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Related post: Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:55:26 EDT
Subject: Making a New Pussyboy Making a New Pussyboy By Robby told Drew about the circle jerk during gym class. Apparently
the senior guys hung out after the last period gym class in the locker room
showers and had a circle jerk together. Robby told him that Juan Alonzo,
Rich Harding and Jason Stores, three of the top football jocks would be
there. He also said there were two or three other guys that joined in.
Robby was good friends kds pthc with Rich since they site pthc
had lived next door to each
other for many years. In fact they were best friends. Drew had always
envied his buddy's good relationship with the older guys. He knew all of
them from school, but had never been included in any of their activities
like Robby had. Now it seemed that he would get to join in for once,
though not in exactly an activity he had expected. Since he was in the
mixed gym class in the last period, he would easily be able to join up with
the guys. Gym class y pthc came and the guys horsed around, pthc child incest
playing scrimmage football
and a half court basketball game until the period ended. Since it was a
Friday and there were no sports practices that evening, the locker room
quickly cleared out. Robby had pulled Drew aside and they sat in a corner
talking and taking their time before heading to the showers. Finally, it
seemed as if all of the guys had left and the two teen studs made their way
to the back ranchi pthc sven
shower room with towels around their waists. It was the
original shower that had been installed when the gym was built. A later
addition had added a much larger shower that the guys mainly used, but the
smaller shower was still available in the back if the large one got
crowded. The old shower had eight shower heads, four down each wall and a
door at one end of the rectangular room. Robby got to the door and tried
to pull it open. It wouldn't move so he knocked - two short raps, a pause
and then three more quick raps. After a few seconds the door opened a
crack. Swirls of steam escaped from the room as a large black guy looked at
them from the narrow crack he had allowed to open in the doorway. "What do
you two want?" he demanded. The boy was Daryl Tenson. He played on the basketball team. He stood
a good six foot five and was wiry with long legs and arms. Robby said that
Rich had told them to come by after school. Daryl looked them over for a
few seconds, grunted, then opened the door the rest of the way. Robby
stepped inside first and Drew followed. His eyes bulged as he saw the long
black cock which was jutting up from Daryl's crotch. He had never seen
another guy's hard cock before and the sight fascinated him. He moved on
into the room and saw that Rich, Jason and Juan were all there. Drew then
saw another guy, Billy Green, standing there, slowly stroking his cock.
Drew saw that all the studs were naked, but not all fully erect or stroking
their meat like Billy. Billy was the captain of the wrestling team and was
one of the star athletes of the school, as were all of the rest of the
guys. Drew felt his cock stiffening under his towel and was embarrassed
and unsure what he was supposed to do. Robby went over and as he said hello to Rich, he pulled off his towel,
looping it onto one of the hooks on the wall. He turned around and Drew
saw his cock was already hard too. This gave him a bit more courage and he
stripped off his towel letting his cock spring up. He saw immediately that
his cock was longer than Robby's. Drew had measured his dick before and
knew he had a full 6 3/4 inches. Robby looked to be about an inch shorter.
However, as Drew looked at the other guys in the room, he realized that
they were all either equal to his length or longer. He watched and then
imitated Robby as he began to slowly stroke his cock. The older guys were
already beating their meat and the room was filled with low moans and sighs
as the guys worked their cocks. Drew didn't know which way to look. Jason looked incredibly handsome
to him, standing there next to Juan with his cock in his hand. It was
about the size of his own, around seven inches or so. Jason had his head
thrown back and his blond hair was darkened by the water from the shower.
