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From: Xavier Lancaster
Subject: Mocha StrangerMocha Stranger
by Xavier LThis is a fictional story containing sex between an unrelated man and
preteen. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if
this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the
Authors section under XavierL (/nifty/prolific.html#xavierl).If you have ideas or fantasies you'd like to see turned into stories, feel
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We had a new guy that was taking care of our yard and lawn now. He was
really friendly and let me hang around with him, which usually doesn't
happen. Seems like most adults don't want a 9-year-old hanging around.
But not Miguel! He took his shirt off while he worked, and he had some
nice muscles! Much bigger than Dad's. We're white, and he's Mexican, but
it doesn't seem to bother him. I know it doesn't bother me. My parents
always say color doesn't matter. Miguel also had some weird shorts on. I
noticed when he moved around something flopped inside the front. I
couldn't think of what would be in shorts to make them do that. A few
times he saw me looking at the flopping in his shorts. I thought he'd get
mad at me for staring because Mom always says you shouldn't do that.
Instead Miguel just smiled, and one time he even moved his hand to the lump
and bumped it.Right a1 gay
after that Mom came al4a xxx video
over to us and asked if Miguel minded kind of
watching me while she went to the store and ran a couple of errands. He
said sure, and she left. I was talking to him and telling him a story. I
followed him as he walked behind the shed. I watched him pull the front of
his shorts down. I wanted to see what the flopping thing was, so I
watched. As his shorts moved down, I saw he had a lot of black hair, and
then I saw his wee-wee! He wasn't wearing underwear! He started peeing as
I stared at his thing and his nuts. His nuts hung low and were covered in
black hair as well, but not as much as above his thing.He must've seen me looking because when he was done peeing, he turned more
toward me and asked "Do you want to check it out?"I was so excited! I got really close to his Ls magazine issue 16 pee-pee and looked at it.
"You have a lot of hair, and it's really big.""You can touch it if you want," he said."Really?""As long as you promise not to tell a single person. No one at all."
"Okay!" amateur angels 7 rapidshare I said. I reached out and touched it. It was soft and thick. His
skin reminded me of my parents' coffee after they add milk."You can feel my balls, too," he said. I felt them lightly, but he told me
I could rub them around a little more firmly. The hair felt different than
hair on my legs or on my head.When I noticed his thing was starting to grow and move upward, I asked
"What's it doing?""When it gets really happy, it stands up. It likes your fingers. Yeah,
that feels REALLY good, Jeff." When it penis was super hard, he said: "Put
your fingers around it and move your hand up and down."I did as he said, and I felt his hand come up to my face. His fingers
lightly ran over my cheek, and then I felt his rough thumb rub over my lips
before his hand was in my hair lightly playing with it. "Let's see yours,"
he finally said."You want to see my thing?" I asked surprised."You've seen mine," he replied simply.I shrugged and pushed down my shorts and underwear. He reached down and
lifted up my shirt with one hand while his other hand felt my pee-pee. He
ran his finger over my balls, and then he began rubbing my thing like I had
his. I felt it getting stiff like his, and wow did it feel GOOD! "Very
nice, Jeff. You like that?" I nude 12 girls couldn't even answer with my mouth. My
eyes were closed, and I just nodded my head yes. I felt my shirt drop back
against my skin, and 16yo rapidshare while he moved his hand on my thing, his other hand
rubbed my butt. "You got a happy dick, too, Jeff."I opened my eyes in surprise. "I'm not allowed to say that word."He smiled and replied "You can when it's just you and me. You like my
dick?"I nodded my head quickly. He let go of 98225 sexy women
me and stood up. I rapidly put my
hand back on his . . . on his dick and stroked it."Yeah, that feels REAL good, Jeff. You know what? Since your mom isn't
home, how about we m4v porn videos
go inside to your room so we can get more comfortable
and have some fun.""Sure Miguel!""Just remember, it's just between you and me. We porn 4 your phone won't be able to have fun
anymore if anyone finds out.""I won't tell!" We pulled up our shorts and quickly went to my room. His
penis pushed against his shorts as he looked around my room. As he walked
around the room picking up things and looking at them, I asked "Can I touch
it again?"He smiled widely, his white teeth gleaming against his dark skin. He
stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside. He stood in front of me and
wiggled his hips so that the large tent in his shorts moved wildly. I
reached up and pulled down his shorts. I slid them down to almost his
knees and let free india sex 4u go of them. I watched as he stepped out of them. He was
completely naked except for his shoes and socks. He porn 88 walked over to me, his
dick bobbing up and down. When he was in range, I began stroking it again.
