
in and I groaned, my head flying from side to side. I don't know how
long they kept me on their spitted cocks, but I must have blacked out
or something, as I just remember the luscious full feeling of having
both cocks in me. I was jolted from the wild place as just then, Steve
slammed up into me pthc bbs links
and said, "I'm cumming! Oh shit, talk pthc take my cream
bitch!!" At the same time Alex shouted, "Me too, oh shit, I can't
believe this hot pussy is squeezing, oh shit, here, uh, aw, oh man,
its cummmmmmmingggg!!!"I new pthc words
moaned as they held me tight, jamming down on the two spewing cocks
as they unloaded inside pthc training torrent me. I rocked wildly and then, my own cock
shot up onto Steve's belly and chest and he said, "Man, oh man, we
really got him hot now! Shoot baby, shoot and take our man cream
bitch!!" I pthc videos
barely heard him as my orgasm was so body rocking. I
leaned against his chest as he leaned back and I began to swipe my
tongue hungrily at my own cum on his chest and belly, as I squeezed on
the two shafts buried up in me. Then, Alex eased out of me, then,
Steve. They pushed me to the bed and I collapsed in heap, my body
shuddering and shaking as I felt their cum oozing out of my still
spread hole.Then, each of them moved over in front of me and grabbed my head by
the hair and shoved their cocks to my mouth and said, "Clean my cock
bitch!" Or, something like that as they shoved them to my mouth and I
greedily sucked them clean. Then, as I slid off the side of the bed
onto the floor, I watched as they got dressed. With a wave at me, the
two of them left, laughing as I sat there, still stunned and dazed.
Somehow, I crawled to the door and closed and locked free pthc gallery it and then,
turned off the lights pthc bs
and slumped against the door. My body aching and
yet, somehow, still tingling from the wild orgasm I'd had.I managed to crawl into the bathroom and into the shower. I told on
the warm water and let it cascade over me, easing my abused pthc guesrbook
body. I
sat there and let the water do its job, even rolling over onto my
belly and spreading my legs. I enjoyed the feel of that warm water as
it slid along my ass crack around my hole. It eased my straining
muscles and made my boy pussy feel so much better. After a bit, as
the water started to get colder, I got out of the shower and gave
myself a deep enema from the bag and stuff on the counter. When I was
finished, I dried off as best I could with the wet towels and went
back ls mag pthc hussyfan to kdz imageboard pthc the other room. I lay on pthc 3
the bed, the feeling of the wet cum
stains, the smell of man all around me.I lay there a bit and then, jerked in surprise as there was someone
trying the door. I knew I wanted more cock, but for some reason, lay
there as I heard someone mumble and then, they went away. As they
left, my mind went back to message boards pthc Craig and the truck stop. He had pushed me
up against the partition wall and was fucking me deeply, roughly, as a
man on the other side sucked on my cock. Craig's mouth was at my ear
and he shoved two fingers into my mouth and I sucked wildly as I
squeezed on his pumping shaft inside me. He chuckled and asked, "Feel
good baby!? Like ole Craig's big dick honey!? Yeah, you do, I can
feel it baby! pthc photo naked You fucking little whore, want that big dick don't
you!?"I bobbed my head and just then, it was too much for me. The man
sucking my cock had the whole thing in his mouth and throat and the
feel of Craig's cock fucking me, drove me over the edge. I groaned
around his fingers in my mouth and he laughed and said, "Yeah, shoot
it you little pthc sites uncensored cunt! Unload your balls in that cocksucker's mouth!" He
thrust up into me hard, grinding in against me, his cockhead pressing
hard on my prostate. He punched his hips, forcing his cockhead to
punch my prostate as I exploded in the man's mouth. I moaned on the
fingers in my mouth and sucked on them harder.Each time Craig's cockhead punched over my prostate, a burst of cum
shot into my cocksucker's mouth. I was shaking all over, goosebumps
rising on my skin as Craig bit at my neck and rocked his cock inside
me. Then, the man sucking me, pulled back and said, "Oh man, you
really got the faggot to shoot stud! Thanks man, really needed that!"
Craig laughed and said, "Get the fuck out of here cocksucker!!" The
other man left in a hurry as Craig pulled me back. He forced me to my
knees and pushed my head down on the floor of the stall. There was
cum on the floor where my cocksucker had shot as he sucked me and
Craig imageboard pthc
pushed my face to it, saying, "Clean that up you little cum
pig!!"I licked at the small puddle kids ped pthc
on the floor, and as I did, he slapped my
ass and said, "Lift your pthc whore cunt higher bitch!!" I lifted my ass up for
him, lost in his control of me and then, he began to slam that big
dick in and out of me. Over and over that hard shaft speared into me
and he pthc samples underage stroked my back and kept my head down on the floor, letting me
know I was there for only one thing, for his pleasure. I loved it and
humped my ass and pushed back for more as he slammed in and out.
