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Subject: MARINE HERO cute preteen thumbs
26Disclaimer: This is a story. I didn't live it - even though I wished I
had. It is purely for enjoyment. It's another of my "Marine" stories. Some
guys wonder why I keep writing about Marines. Besides the fact that they
epitomize masculinity to me, beyond mpeg preteen the fact that they are just about the
raunchiest guys I've ever known, there is another reason.These brave warriors are often the first defense against any enemy of my
country and my way of life. Throughout the history of this country, the
Marine Corps has produced more, oftentimes unsung, heros than any other
fighting force. And I don't know about you, but contrary to Whitney
Houston's song, my need for a hero has always been fulfilled by The Few,
The Proud, The Marines. Semper Fi!I wish to acknowledge two people who's assistance with this story was
invaluable. First of all, Kris, who is a great writer in her own right.AndSecond, but not least, a real Marine and a beautiful preteen rimjob stories
man - Rich, who will
always be Jeff to me.MARINE HERO
by RimPig (c) 2004Chapter Twenty Six - Tack and Keith, Love At LastUpstairs, Keith showed me the four bedrooms. The first one was shared by
Bulldog and Rusty, the second by Jeff and Mike, the third was a 'guest
room' which Keith told me war really never used and finally there was 'his'
room. The room was really more a study with a bed. A rather large bed again
covered in black leather like the one downstairs in the playroom. Other
than that, the room had a huge computer desk with a computer, monitor,
printer and what looked like a scanner as well. I noticed that the
screen-saver on the computer was showing scenes of Marines, in combat, on
parade, running an obstacle course, etc. Yes, this was definitely a
'Marine' household!When we got to his room, we suddenly became shy with one another. This was
a real first for me! If there was one thing I wasn't - it was shy!
Especially in a sexual situation. After all, Marines are kind of
'take-charge, can-do' kind of guys and I was noted for that. But this
wasn't like any sexual situation I was preteen yoda sanchez ever in, in preteen gallery sample
my life! I wasn't going
to have sex with Keith. I was going to make love to him and I suddenly
realized - I didn't know how! I knew how to fuck, get fucked, suck, get
sucked, rim, get rimmed and just about anything else you could name,
including how to fist a guy (but I don't get fisted!). But I'd never made
love to one.I looked at Keith and he looked so beautiful and so eager for me. I don't
think that's what I looked like, however."Tack, what's the matter?" Keith asked me quietly, two preteen models moving into my arms."I don't fuckin' know how to do this." I admitted quietly."You don't know how to have sex?!" he looked at me in disbelief."Of course I fuckin' know how to have sex! I was havin' sex when you were
what...probably in sixth grade! I don't know how to make love to you. preteen virgins xxx I've
never done that." I said."Wait a minute! How old are you?" he grinned."I'm 20." I said."Oh, okay. Tack, there's nothing to it. It's just like having sex - it's
just the feelings are different. You're doing it because you love the
person, not just because you want them." he explained."So what if you love the person and want him, too?" I asked, smiling down
at him."Then that's the best of all." he grinned up at me.Since we were already naked, we didn't have to waste time with taking off
our clothes so I did something I'd seen a guy do in a movie once, to a
girl, but I figured that it was okay for us. I reached down and picked
Keith up in my arms and carried him over to the bed. He was a little
surprised at first, letting out this little squeal of surprise but then he
wrapped his arms around my neck and lay his head against my chest. I gotta
admit, I nearly didn't want to put preteen naked websites him down after he did that, it felt so
good! He was a little heavier than I figured but his weight gave me no
trouble at all! I could have held him like that all night. But then I
couldn't make love to him!I lay him down gently on the bed and crawled in over him, resting on my
elbows, looking down into his beautiful face. He looked up at me, smiling
and put his arm back around my neck."You are so fuckin' beautiful." I said."I'm just me." he said, blushing."No. You are about the most fuckin's beautiful boy I've ever seen in my
whole fuckin' life.""And what do you think you are, Tack?" he asked me."I'm okay. I've got a good body and I don't scare little kids." I said.He started laughing."Oh, fuck! Tack you are one fucking hunk! When you came walking towards me
I almost ran in the other direction!" he told me."Why?" I asked. I couldn't understand that."Well...because you are so fucking good-looking that I figured you would be
insufferably conceited. That's why I hit you with that thing about asking