Drew saw that he had a line of hair in the valley between his pecs which
narrowed as it ran down to pthc keywords his navel, then widened a little and continued
down to his crotch. It spread out there around his cock, darkening as it
did so. Juan's own hard cock was a bit longer than Jason's and appeared to
be the thickest in the room. The Latino boy stood sven board pthc cgi next to him and his
darker skin stood out not only against the whiteness of the tiles that
lined the shower room but against the creamy skin of Jason's body. Rich was almost hairless. He had always worn his hair in a military
cut since his father had been in the army. It was a dark brown or black,
but appeared lighter because it was so short. He had no hair on his chest
other than a few strands around his nipples. Drew could see through the
steam the clearly defined muscles of his chest and arm flexing as he worked
his cock. His cock was at least 8 inches from what Drew could tell. The
older youth had his eyes closed and was rapidly stroking his meat with his
left hand. Billy Green had a more hairy chest, but was by far the most
muscularly developed. His weight training and wrestling had certainly paid
off. Drew thought about pthc suck cock
all the times he had passed the weight room and
seen Billy in there, lifting and working out. He lost that train of
thought when he saw the guy's cock, though. It was longer than Rich's or
Juan's. Drew didn't even attempt to guess its size, he just stared at pthc porno child
long thick cock as Billy's slid up from the base to the flaring head, then
back down again. Finally, Drew tore his eyes away from the sight of the muscular
wrestler and looked next to him at Daryl. Daryl was standing only about a
foot away and Drew's jaw dropped when he saw the cock that the black kid
was wild orchids pthc working. He was using two hands to stroke the length of it and Drew
figured it must be a solid 8 inches. It was thinner than most of the other
guys' dicks, but on the black boy's lean, wiry body, it looked even bigger.
Drew found that his own hand was moving even faster now as he drank in the
sight of six of the hottest studs in the school stroking their meat. "All right fellas," Juan announced. "Hands off your meat and form up
a circle." Drew didn't know what was happening so he looked to Robby. Robby had
let go of his cock and was stepping forward, so Drew did the same. Soon
the boys were in a ring close together, their arms nearly brushing
together. "Now, since we've got the two new guys here, we're gonna change our
rules a little. Normally it is just grab the cock to your left and stroke
it until everyone has shot. But today is gonna be different. Today, the
first guy to shoot sucks off the rest." He looked around the room at all
of the guys. Drew was shocked. Suck another guy's cock? He wasn't a
cocksucker! But looking at the hot young males standing around him, he
felt that he was horny enough to go along with the idea if all of the rest
were too. Besides, he would love to feel a mouth on his cock. "Alright
guys. Let me hear you say it. If you don't want to abide by the pthc board girls pics
you can walk out now." Juan looked at all of them and Drew listened as
each of the guys agreed to the rules. Drew surprised himself by readily
voicing his own agreement. "Fine then," Juan said. "Anyone tries to be an
asshole and back out if they lose is gonna get the crap beat out of him."
There were murmurs of agreement. That meant that Daryl would be stroking his cock while he jerked off
Juan. Robby would be getting stroked Juan and would be working on his
buddy, Rich. Rich would have his hand on Billy's big dick and Daryl would
get stroked by Billy. Drew reached out for Juan's dark brown cock even as
he felt Daryl grip his own. He began to stroke the older boy's dick
quickly, trying to get the guy to cum. His own cock was alive with
sensation as the tall black boy first stroked it with a firm grip then
lightly ran his hand along Drew's length. Drew had never had another hand
on his cock and was amazed at how much better it felt compared to his own.
He felt his breathing begin to speed up and looked around at the rest of
the guys. All of them were stroking, and Drew was impressed by the looks
of pleasure on the stud's faces, especially Jason. He felt Daryl squeeze
his cock tightly and let out an involuntary moan. The guys all looked at
him and grinned. As he looked around he realized what was happening. They wanted him
to be the first to shoot so that he would be the one who had to suck all of
the guys' cocks. He increased his efforts on Juan's cock, trying to get
the hot Latino stud to cum first. He could hear groans coming from the
dark boy's chest as he worked the dark, thick cock, but suddenly he felt a
hand stroking his balls. The fingers rubbed lightly through the hair that
covered them and Drew felt them pull up to the base of his cock. With a
whimpering moan of pleasure, Drew began to cum. His hot cum shot from his
cock, landing on the tile floor several feet in front of him to be washed
away by the continued stream from the shower heads. His body involuntarily
raised itself onto tiptoes, fucking his cock into the hot black hand that
milked his dick. All too soon, it was over and Drew slumped back, his
shoulders sagging. He barely had time to register what happened next. To one side he
heard Juan snarl, "Get the cocksucker on his knees, dammit. He's got me
almost ready to shoot." From the other side, Daryl had grabbed his wrist
and twisted his arm behind his back. He felt Juan's hands on his
shoulders, forcing him to his knees and unresisting, he slowly sank into
that submissive position before the virile, excited young man. From this
vantage, he could see the long brown cock which stood up proudly from
Juan's crotch. He could also cgi board search pthc see that it curved slightly to the left. He felt pressure on the back of his head and realized that Juan had
grabbed his head with his left hand while aiming his cock at Drew's mouth
with his right. Drew struggled for a moment, a last attempt to stop what
was happening. "Be a man and live up to your word," Jason said. Drew stopped
struggling as he heard the handsome stud speak and realized he had agreed
to this. He also realized that the two studs had him at their mercy. As
Juan's brown cockhead rubbed his lips, leaving a trail of precum across
them, Drew looked around to see that the other guys had crowded around
close to watch. He was surrounded by jutting cocks. As the teen standing
over him forced his cock between Drew's lips, the last sight he saw was
Rich and Robby sharing a smirk. He knew then that he had been set up by
his best friend. "Holy shit, the kid is really doing it!" he heard. He wasn't sure who
made the comment. "Damn, you'd have never got me on my knees if I had been
the first to shoot." The voice sounded like Billy's but he wasn't sure.