Then, he grasped my head by the back of the hair and jerked me up as
he shoved every inch of his cock into me and said, "Take my forum pthc underage
load cum
slut! Yeah, uh, uh, awww yeah, take it honey!!!!"I squeezed down on his hard shaft buried inside me and worked my ass
muscles like the slut I was and milked that shooting dick! He held
his cock inside me till he was finished and then, jerked it out
roughly. He pthc gallery top
turned me around and shoved his cock into my mouth and
said, "Clean it bitch! Get it nice and clean!" I sucked hungrily on
his slowly softening cock and then, pulled back and stared up at him.
His face may not have been too handsome, but his body was wild. I
stared up at him and he chuckled and moved over to get his pants and
shirt and slid them back on. Then, he moved up to me and shoved a
finger into my mouth and said, "Thanks baby, you were one livedoor cp pthc aaa
hot fuck!"Then, he left the stall. I knelt there, stunned, but shaking in
excitement too. I got into my clothes and went to the sink and washed
myself off as best I could and left the room. I felt that a lot of
eyes were staring at me and I tingled all over at that thought as I
headed out to my car. I got in and drove out of the place and back
onto the interstate. I headed east for about 50 miles and started
looking for the next motel I might want to stay in. All the while, my
mind kept replaying the way I had been getting dick the last couple of
days. As the image of Craig came to mind, I felt my ass hole pulse
and knew, if he'd wanted it, I'd have let him fuck me all day!!I drove for another 30 miles or so and after passing through Santa Fe
or some place like that, saw a sign for a motel. It was an old sign
and pthc russian dark sites when I got to the off ramp for it, didn't chill pthc top see it right away. I
drove up onto the offramp and over a little hill and then, saw the
place. It was nestled in a little tree covered area, a gas station, pthc links child top a
little store and another place. It seemed that it was mainly for the
locals, but I pulled up anyway, as the signed said "vacancy." I got
out and went into the office and there was a man behind the counter
and a younger guy, about 27 or so, sitting in a chair.I asked for a room and the man gave me the things to sign and as I was
paying, I looked over at the man in the chair. He looked like the
typical farmer or rancher or something. Plaid shirt, levis, cowboy
boots. The shirt was open and I could see the light hair on his
chest, but was stopped from looking any further as the man behind the
counter said, "Hey Brett. Show this man to cabin number six will you?"
The guy, Brett stood up and said, "Sure Charlie. Come on guy." yahoo bbs pthc briefcases
grabbed my bag and since I had to park out in front, went out and
locked my car. Brett waited for me and when I got up to him, he
turned and started walking between the little cabins.I liked the way his ass moved in his levis and his walk was like that
of someone who was pretty sure of themselves. He turned after we
passed the first four cabins and we went between them to two others
behind them. He walked up to number six and said, "This is it. Uh,
we don't have a pool, but there's a nice cool creek out the back of
the cabin, if you want child pthc galleries cp
to take a swim." I moved up to go into the
cabin and he stepped aside, but only gave me topsite pthc
enough room to pass. My
free hand brushed against the front of his levis and I looked up at
him as I realized what I'd done, but he just smiled.I went inside and tossed my bag over to a corner and turned and pthc teen girls
he was
still standing there in the doorway. I asked, "You go swimming in
that pthc model toplist
creek?" He came in and stood in the door way and I realized he
was a nice looking stud. He said, "Yeah, usually about this time of
day. Charlie only needs me to keep things running around here, you
know, like the air conditioning, shit like that. But we don't youth pics pthc
get a
lot of customers, so, its pthc board girls pics quiet." I asked, "What do you do for fun
around here?" He said, "Oh go to the bar across the road, go skinny
dipping. free pthc thumbs Sometimes, head into Santa Fe and party, stuff like that." I
nodded and reached into my bag and drew out the thong and stretched it
out.He asked, "What is that thing? Looks like a pair of panties or
something." I smiled and said, "Well, its a thong. I figure if I'm
going to go for a swim, I better wear something." pthc search engine He said, "Don't
look like you'd be wearing much with that thing!" I smiled and asked,
"Want to see what I look like in it?" alicia pthc He smiled and said, "Sure." I
walked pthc reverse access to the bathroom and said, "Be right love board bbs pthc
back." I didn't know if he
was interested, but I was feeling the urge again and thought what the
hell! I slid out of my shorts and tshirt and noticed that the seat of
my shorts were still a little wet. I slid into the thong and then,
walked out into the other room.Brett was sitting on the edge of the bed, his long legs spread as he
watched me come out. His eyes did a little dance as he took in my
almost naked body and then, he smiled. I liked that smile and decided
that I wanted him. I stood there, lifting my arms and moved around in
a circle, showing him what it looked like on me. That red thong was a
real find and I heard an intake of air as I leaned over and spread my
legs, saying, "See the strap goes up my crack." bbs lol pthc
I looked back over my
shoulder and he said, "Man, it looks like your practically naked!!"I don't know why, but I wiggled my ass and said, "I love being naked."