your unit. Bulldog taught me that one to deal sex 8 preteenz
with grunts!" he grinned."Well, I almost turned and went the other way when you asked that." I said."Yeah, I could tell. I knew immediately I'd done the wrong preteen cunnilingus thing. But I was
scared of letting you have the upper hand. I didn't want you 'taking
charge' of the situation." Keith said."Why?" I asked.This was all very confusing!"Because I was afraid of you." he said quietly, not smiling now."Why the fuck would you be afraid of me?" I asked."Tack, you're very big and so was my step-father." he said."Oh...but I wouldn't hurt you." I said."I figured that out later. But just for a moment, your size reminded me of
him. lesbian preteen insest I'm sorry." he said."No, it's okay! I guess I can be intimidating. It comes in handy when I'm
dealin' preteen porn picture with grunts. And I guess I would have come on a little strong for
you, bein' a civilian and all. I'm more used to dealing with Marines." I
said."And then when I really got a good look at were so fucking
gorgeous, I was afraid nude preteen nudist
I'd drop to my knees in the sand right there and
offer to do anything you wanted!" he smiled."Oh, erotic young preteen come on!" I grinned. "And you told me you'd never lie to me!""Tack, I'm not lying! You didn't know it, but you could have had me right
there on the beach. I would have done anything you asked me to." he
said. "I wanted you that badly.""So what was with all that 'get to know you' stuff then?" I asked."It was when I looked into your eyes. I saw something, I wasn't sure
what. But I knew right then and there I wanted more than just sex with you
and I was willing to take the gamble that you wanted me enough to play
along." he said."So what nude busty preteens
was it you saw?" I asked."Pain. Incredible pain and loneliness. So much like my own. So much like I
remember being before I met Mike, Bulldog, Jeff and Rusty. I thought that
you needed love, too. Just like I did. And I knew it would be harder to
break through your walls if we had sex." Keith said.I was shocked at how accurate he was! Maybe those fuckin' preteen natural
beautiful deep
blue eyes could see down into me!"Well, you wanna know what I pussy sex preteen
saw?" I asked."Tell me." he smiled."I saw pain. So much pain that top preteen nymphets
this feelin' went through me like I wanted
to take you preteen nudes pics
in my arms right then and there and protect you from whatever
it was that caused it." I said."Mmm. Yes, I love being in your arms." he smiled. "And you know now what
the pain was.""Yeah. But there was some other things as well." I said."Okay. Like what?" he asked."Well, I could tell that you wanted me. And it looked like you wanted me as
bad as I wanted you." I smiled."That's certainly true! God! You are such a hunk! How could I not?!" he
laughed."I'm not a hunk! I'm just me." I said and preteen pantyhose binaries
I knew that I was blushing now."Later on, not now, I want you to go look in a mirror and try to say that!
Better yet, ask any of the family and see what kind of answer you get!" he
grinned."Never mind. Let's just leave that alone for right now. Please?" I asked."Okay. We'll leave it alone. What else did you see?" he asked."Well, it took me a while to figure it out. I admit I ain't too good at
emotional stuff." I said."You seem to have done pretty well so far." he smiled."Well, I finally figured out" I stuttered."Yes, my dear, beautiful, uncomfortable Tack. It was love. I knew the
minute I looked into your eyes that you were the one. You were the man I
wanted for all time." he smiled."How the fuck did you know?" I asked, really curious about this."I can't explain it, I just knew." he said simply."I guess I would have known if I hadn't been fightin' it so hard." I said."I'm so glad you lost that fight." he said."Me, too! Probably the only fight I ever lost in my life!" I grinned. "I'm
glad it was you I lost it to.""Hey! You're pretty good at super preteen thumb
making love!" he said, smiling."What the fuck are you talking about? We haven't busty preteen models done nothin' preteen cumshot bbs yet!" I said."Oh, yes we have. Tack, making love involves communicating. But not just
talking. Really opening yourself up so that the person you love gets to see
all of you. That's just what we've been doing! That's as much a part of
making love as sex." he said."Oh...well, I sexy preteen games still like the sex part better. It's easier." I said."That's because it's physical and you're a pretty 'physical' kind of guy."
he grinned."Yeah, I guess I am." I agreed."You can, I bet, say things with your body that are as much or more than
you'll ever say with your voice." he smiled."Oh, fuck yeah! Can you hear my body talkin' now?" I said, nudging him in
the gut with Tack Junior, who was definitely rarin' to go and wondering
what all this fuckin' talkin' was all about - holding things up!"Yes, my beautiful lover! And, trust me, my body is saying the preteen development pictures same thing!
