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From: J C
Subject: My Holiday in Eastern Europe chapter 2Dedicated to Andrew my best friend and talented writer, who else. The idea
of this story comes from Andrew's story with the same title. It
belongs to him.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------"Prostitute." This word is interesting, in such a professional way, like
"sodomy," which would let you immediately think of some medical term. I lay
lazily pictures nude kids pedo on the bed and was waiting for the first ray of sunshine to touch me.
It was the moralist's reproach towards the good old society made by some
noble man that would at the same time frighten them when they were about to
speak this word, in a most secret way, carefully so as not to arouse the
suspicion of their noble companion towards their motivation of this kind of
interests in people living in another world, so that their curious little
atrophied brains would not betray their words. "Money is the devil, the
devil," they remarked pedofile photos and watched the teenagers at the side of the road with
piteous faces, then drove away.They're right anyway. When you were looking at the money, it simply made you
feel guilty, which is rare in your daily wet dream. Funny isn't it? When you
have paid, pedo porn lol you don't dare to look at his or her eyes, because a soul lies in
the body, which keeps itself from the trade and looks down from a high place
and can't be sold with the flesh. It is a fairy, uncatchble, uncontrollable.
You can't see it, talk with it or nude pedo lola cp touch it. The rhythm of the body is not
the language of it. It was somewhere else, not in this room and with you.
Yes, the soul beneath the skin is exactly the one that destroys all your
imagination about a romantic night. Is it different that you sometimes may
imagine a boy in your class or someone else you happened to look at on the
Internet and in your wet dreams did the same thing? Perhaps the moments you
face a soul are just like the moments a murderer finds his victim still
alive, the most obvious evidence to prove his criminality. And the money was
the notorious accessory of the recognition that the soul that didn't belong
to you. It made you feel wrong and expelled the exquisite and beautiful
means of the thing itself. But take a look at this world we live in. We've
given up so many things for money, then why not the body? There's no reason
for confession. Did it really hurt so much?I was afraid that my twisted mind would make me a saint. I was not one of
them and didn't intend to be among them. Now I just hoped he would knock at
my door.I looked at the watch; it was just a little past eight. I called the service
and had them send the breakfast. Sandwiches and orange juice, nothing worth
appreciation nor complaint. To kill time is not an easy thing. I picked up a
book and began reading.I pedo free stories heard a knock at the door. It must be him! I was excited, although I
couldn't find why I was excited since I didn't know what I was planning pedo petite nude to
do that day. I opened the door and found him waiting there, and staring at
the door."Um...Hey.""Hey.""So come in." I let him in. He sat on the bed in the same place as
yesterday."I want you to be top site pedo my guide today. Are you familiar with this city? Um...what
about 5000 forint a day?" I knew he wouldn't refuse.He stared at me for virgin girls sex pedo a while and spoke. "But...I am not a tour guide.""That doesn't matter. I just want to go with somebody, all right?""...Okay," he finally consented."Then what do you think we should start with? Any suggestion?" I had to
admit that he was more attractive to me than those 'historically rich'
places; a man is more complicated and interesting than innocent boy naked pedo a city of bricks and
it was harder to look into the inner part of it.He suggested we start with the Varhegy (Castle Hill) which was for many
centuries the alt pedo stories
seat of photo pedo teen
monarchs, and its palace, museums, churches. Then we
set off. The baroque street there was a wonderful place to start
sightseeing. I was surprised at his knowledge about those museums and other
places, which was far beyond my expectations of a street boy. He would be a
good tour guide I think. I was free cp pedo thumbnails a bit involved in a normal tourist's mood. I
found I had eventually fallen in love with this old city. The splendid
places were in an atmosphere of Renaissance, medieval or even earlier times.
The grand building and interior was the past glory of this country that
would never fade. It is not a city as old as Rome or Athens, but it has a
beauty of a different kind; I don't know what it is, not... but peaceful. It
was a romantic city and a good place for a romantic story.Half a day had passed and we had only visited a few places. I looked at the
tourists running from one door of a pedo on boys museum to another. They didn't know how
to tour, although their happy faces told pedo woman boy stories me they really enjoyed the running.