He stood grinning while my big hand worked his thick piece of meat.
"That's a nice cock, isn't it?" he porn 46 meer asked."It's called that, too? Dicks sure have a lot of names."He laughed and said "Yes. Yes they do."I played with his balls again before he moved a bit back. He reached down,
grabbed my shirt, and pulled it over my head. He gently pushed my chest so
that I lay down 1960s porn on the bed. He moved between my legs and went to his
knees. HORSE SEX TUBE PO5NO I felt him kiss my belly button, and then I felt his lips move up
to my chest. I shivered as his mouth closed on my nipples. It felt like
electricity passed through me! When he finally released my nipples, I felt
his whiskers rub against me as he 1863 politcal cartoons
sucked on my neck. I had my hands on his
powerful back and 1985 beaver dug my fingers in as he set my body on fire. I writhed
and felt him rubbing against my hard dick through my shorts. Then I felt
his breath on my cheek. "You ever kiss anyone before?""Just my mom and dad. Oh and my grandparents and Aunt Jean."I could feel his 4 naked hand job
belly moving as he chuckled. I felt his lips brush
against mine. Then I felt him suck my lower lip into his mouth. I felt the
tip of his tongue against my lips, and I noticed my breathing was much
harder. He moved backward and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my
ankles. 1921 babe ruth cards He slid his rough hands up my legs and thighs to my white
underwear. My . . . cock was straining against the briefs. He smiled as
he rubbed his thumb over the tip of my cock and it twitched. Then
thankfully he pulled those down and then slid both off my feet. I felt his
lips kissing from my knees up my thighs. The closer he got to my groin,
the more I squirmed. My room was incredibly hot now, and I found it
difficult to breathe. His lips stopped on my thigh directly across from my
hard dick, and he lightly sucked the skin right there.His lips moved off my leg, and I watched his body slide up mine. His dick
rubbed against mine as he kissed me again. His tongue was on my lips, but
then it slid further and went into my mouth! As his tongue thrust back and
forth in my mouth, I tried to copy him. When the kiss broke, he moved to
my neck again and sucked there. Then his lips were kissing down my chest
and tummy. When he was by my belly button, his tongue drew circles around
it, and free14 old nude photo then it slid down more until . . . ok, you might not believe this,
but . . . well, my dick went into his mouth! His tongue rubbed against it
as his mouth moved up and down. I clawed at the blanket. I couldn't
believe how good it felt!All of a sudden his mouth was off my cock. He grabbed my hands and pulled
me into a sitting position so that I was staring directly at his stiff
dick. His hand slid to the back of my head free porn 12 as his cock pushed against my
lips. I opened my mouth wide and felt his meat slide into my mouth. I
closed my mouth some so I could 12 y.o. nude pic suck, and 14 girls sexs jpg after a couple of times I heard
him say "Ouch! No teeth, Jeff.""Sawy" I said, my lips moving around the thick shaft, and then I continued
sucking him. He started moving his hips back and forth. A few times he
pushed too much in, and I kinda gagged."Grab my ass," he said as he picked up speed. I moved my hands to his
butt. He worked it in my mouth for a bit longer before telling me to suck
on his balls. The hairs felt funny in my mouth, but I loved the salty
flavor of his sweat-laced skin. "You suck real nice, Jeff." He stepped
back and said "Let me lay down." I moved over and let him lay down. I
went between his legs and continued sucking him. He grabbed my head and
pushed it down while he shoved his non nude girls 12 dick up repeatedly. After a while of
sucking him, he had me move to his side. I changed position, quickly
returning his yummy dick to my mouth. His hand reached under me and found
my dick and started stroking it. I sucked on him faster."Yes, Jeff! Keep sucking my dick. You'll get a 14 incest surprise soon."I wondered what the surprise was but kept sucking on his brown flesh. His
hand left 9 inch penis my dick and moved to my butt. He gently slid his hand over my
butt cheeks. I felt his finger in my crack briefly. He traced a dressed golden globes 2010 line down
the inside of my crack toward my balls and then was rubbing them. Soon his
hand was back on my butt. "You have such a sweet ass. Blow me faster!"
As I picked up speed, I felt his hand on my amateur phone sex talk121 cock again. That made me speed
up even more. "I'm almost there, Jeff. Keep going!" he said. I had no
idea what that meant, but I just kept blowing him. He started moving up
and down faster and moaning. Before I knew it something was shooting into
my throat from his cock. I thought he was peeing! I tried to move my head
off, but he held it firmly and pushed his dick further into my mouth.