Make love to me!" he naked preteen hentai smiled and preteens model nude pulled my face down to his and locked his
mouth to mine.While we tasted deeply of each other, I was still a little scared about
that word he'd just used - lover. I guess that's what I was now. His
lover. And he was mine. A situation I'd always swore would never happen to
me! This was gonna take some russian model preteens
re-evaluation! Like, of my whole fuckin' life!
I also thought about Tommy. How I was ever gonna explain this to him, I had
no preteens model amateur fuckin' idea! I knew I was in for some real shit from him over this one!But I was soon lost in the taste, the scent and the feel of him! Oh, fuck!
His scent! Now, I love the smell of a sweaty guy. But there was somethin'
real different about Keith. I swear, it was like he was wearin' some kind
of perfume or somethin' even though I knew he wasn't! The scent of him was
sweet and musky and altogether different from any other man I'd ever
smelled. I don't fuckin' know what caused it, but his scent was such an
incredible turn on for me! Way beyond that of just because he smelled like
a male. He did smell like a male, but he smelled like Keith, just him and
nobody else.I moved my mouth down until I was licking and sucking at the skin of his
neck. God! He tasted so fuckin' good! He was makin' these little noises
down in preteens star
his throat dirty preteen girls
while I began nibbling lightly on his neck and
shoulder. I loved it! I fuckin' loved hearing him make those noises! I
wanted him to make more!I moved down, licking his chest until I came to his impossibly small
nipples. Smaller than dimes! Now, I've always had a thing for small
nipples on a guy. Don't know why, just do! And Keith's were the smallest
I'd ever seen or tasted. I sucked on one and it became instantly hard and
erect in my mouth and more of those little noises came out of him! Yes! I
moved over to the other one. Same hard little nub and same noises, maybe a
little louder this time. If it worked out, I'd have him screamin' by the
time I fucked him!I moved his hands from around my neck and pushed them up above his head. He
knew to leave them there. It gave me preteen modles pictures full access to preteen boys gay one of my favorite
parts of a guy's body - his pits. Because he was so young and blond,
Keith's pits were almost hairless. But they were ripe with his sweaty scent
and the taste of them was salty and tangy, just like I love! He was moaning
full out as I licked and preteen nymphos sucked at the tender skin there. Once one was
sopping wet with my preteen angels fuck spit, I switched to the other one, to do the same
thing. That's preteen private pictures
what I love about pits! There's two of 'em! When you finish
with one - you still have another one!However, once I finished with them, there was no place to go but down! I
wanted to smell his crotch, his balls but, above all I wanted bury my nose
in his ass! My tongue made a trail from his pit to his belly button, a nice
little 'innie' that I swabbed out with my tongue before moving on further
south. First I hit his little blond puff of pubic hair. It smelled really
good! Full of sweat and dried piss naked preteen tits and Keith! I licked it until it was
plastered to his skin. Then I moved up to the head of his cock. He had lots
of nice foreskin. The head remained covered with preteens free picks it even hard! I slipped my
tongue inside his hood, tasting the sweet cock-snot that he was makin' like
a waterworks! Fuck! Did that taste good! I bet his cum was sweet as well!
But I was after something 'heartier', more raunchy! Cheese! I hoped there
was smegma and nude preteen fisting I wasn't disappointed!I slid down the hood all the way and the pungent odor of raw, male smegma
was released into the air around us! Fuck! Did that smell raunchy and good!
And I saw the creamy white flecks of cheese all around his dick-head. I
started licking it all up, allowing the flavor to explode in my preteen nude bath mouth and
the scent to rise in my nose! Fuck! I could live on the cheese this boy
produced! But, it was too soon gone! Time to move on!I slid down further so that I was layin' between his legs and my face was
right at his balls. Fuck! The raunchy scent of his crotch was goin' up my
nose and makin' my head spin like a preteens inces long hit of poppers! His balls were
practically hairless but they sure smelled great! I began licking them and
noticed how soft the skin was! It was like it was paper thin. I licked at
his sack, tasting the saltiness and musk there. Dried piss, sweat, rut. All
added to the taste. And now his moaning was getting really loud.I licked all over his ball-sack preteen petite gallery and then, as his balls drew up to his cock,
I began licking the back of his sack and down to his perineum. I cp videos preteen could
faintly smell his ass and my tongue began to search for it. To help me find
it, Keith pulled back his legs opening his whole butt to me. I buried my
nose in his fragrant butt-trench snorting up all the ass-scent I could!
