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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "The Master Valet, Part One" by Jay Roberts Gay Adult****What would a kid under eighteen make of the title? Something about a
car parker? If you are over eighteen, you are sexy young loli girls welcome to enter this
strange world of servant and master and emerge still whole ranchi bbs lolita top and healthy.
Kids under eighteen, click off and go to the game area.
I preteen lolita pussy com
admit that looking for a valet was strange in this modern world, but I
needed one. I guess lolitas sexy nude little you could call me an orphan, if a twenty two year old
who lost both his parents in one terrible car wreck. In two short russian lolita cp portal
after the funeral I began lolita 17 portal bbs to miss them terribly. You might say that it was
natural, lolita loli model paysites
but I am an unnatural young lolitas litle teens boi. I missed ls lolita sites nude them because they tended to
my every need and organized my life.Dad was not around much. His presidency at the bank...and his girl
friends, kept him busy. Mummy, with all that time on her lolita hard top 100 hands lavished
care and love on me. She bought my clothes. Straightened my room, cooked
what I liked and doted on me. I loved being called lolita dark free top "my handsome boy" and
other endearments. I think I deserved them. I was, actually, a paragon of
male beauty. My straight, thick brown hair was worn in a loli nymph portal bbs comb forward
manner and my golden brown eyes were accented as was my perfectly best lolita sites teen shaped
nose and full lips. From the neck down, I little boys lolita models
was no Green statue, but a daily
session at the gym produced a fairly muscular body.My looks may have been my best feature. I did poorly in school. As for
social accomplishments, I never lolita young black porn learned to dance. I was a dot with girls
and not too interested in them. My sexual nature was very strong but
expressed mostly in very creative masturbation.I returned to the town house on West Seventy First Street, after the
funeral. It echoed its emptiness. Within two weeks preteen lolital free pictures the kitchen was a mess
and my room piled with clothes, dropped on the floor ls magazine lolitas director after one wearing. I
was a slob, but a rich one. The will had left me with a handsome income
from a trust.My Aunt Wallace, not really an aunt, but a family friend, suggested I get a
man servant to tend to me. shy lolitas cp site The idea appealed, and I immediately phoned
Webster Agency. They were the agency to go to. They specialized in
servants for the wealthy, butlers, valets and no nude prelolita pics upstairs and downstairs
maids. When lolita litle star nude
I outlined my requirements to the woman on the phone who spoke
with a crisp British accent, she assured me that they will be able to
eminently fulfill my needs from nude african lolita photos a graduate of their training school. I
never thought there was such an educational institution. I spent four
years at Princeton, nude lola kids pics learned nothing except how to hold my liquor and avoid
the advances of some of the aggressive homosexuals there.I received a call from the agency that they had selected three candidates
for the job. One thing surprised me, the expected salary was large, about
one thousand per week, little lolita girls pedo
but this lolitas portal the best
was not for ordinary servants, these
trained persons were lol bbs underage nude experts on every facet of living, from furniture to
wine and of course clothing styles.I had to reject the first two candidates. The first was a dried up older
man who, I think, disapproved of my young age and lolita nune nude models wealth. The children lolita pay sites second of
was very experienced, but older, rather unattractive, used to serving in
very wealthy home. I think he thought I would be a come down for him.But the third applicant, of the three bears, was just a perfect fit. He
announced immediately that he was lolita nude pic galleries
not a tiny tit teen loli "stuffy" man hot lolita preteen pics servant, but that he
could mold himself to a young man's requirements. His background was not
as sound as lolita teen movie preview the others and I suspected his references were self written,
but all doubt evaporated by virtue of his appearance. I must confess that
I developed a teen lolita 7y o
crush on him by lolitas none nud models the end of the interview.How can I describe him...the obvious was young lolita gallerie pics his appearance, thick curly blond
hair that resembled those Greek statues at the Metropolitan. The face was
also classic, but yet humorous and lolita pussy blue teen appealing. Though he was dressed in a
severe black suit and black tie with a perfectly ironed shirt, his body
triumphed over its formality and hinted of litheness and muscles. But it
was his way of talking, soft and thickly mellow and the way his tongue
moved as he spoke. He smiled easily, displaying perfect even pure white
teeth.I barely heard him as he spoke of his skills, massage, shaving, organizing
the bath and his orderliness and awards for culinary skills. I knew he
would change my life, bring order, feed little naked baby lolitas me well and attend to my needs."James, you are hired."He broke into a charming broad smile. "I have my bags in the hall. loli gamez virgins bbs It may
have been presumptuous, but I hoped. What is your preference for the way virgins loli models com
should addressed you?""My name is George Nameford, but Sir will do fine.""Yes sir."It sounded wonderful, so respectful. I lolitas 13 17 old
was delighted, especially when he
said that he would spend the first few hours straightening up the house,
then "pop" over to the fancy store on the corner and pickup some goodies
for dinner.I felt tired from interviewing and went into the sun room to nap on the
chez. I awoke someone groggy. The afternoon light illegal pedo lolita nude was dying. I must have
slept lost lolita illegal pic two hours. I might have slept the night away but for a soft hand on
my shoulder. I gazed into James's dazzling blue eyes. "Sir, do you wish
to have a bath before supper, or perhaps a drink?"I shook my head to clear it. "Yes a stiff Martini, omit the Vermouth.
