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Subject: Mike & Alex part 2All rights preteens cp reserved. Other than downloading one copy for personal
enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any
means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. As
in real life, the sexual themes unfold gradually and are kept to a
realistic level. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed
to the author, at This story contains descriptions
of consensual sexual contact between males and involving animals. As such
it is designed for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not of
legal age to read such material, or if the subject matter would create
irreversible personal moral dilemmas, please exit now_______________________
I came back from my day dreams of the past with a raging hard-on. I had to
get that under control, I'd need it later. I loved remembering all of
those times, how we learned together, loved together, and grew together.
Five years wasn't really that long in the grand scheme of things, and I
knew we still had a lot to learn together.I finished my morning coffee, and began preparing for the night to come.Over the years, I'd introduced Alex to the world of BDS&M, and he was an
awesome bottom. He preteen nudist picture discovered that he loved serving, and loved being used.
Of preteen tomboy stories course, being the top I was, I loved that part of his personality.
Tonight was going to be special, preteens porn clips and I couldn't wait. There were things we
hadn't done yet, things I'd dreamt about and done with others, but not
Alex, with him, I wanted to wait until I knew the time was right.Once the house was clean, the groceries for the evening meal purchased, I
got busy on the more interesting aspects of the evening to come. Our
dungeon had grown over time as I discovered more about him. He had a great
love of pain, and would do anything I asked or told him to. I only hoped
that tonight I wouldn't be preteen little teenie asking too much. I checked preteen portal sites my supplies, cleaned
the leather furnishings, and after I was thoroughly satisfied, decided to
go get the last thing preteen kinder models
I'd need for tonight.I ran over to my friend Mark's house. It took a while to get there. He
lived out in nude foot preteens
the country on a farm, and it was a beautiful sight. Grassy
meadows, well kept barns, and the sweet smell of hay in the air. Being at
Mark's always reminded me of my childhood and melancholy usually took over,
making it difficult to remember why I was there. Today was no exception.
I preteen models daily got out of the car and Mark met me in the drive.Hey Mike, how's it going?It will be going better in about 5 hours I said with a smile.Mike grinned, chuckled, and told me to follow him out to the barn.Ok Mike, I've had this guy here for a long time waiting for you to come get
him and take him fuck preteen nude home with you. He's been trained, but not used very
often. I have used my teasing bitch to make him horny the passed couple of
days though so he should be primed and ready Mark said. I'm envious man.
One of these days I want to watch you two in action. You've kept Alex to
yourself for far too long my friend.I only chuckled. He was right of course, but with Alex things just weren't
the asain preteen lesbain
same. I didn't want to share him. I didn't want to share our intimacy
with anyone. He was special, and I'd never loved anyone the way I loved
him. I once again, shook my head to bring myself back to the present.Mark and I walked cp preteen 14
passed the first two barns to the third, smaller one. He
opened the barn doors and led me to a stall. There in front of me was the
Great Dane I'd purchased 3 years ago. He'd gotten so big, and was
beautiful. Chop was his name, he was gray with beautiful black eyes, and
stood almost to preteen crossdresser my chest he was so tall. Come here Chop I said. He
bounded over to the door, obediently sat, and waiting for my attention. I
lovingly stroked him, pet him, and spoke to him in hushed tones.Alex and I came out here about once a week Mark owned several horses,
pony's, pigs, chickens, top sex preteens
and of preteen slut galleries course, had the dog preteenmodel vlad russian barn. preteen nudists underage We helped out
when we could, and I also got to check on Chop's progress without alerting
Alex to the real motive behind these model preteen angel
trips.Tonight was going to be so special.I loaded chop in the truck along with all of his paraphernalia and began
the drive home. Chop lay on the seat, his head in my lap and slept. It
seemed as though he knew that preteen bbs stories he'd need his strength tonight.Once home, I took Chop downstairs to the dungeon, and made dinner. Alex
was due any minute.Alex came in at 6:00, just as he promised he would. He waited for me at
the door, didn't speak, and didn't move. lesbian preteen pics I'd preteens fuck animals given him instructions the
evening before, and as always, he was flawless with his delivery of my
orders.Hey baby I said.Hello Master Alex almost whispered.I put my hands on his shoulders and he obediently went to his knees. I