"Swallow it, Jeff. It isn't pee. Just swallow."I swallowed but mostly because I couldn't stop myself. It was a bit salty
but there was some sweetness to it as well. Since it didn't taste too bad,
I went ahead and swallowed faster as it kept flowing into my porngirls 15 mouth. When
it slowed down he told me I could stop. I sat back and wiped my mouth with
the back of my hand. He pulled me down next to him. He scooted down the
bed, and then his mouth was on my dick blowing me. Soon I found myself
moving my hips like he twistys petite 01 had. My body felt like it was on fire.After a while he moved up my body and kissed me hard again. "Roll over,"
he said after pulling his tongue out of my mouth. I rolled over and felt
his hands rub up my thighs. They drifted over my butt and massaged them.
I giggled when I felt foto 13 y sex
his lips kiss my butt before taking a gentle bite.
He kissed up my back, and then I felt his body press against mine. His
groin pushed against my black monster dick 3 ass. I felt his breath against my ear. "You're
fuckin' hot, Jeff. adult iphone mp4 I never realized." He eased off me and rolled me onto
my back. His body was over me again as he kissed me roughly taking my
breath away. "We better get dressed so we can be outside before your mom
gets back."He got dressed, and I found myself a little sad to see him clothed again.
I grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed. He grabbed my hand. "Can
I have these?" he asked, taking a hold of my briefs."You want my undies?""They smell like you," he 60 s skirt
said, smiling warmly and leaning his head back
down to kiss free trial porno 70 me."Sure, you can have them." I went and got a fresh pair on pulled them on
while he stuffed them into his shorts pocket. He left 10 yers old fuck the house to go back
outside. 1907 woman horseback When I was dressed, I joined him again. Mom got home about 15
minutes later.I helped him pack his stuff up when he was done and take it to his van.
His van was backed up to the fence on the other side of the house. With
the doors open, no one could porn pic18 see anything. "Hop into the van real 7411 bottom pivot quick,"
he said handing me some stuff and looking around. He climbed in and joined
me and sat down on a bench seat. He moved me between his legs. He 3 j breast pushed
down my shorts and underwear and squeezed my ass as we kissed again. He
massaged my cheeks tgp free 14 as we kissed heatedly. When he let go of me, he shoved
his shorts down exposing his dick. I bent down and started sucking on it.
We heard a noise, and we both jumped. He covered himself back up while I
pulled my clothes back on."Can you meet me in the woods tomorrow at 10:30?" he asked."Yes!" I said."Meet me by the creek." I turned around to leave, and I felt him tug my
shorts down again. He bit me on the butt, lowered my briefs, and then he
gently kissed me on the ass cheeks. "See you tomorrow," he said when he
released me.I was so excited in the morning! I ran all the way to the creek directly
behind our house and found him seated by a big tree. "I'm so glad you're
here! I could barely sleep at all!" he said. He reached up and pulled windows 7 rus 32 me
down. I straddled his legs and squatted down so I was sitting in his lap.
I could feel his hard dick poking my butt as he kissed me even harder than
yesterday."My dick's been happy all morning!" I said when he stopped kissing.He stroked my cheek with the back of his fingers. "Let's get up and move
to a private spot." We stood up, and I stared at his shorts as they poked
out far. He grabbed a bag, and we headed to a grove of trees that had some
low bushes around it as well. He pulled out a blanket and spread it out.
He knelt down in front of me and pushed my shirt up. As he kissed and
sucked on my belly, I took my shirt off. "Lay down," he said.I lay on my back, and he rolled me onto my stomach. Once again his body
was spread over mine. I could feel his cock rubbing against my butt. "God
you feel so good," he said, kissing my back and then the side of my face.
I felt him sit up, and 68 com porn clip
girls 12-16 porno movie I looked back and saw him strip out of his shirt. I
smiled at the sight of his large chest muscles and hard nipples. "I can't
wait to get inside you," he said as his body lowered itself to mine again.