Fuck! This boy smelled so good! The smell of his ass was strong. But not as
strong as the taste! I licked up his trench, tasting sweat, underground preteen nymphets
butt-musk and
ass juice! Fuck! I loved it! The taste was tangy on my tongue! I licked a
few more times up his trench and then focused my attention completely on
his wrinkly hole.I pressed my tongue against the hole as I began gently sucking the lips of
his ass into my mouth. His hole blossomed open and he pushed down on his
ass muscles to open himself up. My tongue slid deep into his butthole. The
taste was darker and more tangy inside him! I love this, having my tongue
buried in preteen naughty nymphs
his body! Actually licking inside of his butt! Sending my tongue
where my cock was aching to go! And talk about aching, his groans were
practically screams at this point!"Fuck! Yeah! Eat my butt! Lick out my ass! Oh, fuck! Tack! Yeah! Eat my
butt!" he groaned.Yeah? Like I was gonna do anything else right then? I lay there, licking
his asshole, fucking my tongue in and out of his butt, making his hole open
even further. I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to have to
spread his hole with my fingers the way I usually had to do with guys to
get them ready to take my thick nine inches. Since I'd seen underage lo preteen
'family' and the size of their cocks, I figured he was used to big, thick
tools like mine."Tack! Please! Dear God! Fuck me! Shove your cock in my ass! Please! Fuck
me!" he begged.I preteen xxx tgp
looked up from between his legs, grinning."I was only waitin' for you to ask." I grinned at him.I moved up so that I was over him once again, resting on my elbows."Do you have any lube?" I murmured."Ooh! You say the most romantic things!" he chuckled. "In the drawer over
there."He pointed to a table by the bed. I slid over and opened the top drawer and
pulled out the bottle of lube. I slid back over to him and began lubing his
hole with two fingers. I then lubed up Tack Junior and again moved up over
him so that Tack Junior was in position - right against his hole. He
wrapped his legs around my hips - they felt so good there! Because I was so
much preteen dutch porn taller than he was, I could look down right into his face."You ready?" I asked."I've been ready since I shook hands with you!" he groaned."Same here." I smiled.I russian preteen picture pushed against his hole. There was a slight resistance and then I felt
Tack Junior slide deep into his butt. Now we were both groaning! The heat,
the wetness, the tightness! Fuck! He felt so good wrapped around my cock!But there was something else, something different than just a
butt-fuck. Never before had I ever thought about it, but it was like we
were now one person. With my cock buried deep inside him, there was no way
to tell where his body stopped and mine began. More to the point, I wanted
this! I wanted to be part of him, to make him part of me! I wanted to plant
my seed deep inside of him and make him mine! Mine forever!"Oh, fuck! You feel so good inside me!" he groaned softly."Oh, fuck dark preteens
yeah! It does feel good inside you!" I groaned back.I pulled back slightly and slid back into his ass. We both groaned at the
feeling. I went to work, fucking him. Making my cock glide deep inside his
body and gliding back out until I almost left his hole before slamming back
into him again and again. My cock was so hard I began to worry about
hurtin' him but he was not hurtin'!"Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me, Tack! Fuck me HARDER!" he begged.I began to power-fuck him, slamming him harder and harder. Unfortunately,
this made me build quicker to cummin' than I wanted to! I kept fuckin' and
fuckin' - faster and harder when I felt the tingle in my balls that told me
I couldn't hold preteen sister rape
out! I was gonna cum! I wanted him to cum with me but he
wasn't close enough and I knew it! I slammed in one more time and that was
it! I started to unload shot after shot of my hot, Marine cum deep in his
civilian ass!"AHH! FUCK!!! I'M CUMMIN'!!! I'M SORRY!!! CUMMIN'!!!" I screamed as I
continued to flood his guts with my cream."Yeah! Cum, Tack! Cum in my butt!" he groaned.I stopped shooting and finally collapsed on top of him."I'm sorry...didn't want to cum...wanted to get you off.." I panted."Hey! It's okay. You can get me off later." he said."No! I want to get you off! Now!" I insisted."Okay, how long until you're hard again?" he asked."What makes you think I'm soft?" I asked, grinning.Tack Junior was still harder than hell! I knew when he got like this, it