As I said this, I noticed his hand was massaging the front of his
levis. I decided to go for broke and bent over further, almost
touching the floor and heard a "Damn," behind me. I turned and then,
walked over towards him, letting him see my state of arousal sandra nude pthc and stood
right in front of him. I put my hand on my hips and said, "Yeah, I
love to get naked and play around. How about you Brett!?" He looked
up at me and said, "Shit, I don't do things with guys!"I smiled and asked, "Why not stud! I wouldn't mind doing some things
with you!" aaa livedoor futaba pthc He looked shocked and said, "Man, what are you? One of
them fucking queers I hear about!?" I knew I had to be careful, but
he was turning me on as he sat there and I could smell his sweet man
odor. I licked my lips and said, "Yeah, I'm a queer Brett. I bet it
would be wild to show you how I like to please a man!" pthc kid He stood up
and I thought he was going to hit me pthc free pthc forum or something, but he just backed
towards the door. He said, "I don't know about that kind of thing
guy." Then, he was out the door.I stood there and laughed to myself, thinking, 'maybe Brett, maybe,
but you sure were enjoying pthc board tgp toplist looking at lollita pthc
my body!' I lay on the bed for
a bit and relaxed and then, dozed a bit. I don't know how long I was
asleep, but I was awakened by a knock at the door. I got up and it was
Charlie, the clerk. I forgot about how I was dressed as I opened the
screen door and said, "Yes." Charlie looked me up and down and said,
"Uh, Brett was a little upset when he came back to the office. You,
uh, wouldn't know what happened would you?" I noticed that his eyes
were looking me up and down and I turned and walked toward the bed and
said, "No. Not really. We were talking, and then, he sort of bolted
out of here."I knew he had gotten a good look at my ass as I turned and looked at
him. I continued, "I changed into this thong and I guess it sort of
made him uneasy or something." Charlie stood in the doorway and was
rubbing his chin as he looked at me and then, his eyes traveled down
my body and back up to my face. He sort of smiled and said, babylover pthc post "Well,
don't know why that would have bothered him. I mean, you look, uh,
sort of hot in that thing." I smiled at him and walked over towards
him and asked, "You really 15yo pthc think so stud!?" I turned to the side a
little, giving him a good look at my ass and asked, "Don't think I
look too naked, ilegal pthc pics do you?"I looked right at him and then, licked out at my lips with my tongue.
I saw the smile come to his face, as he closed the door and walked
over to me. He put his hand on my dasha pthc ls right butt cheek and patted it and
said, "No, you don't look too naked. But I bet you love to get naked
for a man. Is that right baby!?" I smiled and slid my hand down to
the front of his pants and cupped his cock and balls and said, "I love
to get naked for a man Charlie! You want me to get naked for you?" As
I said this, I squeezed his hardening cock in his pants and he
chuckled and said, "A little forward aren't you sweet stuff!" I
groped him openly and said, "Well, I just like to let a man know what
I want and like Charlie. Hmmmm, and from what I can feel here, you got
just what I like stud!"I flashed my eyelids at him and he smiled and said, "Damn! Ain't seen
me a joyboy around here in a long time! You are a joyboy aren't you
buddy?" I moved up and pressed my crotch against his growing bulge as
I slid my arms up around his neck and said, "Name's Joey, Charlie, and
yeah, I love to give joy stud! Want me to give you some joy honey!?"
His hands were on my hips cgi imgboard pthc and he jerked my crotch against his and
said, "I bet you'd just do that too, wouldn't you Joey, uh honey!?" I
leaned towards his face and licked at his cheek and said, "I'll do
whatever you want stud!" His hands slid off my hips and around to my
ass and I felt him grasp them and squeeze them and said, "Ooo, so
strong, I pthc stories bet you could take me to heaven stud!?"I felt his hand slide under the strap of my thong and then, the tips
of his fingers scraped over my hole. I giggled and wiggled my hips and
said, "Hmm, I like a man that knows where the fun is!" He slapped my
ass and said, "And I bet you know just the kind of fun a man likes
too, don't you baby!?" I kissed his cheek and said, "I'd love alexx pthc
to feel
your fun stud. Ooo, yeah, you found it stud, ooo, feels good!" He
was sliding a finger in and out of me and I pushed my japan incest pthc galleries
ass back a bit
for him. As he did, I slid my hand down to the tops of his pants and
began to undo the buckle. I smiled up at him and he slid a second
finger into me and I quickly got the pants opened and shoved down a
bit.I grasped his pthc cp pay sites cock in his boxers and said, "Ooo, stud, ooo, I love the
way you play! Oh my, and this feels like such a sweet toy too!!" password pthc He
chuckled and asked, "Want to do something else with your toy baby!?" I
smiled up at pthc gazou
him as I was undoing the buttons on his shirt and slid
down along his body. I got to my knees and pressed my face into his
hairy crotch as I pushed his pants down to his ankles. I moaned into
the wiry bush, smelling his crotch and sweat and then, looked up at
him as I stuck out my tongue and licked up the underside of his cock.
When I got to the head, I asked, "You want me to play with this toy
stud!?" He laughed and slid a hand to my head and forced his cock
into my mouth and said, "Suck me honey! Yeah, take it all!"
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