Drew focused back on the cock which was going deeper into his mouth. It
felt hard as steel, but also soft and spongy - and hot! Drew could taste
the smoky musk of Juan's precum as it smeared across his tongue. He was
surprised that the taste wasn't bad. He had thought that it must taste
worse than anything in the world, but instead, he found the flavor of the
Latino's teen cock to be strangely appealing. The dark skinned stud in his mouth was close to cumming. Drew could
tell that immediately. He knew he had been working Juan's cock pretty hard
with his hand before Daryl had pthc info sites got him to shoot first. The head was
leaking large amounts of precum now and Drew's entire mouth was filled with
the taste as the dark skinned boy humped his face. Juan now had both hands
on the back of Drew's head and Daryl had released his arm. He knelt in
front of the Latino stud, sucking his cock without anyone forcing him to do
it. He reached down with his right hand and grabbed his own cock. He was
hard again already. He knew that the guys might make fun of him for this,
but he was beyond caring. His whole world was wrapped up the musky scent
of the stud's crotch that his face was buried in and the taste of cock and
semen. He also was feeling the tingling sensation in his own cock which he
recognized as a nearing orgasm. He slowed his stroking of his cock and
then let it go. He couldn't be on his knees with Juan's cock in his mouth
and shoot his load. They would never let him live it down. Instead, he began to run his hands over the muscular, well formed legs
of the dark youth abusing his mouth and throat. Juan had punched his cock
past the entrance to Drew's throat on his last thrust, choking the younger
boy on his dick. Juan had let out a loud moan as he worked his cock around
in small circles pthc nude pics
for a few seconds, feeling every inch of the muscles of
Drew's throat massaging his meat. All too soon for Juan, he was ready to
cum. Drew managed to tilt his head back which allowed him to look up and
see Juan's heaving chest, lightly covered with dark hairs. He couldn't see
the boy's face because Juan had thrown his head back as he began to shoot.
The first contraction caused Juan's body to shudder and he pulled his cock
back out of Drew's throat until it lay along his tongue. pthc kds illegal russian The following
twitches and contractions caused spurts of hot, salty sperm to coat Drew's
tongue and mouth, filling it completely. Drew didn't know what to do with
the thick hot fluid. He was sure that some of Juan's precum had ended up
in his belly in the last few minutes, but surely the guy didn't expect him
to swallow a whole mouthful of cum! Drew saw Juan look down at him.
Drew's cheeks were puffed out by the amount of cum he now held in daddy daughter pthc stories his mouth
and just the head of Juan's cock remained between his lips, preventing him
from spitting it out. "Swallow me, boy!" Juan ordered. Face reddening with shame and excitement, Drew swallowed, letting the
Latino stud's thick cum slide down his throat. "Goddam! He actually swallowed Juan's jizz! Jesus, that's gross
man!" "Yeah, well I want him to swallow mine!" With that act, he had surrendered to these hot studs. They had made
him into a cum swallowing cocksucker. Drew knew that there was no going
back now. As he swallowed again, taking even more of the Hispanic boy into
his belly, a feeling came over him. He was on his knees, his hands
massaging the muscular body of the teenager whose cum he was swallowing and
it felt right. He liked what he was doing and what Juan was doing in his
mouth. A wave of submission swept through him and he bobbed his head, lips
pressed tightly together to milk the last few drops of the boy's cum into
his mouth. Juan yanked his cock out of Drew's mouth. He was still hard, but he
knew that the other guys would want a crack at the new cocksucker before he
would be able to get a second chance. He looked down at the boy kneeling
submissively before him and saw the look of almost worship on his face as
Drew drank in the sight of the Latino youth standing dominantly above him.