Just listening to his voice was a pleasure for amateur pedo kids me. And we sometimes chatted,
although only on something inside the museum. But it was chatting, not
question and answer. He smiled and laughed. The smile was as beautiful as
the sunshine outside. It was a good beginning.We stopped at a cafe to have a little rest. It was already at xxx toplist pedo
noon and time
for lunch too. I ordered beef and wine. He did the same.It would be boring to sit there and eat. I decided to continue our
conversation and find out something about him. Was I too curious about
another's secrets? I didn't know whether I would invade his privacy or not.
Privacy was an excuse indeed. We needed something that keeps a certain
distance between people, pedo baby rompl
a safe line. It might be a risk. But risk made
things exciting."Um... your English is very good." A stupid one!"Thanks, I learned it at school.""Well, then pedo porn list what did you study in school then?" A more stupid topic--school.
It was among those things I fortunately could escape from during this nice
holiday."... Ballet..." he answered."What?! Ballet?" For a while, I had thought it was a Hungarian word."Um... Ballet...you know...dancing?" He must have thought that he had made a
mistake of pronunciation and tried to explain to me that free pedo hentai gallery ballet was a kind
of dancing."You mean... the Swan Lake?" It was the only ballet I could think of at that
moment. At least I knew a little about Tchaikovsky."Yes, exactly." His face blushed a little."So...it's...interesting." I didn't know how to reply. Although there's
another word in my mind--"weird"--but I was really very interested in him.
It was partly because a ballerino was as rare today as a gay in the last
century. (Even the word itself was dying and being replaced by ballerina,
which indicates the female dancer who occupies the stream free pedo stage. What life would be
for a ballerino was so mysterious to a university student who majored in
science, who knew actually nothing about it at all, and partly because I had
fallen into the imagination of his appearance in the tight white clothes
that intimately kissed EVERY inch of him."And you dance on your toes and circle...Em...I mean...." Later I remembered
the right word was "pirouette"."Hahaha...right." He laughed. "But not that simple...I love dancing. It is
my life." He spoke, passionately like an artist talking about his favorite
painting."It must be an exciting way of living," I said."But not an easy way to earn a living..." he added and his eyes were
darkened. This remark made me felt a little sad. The reality is not as
beautiful as the hope should be."Then what about your family...?" I at once realized that it was not a
proper question. Maybe I was pushing it too far. The success of talking to
me just made me lose my mind. I was about to apologize.But he replied: "My family? My father suicided some years ago. I don't quite
remember. And my mother flew away to America, left us an apartment and a
foreign telephone number. But I pedo movies child
lost it long ago. So the family is only my
sister and I.""I am sorry..." I murmured."It's okay." He finished his cup of coffee and played with a card placed on
the table.I couldn't find anything to talk about at that moment. It seemed any topic
would inevitably run into the miserable part of the story.I looked out of the window. It was the same as it had been a few minutes
ago. Maybe only I felt the difference. But the world wouldn't care about a
boy's story, his pain or his illegal pedo gay memory. I wondered whether his previous
customers had asked him such questions before. And how he replied to them.
But I young pedo cunts
guess not. They were in a rush to finish an intercourse. There wasn't
enough time for asking. Then I pedo sex trailers began to think about Pushkin's If You Find
that Life Deceives You:If you find that life deceives you,
do not sorrow, do not rage!
On the day of grief, find peace:
The day for joy, believe, will come.
In the future lives the heart;
though the present may be cheerless,
All's ephemeral, all will pass;
what has passed, shall dearer be.Life ought to be beautiful, but it failed, at least in my mind. Crying was
deeper than laughter. I was lost in my thoughts when I suddenly felt soft
warmth cover my hand.I looked up surprised and found it was his hand. I was distinctly excited
but also puzzled by his sudden action."I want to say thank you," he said. "Really thanks very much.""But why?" I couldn't understand"'Cause you're different from the people I teen cam pedo naked encountered before. You are a
friend."That was a moment I felt russian pedo porn free I was pedo 13 sex moved deeply in heart. I used to think it
couldn't happen. For me life and pedo pussy pics world were lacking of beauty that could pedofilia gay boys
move me. I am cynical, that's what I am content to be. But why? By chance children pedo pics
was somebody who was different or important in another person's life. What
might this bring pedoland fuck russian to him? Maybe it would mean a lot more than I thought, a
romance or a love I expected or as simple as a friendship, which are all
rare today. I did deserve that title, a friend. Only by chance I did, at
least I thought I did something. illegal kds pedo archives Pushkin incest pedo sex once held an old beggar's hand in
the freezing winter of St. Petersburg. He did like this too. What did he
feel at that time? I didn't know why the other people couldn't see a man as
different to them, yet as a friend. A friend, what a marvelous word! Anyway
I was excited.I stammered as a result of my speeding-up heart beat, "...not at all...my
friend."He gently held my hands and creampie pedo stories smiled at me. I smiled as well. Sometimes
silence was more useful than words. Messages were transferring through our
eyes, hands and hearts. Mixed feelings; I couldn't even tell what it was
exactly. I thought I had just read a thousand words in a page or more than
that. At the same time, I felt now I was closer to him. Not physically but
mentally, like platonic love.We sat in that coffee shop for a long time. Two hours maybe, I've shocking child pedo
the time. The gray of Budapest just didn't bother me any more. Life appeared
in different shape according to the mood of people. But...I underground pedophile porn pics
don't know,
things were too good to be true. Or maybe I suspected too much. It was
simple and beautiful as in an authentic fair tale.We walked out and drove to the next place to continue my visit. I caught
sight of a father and his son standing outside of a gorgeous restaurant
while waiting for the green light. The child was peeping into the glass
windows and his father was looking nervously at the waiter at the door.