I could feel his hips moving against me. "So damn hot." He moved off me,
and I felt him cucumber slut 6 pull my shorts and underwear down and slide them off my
body.I felt him push my legs apart. "What did you tell your parents?""That I was going exploring in the woods.""By yourself?""Uh huh."I felt his head lower between my legs as he spread my ass cheeks. I felt
his tongue on my balls, and he sucked on them from behind. cocteau twins mp3 Then I almost
jumped as I felt his breath in my crack followed by his tongue on my
. . . well, on my butthole! He licked my butthole! I shoved my ass
backwards and just wanted to feel him do it more. He stopped and I left my
ass pointed in the air hoping he'd continue. I looked behind me to see him
thrusting his shorts down. His big dick swinging free. He moved in close,
and I felt his dick rubbing against my hole. He lay me down and pressed
his groin into my butt. I felt him sliding his dick inside hot sex videos 3gp
my crack.
After a while of doing that, I felt his dick slide between my thighs. He
rolled us onto our side, and he slowly humped my legs while he jerked my
dick. "What are you doing later today?" he asked, kissing my neck and
kicking his clothes off his feet."N. . . Nothing.""Think you can meet me in the park? We can . . . play around in my van.""Yes!" I said quickly. I wanted that so much!"Good. Right now my dick wants your lips."As I moved away from him, he moved onto 3g porn free his back. I was in a kneeling
position as I lowered my mouth onto his thick, brown cock. Suddenly I felt
his finger against my hole, and I noticed I started sucking him faster as
he rubbed the entrance to my butt. His finger moved away, but I continued
at the same pace. Then his finger returned. I thought it felt a little
wet, but I didn't have much time to think about it because soon I felt some
pressure at the hole and then could feel his finger moving into my butt!
It moved back and forth slowly. Soon he was moving underneath me, and I
could feel my cock slide into his hot mouth. I lowered myself closer to
his face and started sucking him faster.As I continued blowing him, I felt my hole stretching wider. A wave of
sensation passed through me that I couldn't control, and my head snapped up
into the air. I sucked for air greedily while the second finger entered me
and began sliding back and forth. Miguel's hand nudged my head down, and I
began sucking on his Mexican meat hungrily. Next his hips pushed up and
angled to the side, and I followed it as he moved us onto our side. He
began humping my mouth as his fingers filled my hole. As things got more
heated, his fingers pulled out of my butt, and he rolled me onto my back.
He supported his weight while he thrust his cock deeper into my throat. I
thought he would choke me! But the more he did it, I was able to find a
way to take more of his thick dick without gagging as much.His mouth went back onto my wood as he continued pushing his cock into my
mouth. His movements were getting faster. I found it easier to just lay
there with my mouth open and focus on my breathing as his dick slid back
and forth faster and faster until it shoved in and free streaming 60s porn froze as that salty
stuff rushed into my mouth again. I swallowed 80 s bush porn quickly trying to keep up
with the flow.When he removed his dick and moved onto his back, I followed it. I ran my
finger along the large vein on his cock and played with his balls 2 inch silicone ball
again as
his cock shrank slowly. Then I sat up and ran anal boy 16
my hands up his firm tummy
and onto his big chest. He pulled me down onto him, and I covered his body
with mine as he kissed me roughly, calming down to more gentle kisses. I
nuzzled my head into his neck and felt his hands move down the bare skin of
my back until they rested 3-hole plastic edge strips
on my butt cheeks. "Did you like my fingers in
there?" he asked.I nodded my head, feeling nude girls 12-16 content with his warm, hard 30s tight shirts
body beneath me, the
sunlight coming through the trees and warming my skin."Good. Meet me at 2. I have something else I'm dying busted for 206 million
to put in there.""What is it?" I asked."Oh, you'll find out."I was very curious, but he had a playful tone to his voice so I decided to
wait for the surprise. After laying together for a while, he gently rolled
me onto my back. I felt his hands rubbing porn tube 4 slowly over my whole body.
"Well, Jeff. I guess it's time for you to get back home. I can't wait
until 2 o'clock.""Me neither!"I got up and got dressed while he watched me. Just as I was about ready to
go, he pulled me down again. He put me on my belly, and I felt him tug my
shorts down. He spread my cheeks, and once again I felt his tongue in my
ass. He licked me briefly before stopping and pulling my shorts back up.