would take cumming at least twice to go down."Then what are you waiting for?" he grinned back.And so I started fucking him again! On and on I went, slamming my cock
harder and harder into his hole while he groaned almost constantly,
unintelligible sounds coming out of his mouth. I shifted slightly, making
Tack Junior slide into his hole at binaries models preteens a slightly steeper angle, hitting is
prostate directly with each stroke. Before long, he was practically
screaming! I could feel his hole begin to tighten just as I could feel a
second load of cum ready to explode from deep inside me! It was preteen sex asia a race to
see who was going to cum first and I fully intended to lose! I was gonna
get him off!And I did!His hole began to grip my cock as he screamed out."FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARD, TACK!!! I'M CUMMING, TACK!!! I'M CUMMING!!!" he
screamed and I could feel his cock spraying his hot load between our
bodies.That was the last thing I felt before I began unloading my second batch of
semen into his already flooded bowels."FUCK!!! YEAH!!! FUCKIN' CUMMIN IN YOU ASS!!!" I screamed as I came.I could feel my cum shooting out of his hole around his cock as I pumped
more and more of my spoonge into his hole. Finally, I stopped and collapsed
on him once preteen bbs image more. This time, however, I grabbed him and turned us both over
so that we were laying side by side."Oh, fuck! That was incredible." Keith finally said after a time."Yeah! It sure the fuck was! If that was makin' love, then I'm makin' love
from now on!" I grinned at him.He grinned back."Yeah, that was makin' love." he said."I fuckin' love you. And I love fuckin' you!" I said.He laughed!"Yeah! It was great!" he said."You wanna know somethin'?" I asked him."What?""I gotta piss." I said, giving him an evil grin.His face lit up!"I got just the place!" he said."It's a long way to the fuckin' basement." I said."Who said anything about the basement?" he asked smiling."But that's where the shower is." preteen model bambi I said."Yeah, but there's something up here that's just as much fun. Come on." he
said."Can you hold it a minute?" I asked."Well...yeah. Why?" he asked."Because there's somethin' I really want to do first." I told him."Okay." he said, looking at me with questions in his eyes.Like I said, eating man-butt is one of my favorite things in the world. But
eating man-butt after I just fucked it and it's full of my cum is at the
top of the list! More than anything, I wanted to taste illegal nn preteens
Keith's butt filled
with my spoonge!I slowly slid my cock from his ass and slid down his body. He must have
immediately known what I was after because he drew his legs back holding
onto his knees and spreading himself open for me. I slid completely down
until my nose was at his crack. Fuck! The scent was incredible! The smells
of nude african preteen his ass plus the smell of cum and fuckin'! I locked my mouth to his
assring and began lickin' and suckin' at it, getting his hole to give up my
now ass flavored cum. I sucked out at much as I could, tasting the
raunchiness of it and holding it in my mouth. I wasn't a selfish bastard
and this I wanted to share.I moved back over him and he seemed to know what was up because he lifted
his brazilian preteen nn
face to mine and pressed his mouth to my own. I opened and allowed the
slimy cum to slide from my mouth to his, preteen models denmark
both of us groaning and tasting my
butt-flavored seed. We passed the glob of cum back and forth between our
mouths until we free preteen cuties
finally swallowed it."Mmm! That was really tasty! I want to taste it right from the adult cartoons preteen source
soon." he smiled."And I wanna taste yours. children preteens sex Soon." preteen nubiles nude I said."Hmm. Then maybe we shouldn't go anywhere. Maybe we should stay right
here." he said."But I gotta piss. Bad!" I said."And so do I. But we can do that without leaving the bed." he said." won't hurt the leather." I said not really sure about
this."No, we won't get a drop on the bed...well...unless you're a sloppy
drinker!" he grinned."Huh?" what the fuck was he talking about?"You want nonude free preteen to suck my cock, right?" he asked."Yeah!" I enthused."And I wanna suck yours but I want to drink your piss, too." he said."You do?!" I was surprised at this.I mean, I wanted to drink his but that was rare for me. Mostly I loved
gettin' piss on or in by a stud. I only drank guys that I was really into!