Their shabby clothes would get them into trouble if someone inside happened
to consider them to be spoiling their luxurious banquet. Inside and outside
were two worlds. And ten centimeters was the width of the abyss between
these two. I turned to asian pedophilia porn
look at him. He was looking out aimlessly. The
distance between us was perhaps only ten centimeters, too.That afternoon went child russia boy pedo quickly. I always believed that sweet things didn't have
to last long and they never lasted long enough. It was the end of a perfect
day"It's pedo kinder sex evening." I said."Yes." he replied shortly."Do you need to go home?" I asked. I looked at the watch. It was pedo boy porno about six"... No... em... you know I usually stay up late...my sister always takes
care of herself." Saying this, he looked at his watch too, apparently still
a little worried."Listen, it doesn't matter, really, if you have something to do...""No...no...really. It's better to stay in the car than wait in the street
outside."Was it a joke? It was perhaps a bitter kind of humor. "So..." I paused. "Do
you have any idea that how should we spend this night?""Em...I don't know..." he shrugged ."What about just walking around?""Okay." He smiled and consented.I parked my car at some place. The streetlamps were shining and there were a
lot of people on the street. Rich people in their expensive hairy pussy pedo
fur and foreign
tourists with amazed eyes mixed with beggars, ramblers, pedo pic ru forum
and of course some
boys and girls.Listening to a language that I didn't understand was real pedo russian an interesting point of
the trip. I liked looking at people passing me and pedoworld incest video
at the same time, didn't
know why I did this. What would a life lacking of reason be?"It is a beautiful country... amazing." I spoke to Zoltan."Yes..." he replied. "What about your country, Australia? Sydney is a
beautiful city, isn't it?"The grass is always greener on the dark portal pedoworld other side, as the old saying goes. But
it's really interesting that a remote land for exiling would finally win
itself a reputation as beautiful. It was warm in my homeland. And the sun
seemed brighter as well as the life on the other side of the Earth. "Yes,
yes... Sydney... but I came from another city; Adelaide, somewhere in South
Australia.""It must be a wonderful city."I was staring at the old buildings. When they were built, there was
definitely no city in Adelaide. "Yes...it is... em ...a comfortable place."
Hard to find a word to sum up a city"I grew up here." he said and continued walking along the wall."Really?" What kind of life would it be in such a city? Certainly different
from the warm autumn days in Adelaide."Yeah." He repliedBut researching into one's life would be a labor in vain. It might have been
just as well to keep it mysterious to me than to dig into others' world."I always dreamt that I would forbidden pedo pussy porn be born in someplace else, such as Australia."I stared at him and smiled. A smile can substitute an improper reply. We
didn't speak. Silence. I expected him to break it. But I thought he hoped
the same.My mind spread its wings again. Now I have a friend here in Budapest. "We
lack the thing that glues pedo artwork us together." I remembered this remark on his
lover of a friend in Australia. What's the essential bond between friends?