Bath later, I think. What's for dinner? I'm nude little young lolas starved."He describes the "simple" menu, "Lemon chicken, Indian flavored rice, peas,
a small salad and my special parfait of coffee ice cream for dessert."
Then, he looked at me up and down. "Sir, do you intend to eat dressed free nn lolita galleries as
you are?" His hand swept down my body loli hot children image
like a searchlight, exposing my
ripped jeans and tee shirt from a Grateful lolita pussy thumbnail galleries Dead concert."Well, perhaps tomorrow I'll dress appropriately for your cuisine, but for
tonight, I'll stay as I am." I thought preteen lolita xxx pix it clever of me to establish the
boundaries of servant and master. I couldn't help noticing that free cp lolita galleries James had
changed into a black bow loli free pics girls
tie and lolita model angel pics a white mess jacket."In the dining room he had set a perfect table. 14 yo teen lolas
It seemed lonely, even
ridiculous sitting alone at the large table extreme pre lolita portal for twenty four. "Do you wish
to join me, James?""Thank you sir, but it nude lolita art portfolio wouldn't be proper. Do enjoy the dessert that will
ready in a moment."The meal was perfect. I am not a connoisseur of elegant food, although I
have lolita boy top list
eaten with my parents at the lolita hot horny models
best New York restaurants. This meal was
simple and perfect. When I finished, nn model teenie lolli I'm afraid I emitted a loud burp. I
excused myself, then immediately regretted my apology. Why should I even
acknowledge it to a servant. James was somehow oozing elegance and that
probably explained it."Do you wish to watch TV while I clean up the kitchen and then draw your
bath?""That sound fine." I walked into the den, passing through the livingroom.
I was amazed at the way he had cleaned the rooms and removed the litter. I
got into my favorite leather chair and turned on a news broadcast. Again I
slipped lolita underage picture galleries into a light sleep. I'm afraid all the good attention to my needs
was making me regress to being a baby after the bottle.Again it was James he woke me. This time, more intimately, with a gentle
stroke on the cheek. "Sir, if I may say it, seeing you lolita preteens sexy pics
asleep like that, I
couldn't help think that you nasty virgin preteen lolitas are a very handsome fellow."I blushed. I should not have. After all, wasn't he just a servant? He
held out bald teen lolita bbs both his hands in a gesture of taking mine and helping me up. It
was a kind move. I softened in appreciation and together we went upstairs.My room, sitting room sweet little girls loli and bath were transformed. I magic nude lolita pictures don't think it had even
looked so clean and orderly. The bathroom was gleaming. He turned on the
taps, shook some bath salts into the water and returned to the bedroom
where I was slowly undressing in a slow lazy fashion."What's that preteen nude lolitas pics zeps dark lolitas toplist
smell?""Bath salts, sir. I took the liberty of models ls lolitas galleries purchasing them from preteen incest model lolita
the drug
store and lolita russian 12 nudenude lolitas nasty pics charged nude lolita girl teens it on your account. They will revive you, you'll see."By this time I was fully undressed. To my lolita wearing diapers pictures annoyance, his eyes preteen loli picture hard raked up and
down my naked body. "Robe!" I said sharply and he fake little lolita pictures took the robe that was
draped on his arm and held it for me to put on. "Would you like a gentle
massage before the bath?"I hesitated. His manner was a bit seductive, but pushed that concern aside
and agreed. There was a table in the bathroom and I took off my robe and
lay on my stomach. He decorously covered my sex porn lolitas teen arse with a towel and began
working on lolita slaves russian 12 the back of my neck. It was excellent. I might have purred
with pleasure. He didn't speak for the entire, short massage, but his