Keith was special, though. I loved him. I wanted to drink him for a totally
different reason. I wanted to take him inside me, make him a part of me. I
don't know why I felt this way, I just did."Yeah. I do. I want you - all of you - inside me." he said softly, his eyes
so full of love that a jolt went through my guts when I saw it."Oh, fuck!" was all I illegal preteen cum could say."We can do both at the same time." he said, wiggling out from under me and
turning around on the bed.His mouth was at my cock and he took it into his warm, wet mouth. Oh, fuck!
That felt so wonderful! His preteens model japanese cock was in my face and I leaned forward and
sucked it into my mouth. I could still taste some of his cum inside his
hood and I discovered that I was right. I'd thought his cum would be sweet
and it was! Way more sweet than salty. Not bitter in the least! I waited
and soon his flow of piss started and I began swallowing it! It was sweet
as well! There was nothin' about this boy that wasn't sweet!When his piss began to flow into my mouth, I let go of mine, slowly. I'd
been drunk a number of times and knew how to keep from drownin' the guy
drinkin' my piss. Keith moaned and was gulping away, drinking down ever bit
I had. We lay small preteen pics
there a long time, short skirt preteens slowly drinking each other. The feeling
was incredible - almost as good as cumming! As it went on, my cock began to
harden again as did his. I was pleasantly surprised that he, obviously,
could piss through a hardon like I preteen nymphets movies could. That meant that when he fucked
me, he could piss up my ass as well! And I sure wanted him to fuck me!When our flow of piss finally came to an end, we kept right on sucking on
each other's cock! Fuck! Was he a great cocksucker! He took my fuckin'
cock deep in his throat, burying his nose in my pubes! I groaned around his
cock as the muscles of his throat gently massaged the head of Task Junior
who boned harder in appreciation of having such a warm, wet home! I was
takin' his cock deep inside me as well. His cock was huge! From his slender
build, I wouldn't necessarily have guessed this, even having seen it soft.Because we'd already gotten off, we sucked each other for quite a while
before we started to reach the point of no return. But I was eager to have
his cum inside me now that I had his piss. He seemed equally eager and I
was rarin' to dump a nice load of my hot spoonge down his throat!I could feel his cock getting harder and harder and watched his balls
drawing up close to his body and knew it wouldn't be long before I'd
finally taste a full load of his sweet cum. I was so excited about this
that my own cock began to shoot my load preteen ree down his throat seconds before his
warm cum started jetting into my mouth! Fuck! It tasted so good. I wondered
for a second if I loved it because it was cum, which I loved, or because it
was his cum, who I loved even more. Then I was lost in pre models preteens
the feelings and
couldn't think anymore.We nursed at each other's cock until they went soft and then naturist preteen photos he turned back
around. He lay in my arms and we kissed each other, lazily licking the
flavor of our own cum out of each other's mouth. Something welled up inside
of me, looking down at this incredibly beautiful boy laying in my arms
who'd so willing given me himself forever."I...I...I love you." I whispered.He smiled."I love you, too, Tack. So very naked gay preteens
much. It will get easier to say." he
grinned, knowing how hard it was for me to say it."I just haven't said it. Not since my Dad." I said."I understand, babe. Like I said, your body says a lot more than preteen bbs bikini you
can. It tells me how much you incest preteen underage love me." he smiled."Does it tell you preteen teenage pics that I'm fuckin' starvin'?" I asked, grinning.At that point my stomach rumbled with hunger and we both crack up laughing."Yeah! It sure does!" he laughed. "Come on. We'll go get something to eat."" you think we should maybe take a shower?" I asked, noticing that
his cum was covering both our chests and abs from his first cum when I
fucked him."Nah! Why? I love the way preteens child models
you smell preteen nu models right now and sluts preteen
it won't be the first
time that somebody's walked around here with cum spread all over them!" he
grinned."Okay. I mom preteen love the way your smell right now, too!" I assured him.We got up off the bed and I took his hand again. I couldn't figure out what
the fuck was goin' on with me! I was becomin' some kind of romantic or
something! I just wanted to keep that physical connection to him, like I
needed it like a lifeline or something. It just felt so warm and good
inside to feel him touching me.We went downstairs into the kitchen. Mike and Jeff were still sitting
there, having coffee. I guess Bulldog and Rusty had gone to be or down to
the playroom. The smiled as we walked in."You guys finally decided to come up for air?" Jeff joked."We got hungry." Keith said, blushing."I figured you would. Come on, both of you, sit down. I'll fix your