Sometimes it's too easy to find a friend, in a chat room or via e-mail, by
some exchanging of hello or a naughty joke. But that's not what was between
us. Fate perhaps was the unseen power that free pedo jpeg pushed us together. An excuse
again. And sometimes it's just too easy to lose one. Some never write again,
some turn away and vanish. teen sex pedo I didn't know when it would come to an end. It
would come to an end; I was sure of that, sooner or later. It made my heart
hurt. But was a friendship better than the other kind of relationship? One
hour of right-down ardor perhaps worth more than a dull living on? I walked
forward and felt I took one step backward. Best friends would usually not be
lovers. Why is this step is so hard? The fear of ruininga whole thing stops
us from making further advances. I was now facing the same dilemma. How long
should I wait until I finally developed into something different? But it was
fine just keeping everything running the same.I was interrupted by a loud noise coming from one side, somewhere in Magyar
Utca. I turned my head and saw the flashing neon light: "Action Bar".
Dance music was bouncing inside the door. I could see the people. girls pedo porno Some
hustlers were leaning to the entrance, gazing at people in and out,
viciously. The light inside was pink. Interesting color. There were mainly
young people, in various clothes. Every pair of eyes were eagerly asking,
"Do you want to make love with me?"... just like a snack bar. Give me a
taste, then it is finished. Nothing needs to be digested but just swallowed.
I was wondering why people have to force themselves to be 'different' from
everything.This world is so hard to understand; I finally draw a conclusion.We walked on and occasionally 'knocked' into each other. Neither knew where
to go; we just lingered along the road, like we sometimes linger on the road
of life.At the corner of the street, an old gypsy girls pedo imageboards woman sat in a tent. forbidden pedo pay galerys Her colorful
clothes were very special; a clear signal of her identification, but
manufactured in a rough way. Her face was engraved with wrinkles, easily
leading people to the forbiden pedo child porno
frightening fantasy of witches living in the deep
forest. On a clipboard in front of the tent were written some words,
including a wry pedo innocent pussy line of awful English. Mysterious power and great black pedo schoolgirls
prophet or
something like that. Her eyes were hollowed and glazed. I didn't dare to
look directly at her. This weathered figure let me feel some uncertain
despair.I slowed down my pace and Zoltan too. "En Latok! En Latok!" She suddenly
raised her body and voice, shouting. I felt like I was being attacked. It
was clear that she was saying this to me. But what does it actually mean?
Was it just huckstering, to lure a passing-by tourist? Or did it mean
something serious? Perhaps she saw some terrible things. I naturally made
this hypothesis."What did she say?" I asked Zoltan curiously."She said 'I see! I see!'" He whispered and glanced at the old lady. "Madam
Vision, she is a famous fortuneteller here.""Really? What did she see then?" I eagerly asked."How can I know? I am not fortuneteller." He laughed."En latok!" She said for a third time with a lower voice, hoarse.In fact I never believed in fate, or fortune or its other names. It was only
a fabricated tale made by man himself to be resorted to and appeased when he
hurt unreasonably. We made it in the pedo sites forbidden
way we made God. But sometimes it was
inevitable that people became addicted to the dream involuntarily although
they knew it was just a dream."Why not have a try?" Zoltan asked. He seemed rather interested in what she
would say."Okay," I replied willingly. I wouldn't refuse it for my own curiosity and
his. "But...I didn't think she would understand English.""It doesn't matter," he said. "I can translate for you." He clasped my hands
happily and led me to the front of the old woman, like some old friends on
their way to a new horror film.He exchanged some words with the gypsy. They were a controversial people.
Coming from some where in ancient India and wandering in the land of Europe
from century to century. God gave them the ability to see the future but
didn't give them a bright one. She might have been a beauty in her early
time, like pedo newsgroup
all Gypsy young fairies. But now... time's hand would be on thai pedo movies me
some day... it would be an annoying day, in such a world where people
preferred face to soul.Zoltan made a gesture and asked me to get closer. I walked slowly and found
a chair on which to sit. She lifted her thin hands and touched me. I felt
the roughness of her palm. A straight contact, like an electric shock. She
murmured something while her hands moved across my face."What did she say?" I asked darkcollection pedo porn Zoltan. I felt a little embarrassed to be
touched by an old stranger."Sh..." he whispered. "Wait."She finally stopped but stared at Zoltan up and down carefully before she
spoke.She talked slowly with unassailable authority. Zoltan listened to her
quietly."What was she talking about?" I asked again."She said, um...you come from a vast land..."Australia is quite large, that's right, and it didn't surprise me much."...which top pedo liste is a desert in your mind. What does it mean?" He was a bit
confused. Indifferent people around me were grains of sand to me without an
oasis of love to quench my thirst. "Continue!" I urged him to go on."You're looking for something...something you missed through all the nights.