Juan grinned. He had turned this hot little stud with the tight body into
a cocksucker. He could see it on the kid's face. He contemptuously rubbed
his hard cock all over the boy's face and felt the kid kissing it as his
did so. Juan's chest puffed up with pride. He had definitely made the kid
a cocksucker! A change had occurred in Drew as he sucked the older boy's cock. He
had never thought about guys in a sexual fashion before. He had always
admired the guys who were well developed, but that had just been normal
adolescent curiosity and comparison. Now, looking at the dark skinned
youth pthc elweb bbs whose cum he could still taste, Drew felt a definite sexual
attraction for the young man. He glanced around at the other guys, still
on his knees. On all sides, hard cocks pointed at him. He wanted nothing
more than to lean forward and take one of them in his mouth, compare the
taste of say, Rich's white cock with Juan's dark meat that he had just
savored. Just as he was about to do that, there was a knock on the door
and through his sexual haze, Drew could hear the voice of Mr. Brown, the
school janitor. All of the guys were now moving away from him, while he
still knelt there numbly on the floor with his hard-on raging between his
legs. There was a jingling of keys and just as the door began to vicky pthc torrents open,
Juan leaned down, grabbed him by the arm and yanked him to his feet. Cock
bobbing in front of him, Drew found himself shoved under a shower head
facing away from the door to the shower room. "Just finishing up, Mr. Brown," he heard Rich say. "Well make it fast boys. I gotta clean in here before I am through
for the day." He shut the door. "Shit!" Rich swore. "I wanted to get sucked off too. Dammit!" Drew was coming out of his daze a bit and the warm water from the
shower had caused his erection to soften some. Suddenly he turned around
and looked at the guys in the shower. They were all quickly rinsing off as
he ran his gaze across them. However, when he looked to Juan, he saw the
boy was staring directly at him. As he watched, Juan ran his tongue over
his lips suggestively. Drew blushed a bright red and grabbed his towel.
As he quickly left the shower room he heard Juan chuckling behind him and
the words came softly. "See you again soon, cocksucker." Drew dressed quickly, forcing his semi-hard cock into his shorts and
then sliding into his jeans. None of the other guys had come out of the
shower yet as he pulled on his shirt and shoes and made his way quickly out
of the locker room. He got out of the school as fast as he could and
started the walk to his house.
************ Drew unlocked the front door and let himself into his house. Since
both his parents worked, he always had the place to himself in the
afternoons. Often, Robby would come over and they would shoot pool in the
basement or just hang out together. If it was warm enough they would swim
in the pool in the backyard. Today however, Drew just made his way to his
bedroom and threw himself onto his bed on his back. He lay there for a few
moments, not thinking about anything before his mind took him back to the
showers in the locker room. He remembered the feel of Juan's hard cock in
his hand and then the taste of his cock and cum in his mouth. The thought
of the handsome dark skinned boy standing dominantly over him was turning
him on and Drew felt his cock getting hard in his shorts. He let his right
hand slide down his flat belly to his jeans and popped open the buttons. Drew slid his hand into his shorts and gripped his cock. He
remembered the feel of Daryl's hand stroking his meat and immediately began
to jerk himself off wildly. He wanted to cum. He had wanted to cum since
he had swallowed the Latino boy's sperm back in the shower. With a few
more strokes, Drew brought himself off, moaning loudly and body arched onto
heels and shoulders. The picture in his mind as he shot was one of
himself, on his knees with Juan's dick shooting in his mouth and the other
horny studs watching him swallow the thick hot cum. Drew relaxed, collapsing on the bed. Now that his orgasm had passed
he felt embarrassed again that he had so easily submitted to Juan's use of
his mouth. How would he ever face the guys again? How would he ever talk
to Robby again? Then the memory of the look that Robby and Rich had shared
as Drew sucked Juan's cock came back to him. He couldn't have been set up
by his best friend to be the group's cocksucker. Could he? Drew was more
confused than before, but once again the thought of Juan's hard cock in his
hand and then in his mouth had his own cock lengthening along his belly and
into the pool of cum that he had just shot there. As he almost
involuntarily reached for his meat again, the phone rang. He leaned over and grabbed the phone before the second ring. "Hello?" vicky pthc bondage torrents "You 2006 hxxp pthc
left pretty fast, buddy," Robby said. "All the rest of the guys
finished jacking off before they left. I did too. Would have liked to
have done something else though." "Well, that was a one time thing man. I didn't know what you all were
setting me up for, but it's not gonna happen again." "Setting you up? What are you talking about? You lost and you
sucked. Plain and simple. Though to be honest, I'd never have sucked any
of their cocks if I had been the first one to cum. Doesn't matter though.