I turned over and watched him get dressed. We walked back together 1 2 rope trim
as far
as it was safe, and then he kissed me goodbye.It took a little bit to talk my mom into letting me go at 2, but I finally
convinced her it was okay. I practically ran to the park! I quickly
spotted Miguel's van and ran up to the passenger side and got in. When I
shut the door, I noticed Miguel swivel in his chair to face me. He was
wearing a bright white tank top and nothing else. He moved the tank top
aside revealing his stiff dick. I smiled at him, and he motioned for me to
come over. I immediately dragonball kai 67 went onto my knees and tiny 14yo nudes
took his brown cock into
my mouth and sucked on it deeply for a few moments until he stopped me.I got back in my seat while he started up the van, and we headed to a
private spot. It looked like it was a place where he stored his work
stuff. When he turned the engine off, he pulled some curtains lollita 8 free pic that went
all the way around all the windows. He got up and said "Come back here,
sexy."I followed him into the back of the van. He had turned part of the back
into a bed. He sat down on the bench and guided me onto his lap so that I
straddled his legs. We began kissing 3gpp porn videos wap
while his hands went under my shirt
and rubbed my sensitive skin. He pulled my shirt off, and then I pulled
off his. We kissed some more as his hands sank into my shorts. I let out
of a muffled moan as he massaged my ass cheeks. "Why don't we get rid of
those shorts?" he said.I quickly got up and removed them. I watched him take off his shoes and
socks, and I went ahead and did the same. He once again had me in his lap,
and I could feel his dick rubbing against my butt as we kissed. After
several moments of kissing, I moved off his lap and onto my knees and once
again took his cock 3m xxx sandpaper into my mouth. He let me service him for a bit before
standing up and guiding me to the bed. He lifted me xxx 1982 up and placed me on my
back. His body moved between my legs, and he lowered his muscular body on
top of mine and kissed me again, his fingers 12 y.o illegal working the tip of my dick the
whole time.Then he moved off my body and said "Show me that 14 yo nudes photos
sweet ass again." I
rolled over onto my stomach and felt his rough hands pulling my cheeks
apart again. I thrust my butt into the air when I felt his breath on my
sweat-dampened crack. He licked my hole again filling me with desire and
lust. When he stopped he had me slide up on the bed more and get onto my
side. He got behind me and pressed his warm body amateur 3some or threesome against mine. I felt him
sliding his dick up and down. "I gotta have it!" I heard him mutter before
he kissed me again. Then he moved away slightly and returned. I heard
something click and looked back to see him put something down. He took his
hand and rubbed it up and down his dick, and when his hand moved away the
hard flesh was shiny and looked wet. Then I watched him move his hand to
my butt, and I 06 cummins mp-8 felt his finger slide into my ass. It went in much easier,
and I could feel something slippery in my hole. "This might be
uncomfortable at first, but hang in there and then you'll like it.""Okay, Miguel," I said trusting him completely. Something thicker than his
finger pushed past my hole. At first I welcomed it, but then it got
thicker suddenly, and my hole started burning. I gritted my teeth and
asked "What is that!"More of the thick item entered my straining ass as Miguel replied: "My
dick. I'm going to fuck your sweet, tight ass."I didn't know what fucking was other than a bad word, but I understood dick
and couldn't believe he was sticking it in my butt! Well, the pain told me
it was true, but you know what I mean. He kept slowly pushing his cock
into me. I started to think his dick had somehow become much longer
because it seemed like a lot bigger going into my hole. "Once you get used
to it, you'll beg me to fuck you."Right now that didn't seem very likely, but I was afraid to move or speak
as his meat continued entering bleach series 2 torrent me. At some point he started moving his
dick back and forth inside me, and I was grateful that 2 girls giving bj he finally had it
in. But then more pain told me there was, incredibly, more hard dick to
go!It seemed to take hours before I felt his body pressed against me, and he
was saying "Oh my fucking gawd! I can't believe how good you feel!" His
hand was on my cock as he moved his dick in 617 708 5756 trina my hole. As he did so, it got
more comfortable to have him in there. 1920 porno films free It still hurt. Don't get me wrong.