You passed it by many times and bitter regret stiffened your heart..." he
paused. "Um...sweet things young girls pedo
were more bitter in memory...I saw your past of
pain and loss...you kept searching for someone who can bring you away from
the isolated island of solitude, your angels in guise, and your labor would
be totally in vain.... It pedo girl jpg was impossible, you already knew it but you
refused to admit.... Wines of emotion would ease you for a while but not
forever, only a while to prepare your heart for more pain.... Remember
this..."I hated metaphor. Perhaps she was too old to foresee the right thing.
"Tantalus!" she shouted at me while we were about to leave, sending another
blow to my heart."Never mind... you know... sometimes they make mistakes." Zoltan said."I know... I know... " I replied. But frankly, it cast a cloud over my
heart. I didn't want Zoltan to be bothered with such nonsensical things
though.We then continued lolyta ing pedo our wandering in free asian pedo sex the cobweb of streets in Budapest until
we walked back to where I parked the car."It's eleven o'clock now... er... I can take you home?" I said."Okay, thanks." He sounded a little tired.Although it was hard to drive into the free pedo sex porn dark and pedo sex virgin
narrow street, we soon
arrived."So... goodbye." I said. "Oh... I nearly forgot. I should pay you..."He interrupted. "Would you like to have something to drink?"I replied at once: "Yes... of course.""Then... let's go upstairs." He got out of the car and I soon followed him.He opened the door and put a finger in front of his mouth. "Be quiet, my
sister is sleeping.""All right." I walked stealthily behind him into his room."Sorry... there's no sofa in my room. You can sit on my bed...." He turned
the light on and pointed to a bed under the window.I sat on his bed and looked around. It was a small bedroom. There was not
much furniture on the russian illegal pedo sites bare wooden floor. The naked pedoland photos
wall seemed to be white
with a same strange color of the ceiling. I don't know whether it was a
typical structure of apartment left by the communism era. It could be
described as a cozy place, but not as bad as I imaged."What about a cup of coffee?" he asked."Oh... okay. That would be fine," I replied."You pedophilie gallerie xxx
can see the Danube from here,"; he saw I was looking around."Really?" It made me a free pedoland clips bit excited pedo movie forum
to find a room with view here, far from
the hotel. I looked out of the window. It lay there, reflecting mellow color
of moonlight, like a treasure that hasn't been discovered in an unknown
place. It mini pussy pedo
was not like the Seine, whose name was the symbol of enthusiastic
erotic stories and which likens a profligate and beautiful woman. The Danube
was on the opposite side, calm and noble with pure innocence, even in such a
dirty environment and so unharmonious.He sat beside me and offered me a cup of coffee. I pretended to happen to
meet his eyes and I just stared into this asian pedo free image entrance of the amazing demesne of
the soul. I couldn't say what I found in his eyes. It was just a feeling,
and an impulse.He slowly put the cup away on a small table beside his bed and reached out nude russian pedo
for my hands. My hands were trembling and the cups were creaking. He took
the cups from my hands then held them on his chest. He leaned forwards and
kissed pedo toplist me on my lips. Stimulation was sent directly into my nerve center young pedo whores and
spread to the whole body, urging it to react."You don't have to do this..." I let the words flow out of my mouth."No... I want to." He kissed me again. A kiss worth more than a thousand
words. Those two gentle and soft lips were teasing me until I caught them
with mine. I felt his hands were around me. And I held him tightly in my
embrace too. The cold jacket had already dropped upon the floor. I hesitated
and pulled his shirt up. He moved back to allow the cloth illegal pedophile porno
to slip from his
trousers. The moment was even more exciting links para pedo than the first time I saw his
naked chest. I touched two rose-bud-like nipples with the young pedo vids tips of my fingers
to let my most sensitive nerve have a most delicate contact with his
marvelous flesh. His skin was smooth and white, the color favored by the
cold pedo porns
and gray sky in the Northern Hemisphere, not like a suntanned Aussie.
"Exotic" was the absolutely proper word. I was enjoying the time, no reason
to hurry, savoring the special fragrance, the triple pleasure of aroma, of
vision and of scent. I felt as if his radiant bodily heat was wrapping me.
And I saw it was quivering slightly with the draft gliding through the
narrow gap of illegal pedo tgp the window frame. It was not very warm in the little bedroom,
but the cold just couldn't put off the fire burning brighter and brighter in
my heart. I took off my clothes one by one, slowly, not because of the chill
but because my eyes didn't want to move away from his for even a second.