What's done is done. You may not think you're gonna do it again, but Juan
was talking like he was gonna get your mouth again real soon. He kept
saying that he wanted to add more to the load that is already in ya." "Well it's not gonna happen!" Drew said heatedly. "Daryl and Juan
forced me to do it." "Hey buddy, stay cool. Nobody forced you. I was watching and when the
guys let go you didn't try to get away or stop. No big deal. Listen, man,
my mom is driving me crazy. How about I come over and we shoot some pool?" "Well...." "Great! Be there in five minutes." Drew listened to the dial tone for a second before hanging up the
phone. His cock was still semi hard and he wanted to shoot another load,
but figured he probably didn't have the time. He grabbed a t-shirt and
wiped the cum from his chest and belly, then went into the bathroom. He
quickly scrubbed himself clean. It was warm so he threw on a pair of
shorts and red t-shirt and went downstairs for a coke. He was drinking it
when the doorbell rang. Drew got up and went to the front door. He was
surprised to see not only Robby standing there when he opened the door, but
Rich also. The handsome teenager wore a pair of cutoff jeans and a tank
top shirt. Drew could see the edges of his nipples from the way the shirt
hung across the boy's thickly muscled chest. He quickly switched his
glance away from Rich and settled it on Robby's face. "I ran into Rich when I left my house and told him I was coming over
here to shoot pool. He said that sounded like fun, so I asked him to join
us. We can play cutthroat." Drew had never had Rich in his house before and it occurred to him
that it was awfully convenient that Robby had "run into him" on his way
over, but he didn't have time to object as the two young studs pushed their
way into his house. Drew offered them cokes, which they accepted and then
they went into the basement where the pool table was located. Drew had
noticed that Rich had been giving him strange looks but he decided to
ignore them. He was going to stick by what he told Robby earlier. He had
sucked Juan because Daryl and Juan had forced him, but he wasn't going to
do it anymore. No matter what Juan or any of the other guys thought. Robby racked the balls and Rich took the first shot. Drew found
himself unwillingly admiring the older youth's physique. He was a very
well proportioned boy from the sports he played and the exercise he did to
keep in shape. As he leaned over the table to shoot, Drew couldn't help
noticing how his shirt pulled up in the back and exposed some of Rich's
muscular back and hot ass. Drew forced himself to think about the game.
However, when Robby took the second shot, the same thoughts ran through
Drew's mind about his friend. Drew missed his shot because of his
distraction and soon found himself eliminated from the game. "Well, you lose again, Drew," Rich said. "What do you mean?" Drew asked. "Just like in the showers in the locker room today. You lost then and
you lost now." "Well so what! I'm not gonna do anything like what happened earlier,
so just forget it!" "I think you're wrong about that, cocksucker," Rich said quietly.