But at least I could feel something 13 y.o sex porn
else now, too. Something that felt
good. And the more he did it, the better it felt. Next thing I knew, he
had me on my stomach, and he was moving his dick in longer movements. "Oh
fuck, Jeff! Shit I love your ass!"He slowly humped my ass for a while before pulling out. He lay on his back
next to me, and told me to sit on his dick. I straddled him, and while he
held onto his meat I lowered myself down onto his hard cock. There was a
slight return of pain initially, but as he reentered me I got a feeling of
just wanting it all in there, and mba 4 kids so I forced myself down faster. His hips
were bucking under me, and I started moving my body up and down. I
couldn't hold my eyes open anymore with the pleasure that was firing
through me. At 12yo lollita porno
one point I felt his hand on my dick again, and then after
a while he was pulling me down, and his tongue was in my mouth. I rode him
for a while before he had me back down on the bed. He flipped 5 9 black female me over
roughly onto my stomach, and then there was more pain as he shoved his cock
all the way in and started fucking me hard.As I MOVEI ZOO SEX FRE4
got used to it, I found there was much more pleasure than discomfort,
and soon I realized he was right. I WOULD be begging for him to do this
again. It felt better than having his mouth on my dick. Quicker than I
expected, I could feel his dick twitching in my ass, and he slowed down
along with that. I figured he'd be pulling out, but he didn't. He just
kept humping my butt. 24 7 porn tube It felt like his dick started to get small, but then
it 29 gal saltwater ideas was growing again, and he was picking 34dd sex vids up speed 818 pantyhose until his body was
shoving me into the 14 yr pussy
thin mattress. I could hear a slapping noise as his
body rammed into mine. I also heard some words in Spanish, but I don't
speak that.He kept pounding my ass with his cock, and one point I began feeling
pressure in my dick. It worried me, and when I thought my dick might
actually pop, it twitched like his did. I 14 girl masturbating
moaned loudly. "Oh yeah! You
want it! You want my big Mexican dick in that lily ass!" he said, and then
he was fucking me even harder. Several moments later his dick was
twitching again, porn 70 and this time he froze. I heard another free porn 4 Spanish term as
he grunted while his cock twitched.When his dick stopped moving, he held onto me and carefully naked 14yr old girls rolled us onto
our side again. My dick had shrunk completely, which I realized when I
felt his fingers rubbing it. "I wish I could go again!" he said.He stayed inside me as he illegal 14yo hardcore pic kissed my back and the side of my face. kid 12yo nudes He
worked it so we could kiss from 64421 breast surgery this position, too, which I enjoyed. He
looked into my eyes, a look that warmed me all over. "I wish I could take
you home with me.""Me, too!"He finally pulled out and moved back. I moved onto my back, and he moved
over my body and kissed me gently. He went back to his side, and I shifted
so I was against his body. He pulled me tight against him, and we lay
there for a while. Soon I heard him softly snoring. I snuggled against
him and listened to his breathing and his heartbeat until his body moved
away. As he lay on his back, I memorized every curve of his muscles. I
noticed there was a thin trail of black hair at his belly that led downward
to the mass of matching 20 cm brass ball hair around his nude 12yr
dick. It was so thick, I bet I
could comb it.I lay down against him again and accidentally woke him up. When I
apologized, he said that it was a good thing. "I better get you back." We
got up and got dressed. This time he pulled on shorts. As we drove back
to the park, he asked me if my parents would let me camp outdoors in our
backyard."Yes, I've done it before. Why?""How about you do it again tomorrow night? Put your tent by that big 2 brothers gay tree
in the corner with 3 gorges dam webcam the flap facing the woods.""Are you going to come see me?""Oh yes! As soon as they turn out their lights."We got to the park, and since no one could see us, he kissed me goodbye. I
went into the bathroom and wiped my butt because it felt slippery and was
irritating me. At dinner I asked about camping 28w 36l pants in the yard, and my parents
didn't care.After lunch the next day I set up my tent and made sure it couldn't be
viewed too easily from the house. At one point Mom asked why I was putting
it so far away from the house, and I just said that it made it feel like I
was 15yr old nudes
really camping that way. After dinner and as it 16 17 yo porn got darker, I changed
into my PJs and went into my tent. Dad gave me a walkie talkie in case I
needed anything.I fell asleep waiting for Miguel. At some point I was awakened by hands on
my hips, and I could feel my bottoms being pulled down. I opened my eyes
and could just barely make out the other person's shape. "Hi," I
whispered. I felt lips pressed against mine and a tongue enter my mouth.
I moved my hand to the body and found its bare skin. A hand shoved mine
down to a thick cock I recognized as Miguel's. I gripped it firmly and
pulled on it. He broke the kiss and returned to stripping my bottoms off.
Meanwhile my mouth went in search of his delicious dick. I found it and
sucked on it eagerly as his fingers stroked my hard flesh.Rough fingers unbuttoned my top and pushed it open, and then I felt lips on
my nipples. Miguel sat back, still not saying a word. I heard the
familiar click and some wet sounds. Then hands turned me over until I was
on my side with my ass facing him. He moved against me, and I took a deep
breath as I felt his cock push into me 1320 drag strip again. Eventually the large dick
was in me and moving, and finally I heard Miguel's voice. "My dick has
ached to fuck you all day!" Pain reared up again as 3gp porn sexs indonesian suddenly the remainder
of his large cock shoved its way inside me and began humping me hard, his
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