Finally I teens pedoland did away with my coat, sweater and shirt that restrained and
trapped me. He clung to me elegantly, right elegantly. There wouldn't be any
other movement that could be so exquisite and sexy as well. I felt his body
rub my skin. It was a bit cold at first, but we cuddled each other with
fervor, and got warm. His head was on my shoulder. His hair made me itch and
his lips were licking my ear. I closed my eyes; I yo children pedo sex
let my imagination fly
wildly to the fantastic point at its top speed. I turned my head and kissed
him furiously, his hair, his eyes, his cheeks then pre pedo hard
lips. His hands was
moving up and down, massaging my arms and chest. My body relaxed with his
caressing and at once tensed up again when his versatile hands played with
those hypersensitive parts. I pedo kidz nude was afraid that the orgasm would come too soon
because I was gradually losing my resistance power (but I was glad to
destroy the final defense)."Do you like it?" he asked with a charming voice."Why ask? You're professional." I lifted my body and stood in front of him,
viewing and admiring this spectacular beauty. He looked up and his hands
moved to my waist. My body was shaking with excitement pedofilia toplist when the jeans slid
down to my knees. I stepped out of them and lowered the pedo klub underwear. I leaned
forward and pressed him onto the bed. He let out a sigh, and rested his
hands on my shoulders. I took off his jeans with my unskilled hands. He wore
white briefs. boys pedo top I thought I must have a fetish for white briefs. White is an
amazing color, like a blank planet waiting to be painted on, simple and
pure. I let my hands incest pedo video
go under the brief and pedo galleries pics links moved my palm to and fro on his
crotch. It was easy to get it away, but too soon a time was worth
regretting. He pulled down the last piece of clothing from my body. Now were
both naked, and equal in my mind. Nothing to remind us of any difference
that pedo all pictures might part us."How old are you?" I suddenly thought of this problem."Is that important?" It child photos pedofilia
was not a suitable question. He replied wonderingly."No, just curious." I was about to cast it off my mind and make space for
his sweet body."Well...18." He was busy thai incest pedophile video 'working' on my body."Hmmm...I am 19." I said to myself and put my hands on the altar between his
thighs. My fingers were cruising on the ocean of miracles, which I would
like to compare to the Caribbean, for its heat was like a sunshiny day. And
a storm was brewing inside my body. I moaned and kneeled on the floor. It pedo story sites
was right before my eyes, throbbing with the rhythm of my heart. I couldn't
wait to swallow it; perhaps "swallow" is a vulgar word but no other could
describe my hunger. It filled my mouth. I ran my tongue around it, carefully
so as not to let a place untouched and unmoistened. It was flicking the
inside of my mouth and soon it paused its vibration. It reached that point
and beyond. I thought it must be a feeling like descending from the high sky
to the ground; the tgp pedo loss of gravity that bound you on the ground added to the
extra pleasure. All the enormous energy released in a second or so. His portal pedo sex
chest heaved with every quickened breath, his eyes half closed; I even saw
some small droplets of sweat on his private pedo pic
forehead. His body turned red. A patch
of red color just like a red cloud during the sunset covered his chest. He
smiled; I knew it must underground pedo links be a great moment. I rose to kiss him but he gently
pushed me back and put his legs around my shoulders. His eyes were
persuading me. I moved forward without hesitation. We were connected
together through this link. The organ had made us into oneness. I was
floating in a visional space. And then it came to an end. Semen spewed with
all my strength deep into him. Then I collapsed on him..."It was great..." I spoke softly."Yes... I never experience this kind of...""Lovemaking." I added. lovemaking is different from sexual intercourse.Lying there for about half an pedo 10 anal hour or longer, he asked: "Ummm... I am
sorry... you will have xxx free kid pedo
to go... you know I never bring people home...""Well... I understand... but when can I see you again?" I asked."I don't know... whenever you like... you know where to find me."I picked up my clothes and redressed. We went down and kissed goodbye. I was
about to enter the car. All at once, I felt my head knocked by something
hard. I fell down to the ground before I could turn my head. I heard several
people, three or four. And I heard Zoltan talking to them... it was his
voice but I didn't know what he is talking about.... It was so dark that I
could not see, could not breathe, and could not feel. I must at that moment
have lost my consciousness... for I remember no further details.
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