plates." Mike said."So how did you two meet, anyway?" Jeff asked."Down on San Onofre Beach." I said."Oh, up in thai preteens porn
the dunes?" he grinned."No! Down by the waterline actually." Keith asserted."I take it the dunes were active when you were stationed there?" I asked
Jeff.He laughed."I think that the kid preteen nude
dunes have been active since Pendleton was built!" Jeff
said. "I was told about them the first day I got there.""I think it took two or three days for me to find out about them!" masha preteen bbs
laughed."What's this about dunes?" Mike asked."Uhh...I've never taken you there." Jeff said, blushing."Okay, what's hot preteen russia this about, lover?" Mike asked." see...just off the base property there's this clothing optional
beach...and...well..." he started to say."And young pre teen bedrooms
Jarheads are known to frequent these dunes where certain sexual
behavior proscribed by military regulations often takes place. Is that
about it?" Mike asked."See what happens when you marry an English teacher!" Jeff said to me. Then
he turned to Mike. "Yes, lover that's what happens.""And I take it you never went there, of course!" Mike was grinning at Jeff."I might have. Perhaps a couple of times. Purely out of curiosity and long
before I met you." Jeff preteen gallery legal grinned back.I looked at Keith questioningly and he free preteen pussy looked back grinning, assuring me
that this was not going to devolve into an argument, the Mike and Jeff were
just having fun with each other. After all, Keith preteen underage video
had repeated the rule to
me about 'No Jealousy'. Evidently, Mike and Jeff had been together long
enough that this kind of bantering pretty much went on all the time. I
wondered if Keith and I would ever end up sounding like them. Maybe. I just
prayed that we'd stay together like Mike and Jeff did.The microwave buzzed and Mike pulled out plates for us. The food was
excellent and there was plenty of it! Keith told me Mike made dinner and I
complimented him on it and asked if he'd ever worked as a chef. He laughed
and blonde preteen
told me he'd tell me sometime forum sexy preteens how he'd been trained to cook.They asked me about my job in the Corps and what my plans were. They were
gentle about it, but it was the same preteen incest storie kind of grilling a prospective
'son-in-law' gets from parents. I'd been expecting it and it was a lot
nicer than I pics preteensex
figured it was going to be."Well...I had wanted to make the Corps my career, but I can already see
that ain't gonna work. I could boy preteen bbs
be transferred anywhere at any time. Now,
before I met Keith, that was just fine with me. But I preteen sarah model don't want to put
him through that and I don't want to go through it either! braless preteens
So I guess I'm
gonna get out when my enlistment is up. That's in about sixty days." I
said."So what are you gonna do?" Jeff asked."Damned if I know! I mean, there ain't much call for weapons experts out in
civilian life. And that's preteen nymphette nude
all I been trained for." I said."What about school? Trade school or even college?" Mike asked."Well...Trade school would be okay. I ain't cut out to be in college." I
said. "But I still gotta pay rent and eat while I do that.""No you don't." Jeff said."What do you mean?" I asked."Tack, didn't you hear Bulldog before? You're part of the family
now. You're Keith's lover. That makes you as much a part of the family as
he is. Unless you two are talking about living someplace else, this is your
home now. You don't have to pay rent or anything while you're going to
school and all of us pitch in to help family members pay for schooling. You
won't have to do that either." Jeff said.I guestbook bbs preteen sat there stunned! I had no idea how these guys felt about things! This
talk about 'family' was really serious!"But I can't ask you guys to do preteen xx that for me! You just met me!" I said."So what? You joined the family russ preteen
when you told Keith that you wanted to. You
did say you wanted to, didn't you?" Mike asked."Yeah. I did." I answered."Well...Dad did it for me and then we're all doing it for Keith. When you
learn a skill or trade and begin to make money, that will pay us all back
by enriching the family. Trust me. It will all work out." Mike said.And the funny thing is, I really felt like he was right. Things would work
out.The End of Chapter Twenty Six of MARINE HEROIf you liked the story, write me at If you'd like to
read more of my stories, I'd be glad to send you a listing of all my
stories on NIFTY (the ONLY place I post them) - just ask for the "story
list".I also have a NOTIFY LIST for readers who want to know when I post
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everything else. You can access it at if you did like the story - please consider making a donation to the
NIFTY website to keep it running and FREE!Thanks,RimPig

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