hands were young pussy nymphets lolita
eloquent.He worked his way done my spine, relaxing the muscles on each side, then,
to my surprise, removed the towel and began kneading my buttock cheeks. I
was about to object, but it felt so good. My muscles were tense back
there. I relaxed my clinching of my arse cheeks. Suddenly he lightly
slapped my arse. "Turn over please."He assisted me with one strong hand on my hip. When I was on my back, I
realized that my penis had erected from the sensuousness of his lubricated
hands. I decided to assume of role of the arch master and expected my
servant to ignore my seven inches of flesh, pointing upward."What a lolitas nude 14 yo
fine organ you have, Sir. If ever you feel that it needs
stimulation, I am always glad to oblige. little lolita stories My last master insisted on my
ministrations each message.""No need," I said with a husky voice that surprised lolita sun models bbs me. Secretly I was
dying for that attention but board dorki loli video I did not want 13 yo topless lolita
to start 10yo young lol models
of precedent. After
some work on my chest, then my legs, he lolita nude best paysites announced that the message was
finished. I lolita lol naked model snapped awake, I had fallen asleep again. He must have
thought that I suffered lola pictures lolita nude from some disorder since free lolita pics search
I had to be awaked thrice
today.He put his hand around my naked waist and gently steered me to the bath.
He lifted one of my legs and placed it in the tub. "How's the
temperature?""Perfect," I purred. He helped me to sit in the water."Shall I soap you up, sir."I supposed lolita young pussy galleries that this was standard little lolita nn models for a valet, but I had lways bathed
myself, still,it it was tempting to be babied. free lolitas young girls "Yes, thank you."He soaped a natural free gallery archives lolita sponge and began. He was very gentle, lolita list underage bbs
so anuncios sex munecas lolitas gentle, that
my stiff cock remained up and bobbing above the water. "Kindly kneel," he
requested. In that position he was able to soap my arse crack and then
handed me the sponge. "I suppose you might wish to soap your genitals
yourself."I home lolita free pics
hesitated. "Oh, I see," he said with evident satisfaction, "Yu wish me
to wash them."I nodded, feeling a brazilian lolita pussy pics bit silly, childish for asking for this attention.He proceeded. It lolitas cp pedo bbs
was not as sexual as I feared. He peeled back my
foreskin and cleaned the area diligently. The shaft was soaped. www lolitas free pic When he
lifted my hanging ball sac and soaped behind it and then the sac itself, I
think I closed my eyes in pleasure. He took water from the tube lolitas home under age and
splashed my genitals and even shook my penis to dislodge the water. These
moves by James were quite delicious. I began illegal preteen lolita cp to look forward to the daily
baths.He helped me out of the tub and diligently wiped my body, then he set out
the tooth bush and began wiping the tube. When I had finished, he brought
my pajamas into the bathroom. "I took the liberty of warming them."I was about to say that I usally slept in my underwear bottoms, but I
didn't want to seem uncoth so I donned them with his help. He guided underage boys girls lolitas
into the bedroom and there was my bed, perfectly made and turned down. I
knew it was only nine o'clock and I preteen pics pthc lolita usually retired about eleven, but the
glass of warm milk at the bed and my sleepy eyes impelled me to slip under
the covers, drink my milk and slide down under the fresh sheets. He
arranged the covers over me and wished me a good sleep.As I was slipping into a profound sleep, loli lolita kds bbs I wondered at my compliant nature,
permitting this talented valet to make me so dependent on his services.End Part One
-beware of servants bearing gifts of comfort.-
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