slowly unbuttoned his shirt, placed my collar around his throat, attached
the leash, put on his wrist cuffs, and then bade him to stand by tugging on
his collar. Once up, I removed the rest of his clothing, and lead him to
the bathroom. As was our ritual when I placed the collar around his neck,
he spoke no words until spoken to or given permission to speak. I led him
into the bathroom and preteen cheerleading photos
started the shower. I removed my clothing, placed
him inside, and got in behind him. I locked his cuffs to eye bolts and
chains I had installed in our shower and began washing him. Even after
five years, his body was more beautiful to me than anything or anyone I'd
ever seen before. I washed his hair, his body, rinsed him, and then
released him from the locks so that he could be given his enema. Once he
was clean, inside and out, I dried him off, and led him to the dining room
table where we'd have our evening meal.The preteen foros table was elegant. I'd used our best china dishes and crystal
glassware, and had placed flowers and candles on the table. Once I sat him
in his chair, I gave him permission to speak freely over the meal. We
began eating and sipping the champaign I'd poured. We had a leisurely
meal, talking about his day, and each other. Tonight was a night of
remembering, reminiscing, and love. Once the meal russian preteens bikini was innocent preteens nude over, I took Alex to
the living room. I placed him white preteen on a chat pics preteen pillow I'd put on the floor by the
fireplace and put a blindfold on him.Alex, I began, I've loved preteen nudist girls you now for almost the entire five years I've
known you. I love your smile, the way you laugh. I love the way you shake
when I'm beating you and moan when I'm fucking you. I love your obedience,
your charm, Alex baby, I love all of you. I can't imagine life without
you. Put out your hand Alex, and then I'm going to take off your
blindfold. Alex baby preteens nude
obediently put out his hand, palm facing up, and I placed
the gift, still in its box in preteens video free the middle of his palm. I slowly naturist nude preteen took off
his blindfold, and told him to open it. He was shaking already, tears star preteen bikinis
his cheeks, as he slowly opened preteen secret xxx the box, and once he saw it, I looked at
him, and said Alex baby, let me put this ring on your finger and make preteen gallery model
mine forever. I want you to accept it only if you understand that once you
put it on, I never want you to take it off. Read the inscription for me
out loud.To my owned love, forever, Alex whispered.He looked at me with all the love I knew he held in his heart, and put out
his hand and allowed me to pre teen jobs slip the ring on his finger. My preteen model quinn heart soared,
he was hairy preteen pussy
mine. I kissed him with all of the love I had inside of me and he
kissed me back, passionate, loving, his tears mixing in our mouths.I broke the kiss, placed the blindfold back over hot preteen nudes
his eyes, tugged on his
collar, and quietly led him to our dungeon.Alex baby, when you put that ring on your finger, and agreed to be mine,
you made me the happiest man in the world. I have one other gift for you,
and that gift is one that will bring you both pleasure and pain, and will
give me nothing but pure raw pleasure. Tonight will be different baby, and
you might be scared, and I might hurt you more than I have before, but I
want you preteen nonnude fashion
to know Alex how much I love you, and I promise, no matter what
you feel tonight, you have my love, my preteen nude thumbnails care, my loyalty biz bbs preteen and most
importantly, my heart.I led Alex to the cross, placed him on it, chained his wrists and ankles
and put a strap around his waist so he couldn't move. I got in front of
him, kissed his right nipple, then placed the preteen japanese nudists
alligator clamp on, and preteen rape movie
the same with the left nipple. I knew he had a love/hate relationship with
the alligator clamps, and it thrilled me to know that they were digging
into his flesh. Next, I placed the youngest preteen paysite penis gag in his mouth and clipped it
behind his head to keep it secure. I then grabbed the cock and ball ring,
and secured those as well, being sure to make them tight, I certainly
didn't want him to cum too quickly this evening. Once I had him how I
desired, I got out the flogger. I started out gently flogging his 12y preteens back,
ass, legs, and gradually built up until I was flogging him with all of my
strength. I knew the flogger preteen bondage incest was one of his favorites and considering what
I was going to put him through, I wanted to give him pleasure first. Once
done with the flogger, I again got in front of him and took off one
alligator clamp, he tried to scream through the gag as the blood rushed
back into his nipple. I licked and sucked it, watching as his cock began
to grow, and then did the same with the other nipple. I placed the clamps
on the table, and picked up preteen ls tgp the cane. I began lightly on his ass, then his
thighs. preteen nudist gymnasts After a few minutes of light stroking, I began really beating him.
I watched as the cane left female preteen huge red welts, and watched as little underage preteens his body jerked
and began shaking with each stroke. I could tell he was crying, so I beat
him preteen amateur gallery
harder, over and over until his ass looked like one giant welt and he
was sobbing preteen naked nymphs loudly, even through the penis gag. Finally, I put the cane
down and rubbed his ass with my hands. He tried to jerk away, even my
hands hurt his ass, they felt like fire as they touched him.You know the rules Alex, you jerked away from me love, you preteensex pics know preteen panty housenude preteen pages what that
means. I knew he denmark preteens nude
couldn't respond, but I also knew that with those words,
he knew what was coming next. I grabbed the whip, and landed one preteen kiddy pussy shot on
his left ass cheek, then the other ass cheek, Alex was screaming furiously
through the gag now. I continued to whip him until slight smears of blood
were running down his ass. I love the sight of preteenboy sex
his ass, red, beginning to
bruise and swell, and the streaks of blood, and he knows it.I took his wrists down first, then his ankles, and he nearly collapsed into
my arms. I removed the gag, and held him as he sobbed, and cried, and
tried to sink into my body. I lovingly held him, soothed him, told him
what a good boy he was, and let him cry himself preteen naked nymphets out. When he was down to
mere hiccups of tears, I put him over my knees, and took the ice packs out
and put them on his ass pre teen clit to cool him and sooth him. I left them there preteen female naturist until
even the hiccups had subsided, and then raised him and moved him over to
the table. Once again, I strapped his wrists and ankles down and took off
his blindfold.Alex baby I'm so proud of you, you preteen model nikki are such a good boy. I love you so much
baby. I preteen model babes
kissed him, tasting the salt of his tears in his mouth. Alex
baby, I'm not no tit preteens
done yet. If you need to scream, I want you to scream. If
you want to cry, then cry. Even begging baby, but I'm not preteen top nude
going to stop
torturing you until I am happy ok baby?Yes Master Alex whispered, I love preteen nudist beaches you Master.That was all I needed. I took out the fly swatter first. preteen girl nonnude
Started on his
already sensitive nipples, and beat them, over and over and over. Each
time I got harder, and each time he made more noise for me. Next I moved
to his cock and balls. preteen preteen movies I had strapped his ankles so that I virgins preteen models had unfetered
access to that area. Each time I beat his balls with the flyswatter, he
would cry out, and each time I would beat his cock, he would moan. I knew
the pleasure pain was driving him crazy, and my lust was nearly out of
control just watching him.I put preteen model summer
down the flyswatter and let him up. He was surprised, I could see it
in his eyes, he thought I would hurt him more, but then he had no idea what
was next. I took him over to a padded area on the floor and began kissing
him, touching him. I turned him over and licked and sucked his asshole
until he was panting and begging me to preteens girl model fuck him. I abruptly stopped.Alex baby, get on your knees and look at me.Yes Master he said.Alex, I'm going to open that door over illegal naughty preteens there, and once I do that, you will
probably be preteen puffie pictures frightened, in fact, I want you frightened. Tonight, I need
you to trust me even more than you do already. I want you to do this anya preteen pics one
thing for me.Alex looked at me questioningly, but merely said yes Master.I went over to the door, and opened it. Come here Chop I said.I heard Alex' intake of breath as he saw the Great Dane enter the room.
Alex baby, your going to be fucked by Chop tonight. preteen pornsites He's going little preteen topless
to angel preteen pics lick
your ass hole, your going to suck his gigantic cock, and preteen kds schoolgirls then he's going to
climb on you and fuck you. His cock is bigger than any cock you've had,
and when he knots with you, your likely to pass out from the pain. Are you
ready baby?Alex was shaking, and I barely heard him say Yes Master.Chop, come. Chop came preteen and porn to my side and I reached under him and began to
stroke his cock. Alex, climb under him and once outdoor nude preteens you see his cock coming
out of its sheath, suck it. Alex did as I said. Almost instantly, Chop's
cock was out, and Alex was sucking it.If you've never fucked hot preteen galleries or sucked a dog, then you have no idea how much
juice comes out of them before they knot and cum. They drip from the time
their cock comes out of its sheath until they've finished unloading inside
of you. It was making Alex hot, I heard him swallowing and sucking for all
he was worth. I got behind him and started fingering his asshole. I
wanted to open it empire preteen models for him some. Even though I loved it when he screamed, I
knew chop's knot would be a lot for any size preteen leotard bikini hole to take.Finally, when I'd worked about 4 of my fingers inside of Alex, and he was
pushing back on my hand, seemingly trying to swallow my fist with his
asshole, I pulled them out, and told Alex to get on all fours. I put bitch
scent very preteens
on his asshole and told Chop, go boy.Chop had been trained well. Go boy was all he needed. He began to lap and
suck Alex' hole. Alex had been preteens stretching videos moaning since he started sucking Chop's
cock and it only got louder now. Up Chop, and before Alex even had time to
get preteen boy jerk
ready, Chop was punching the air trying to get his huge cock free preteen boys inside of
Alex.I knew he had hit his mark when I heard Alex squeal. Oh god he was in. I
got preteen pics messageboard under Alex so I could see Chop fuck his ass. I was so hot that I knew
I could cum without even touching myself. Chop was fucking him hard and
fast. I saw that his knot had come out of his sheath, and crawled out from
under Alex, whispered in his ear to relax, and open his mouth. I shoved my
cock in as Chop continued preteen thumbnails galleries
fucking Alex' hole. Alex was panting and trying
to keep my cock in his mouth usenet preteen girls as he was getting the fuck preteen naked hentai of his life. All
of the sudden, Alex screamed and my cock fell out. He kept screaming, young porno preteen and
I knew it had happened. Chop had shoved his grapefruit sized knot inside
of Alex' asshole and was pumping him full of cum. I merely soothed Alex,
while he cried, sweet preteens models and watched as Chop emptied himself inside of the man I
loved. I didn't think Chop would ever stop grinding his cock in Alex. By
the time he finished, Alex was beside himself and mumbling incoherently.It took about 30 minutes for Chop's knot to go down enough for his cock to
come out and when it did, cum literally flowed out of Alex asshole.I grabbed Alex in my incest preteen comics arms, picked him up, and placed him in the bed we keep
in the dungeon. I started kissing him, telling him much I loved him, how
much I wanted him. I removed the cock ring, and began sucking his cock,
tasting the cum that had leaked out during all that he had endured that
evening.Alex baby, I know you've been fucked hard, and your sore and your tired,
but I have one other surprise for you tonight. You may never be allowed to
do this again Alex, but tonight, I want you to fuck my asshole, tonight I
give it to you, if you want it.Oh god Master, yes, thank you.I got up on all fours, put my head down on the bed, preteen amateurs models and spread my cheeks
for Alex. nude preteens toplists As tired as my love was, he began devouring my asshole, tonguing
and licking for all he was worth. I was already hot, and it didn't take
long until I told him I was ready. He took his eight inches in his hand,
and just inserted the head. I wanted it all, I was too hot to wait, I
shoved my ass back and took his entire length inside of me. That was all
it took. Alex fucked me like a mad man. I was stroking my cock as he
fucked me. preteen sex game Poor Alex was so worked up from everything he came in about 5
minutes and filled me up. He pulled out of me, and I immediately grabbed
his head, shoved preteen models boys
his mouth onto my cock, and filled his mouth with my cum,
I looked down and watched as he drank me, not even missing a drop.We both lay on the bed, breathing hard. Alex was on my chest, in my arms
where he naked camgirl preteen belonged, and Chop was lying at the foot of our bed. toplist illegal preteen The evening
was perfect, and the man I owned, the man I loved, was right where I wanted
him to stay, forever.
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