"You're gonna do whatever we tell you to do." Drew looked to Robby for support, but the large bulge in Robby's
shorts told him that his friend was in league with Rich and wasn't going to
help him. He decided not to give in and stand his ground. "Like hell I am. This is my house, guys. I don't do anything in here
that I don't want to do." "That shouldn't be a problem, boy. I watched you sucking off Juan in
the showers. The other guys night not have seen how hard you got when he
filled your mouth with his cum, but I did. I can't believe any guy would
actually suck the juice from another guy's balls, but watching you showed
me that not only will you do it - you like doing it. Now, since we know
you're a cocksucker, why don't we just get down to business." Rich's hand
was now openly massaging the huge lump in his crotch. "I'm not a cocksucker!" Drew protested. "You got on your knees and sucked Juan," Robby pointed out. Drew shot
his friend a venomous glance. "Hey, that's the definition of a cocksucker,
Drew," Robby continued, trying to sound innocent. "Daryl twisted my arm and made me do it." "Like hell," Rich replied. "He did twist your arm, but I watched you
when Juan put his hands on your shoulders. You sank to your knees like a
bitch in heat and took his cock without one word of protest. Daryl let go
of your arm and you kept sucking Juan. He shot his load in your mouth and
you fucking _swallowed_ his sperm. That makes you a cocksucker, boy. As
Robby said - by definition." Drew suddenly noticed that Rich had moved close to his right side and
that Robby had moved around the pool table to stand on his left. "I don't
care what you think. I'm not a cocksucker and I'm not gonna suck you
either!" "Yes, you are," Rich said, again his voice going very quiet. Drew felt his right arm grabbed by webcam 12 pthc Rich as Robby grabbed his left.
Robby and Drew were about the same height - right about 5 foot 11 inches.
In a fair fight, Robby might easily have come out the loser, but Rich was
involved. Rich stood about 2 inches taller than Robby and Drew and his two
years extra growth showed in his muscles and strength. He easily pinned
Drew's arm behind him, much as Daryl had done earlier in the showers.
Robby was free to use both hands on his left arm and Drew quickly found
himself being held by the boys, at their mercy. Rich reached out with his free hand and began to rub Drew's chest.
Robby just looked on with keen interest. Rich found Drew's right nipple
and pinched it through the red cotton of his shirt. The sensation was
unexpectedly pleasurable, and Rich increased the pressure until Drew's
moans gave away his enjoyment of this treatment. Then he moved to the left
nipple cp sites pthc
and did the same. When he was finished, both of Drew's nipples
stood out hard beneath the material of his shirt. "You ready to do what I tell you, cocksucker?" "Fuck you, Rich," he said weakly, trying to resist even though his
cock was now rock hard. "Nope, I don't think he's ready. I'll have to take steps now." Rich
suddenly grabbed the neck of Drew's shirt and ripped it from his body,
exposing his hairless chest and erect nipples. The shirt split along the
seams across the shoulders and Rich was able to easily pull it completely
free of the Drew's upper body. Using his own body to hidden illegal pthc
force Drew around, he
bent him over the pool table, his arms still twisted up behind his back.
He used the tattered remains of the shirts to securely tie Drew's wrists
behind him, then allowed the boy to stand up and turn around again. "I know you know how to please a guy without using your hands, so this
shouldn't be any problem." Rich looked at the boy standing in front of
him. "I can see that you like what we're doing to you." Rich nodded at
Drew's crotch. pthc girl young
Drew glanced down and was embarrassed to see that his cock
was clearly visible to the guys due to the rough treatment and tying of his
hands. There was pthc fourm
no way to hide it either. Drew strained to pull his
wrists apart and free himself, but it was no use. Rich had tied him too
securely. Drew's entire body twitched as he felt Robby's hand on his crotch.
"Yeah, he's hard all right, Rich. You were right when you said he'd like
what we're doing to him. Damn cocksucker gets off on pthc alyssa being tied up by two
real men." Drew felt Robby unzipping his shorts and then forcing them down his
legs. Now only his white jockeys were between him and the two boys taking
advantage of him. And his hard cock was clearly outlined behind the cotton
material. There was no denying that the treatment he was getting from Rich
and Robby was turning him on. With a quick yank by Robby, Drew's underwear
joined his shorts around his ankles. He now stood naked before the two
boys, hands tied behind his back and hard cock standing out in front of
him. Rich took a step back and let his eye run up and down Drew's body. He
let out a low whistle. "He's got a nice body, Robby. I'm gonna enjoy
using it." "Me too, Rich." Drew knew that he had no way out of his situation. As he watched,
Rich stripped off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. Drew couldn't
help but admire the older boy's muscled chest and looked with particular
interest at Rich's nipples. He knew the feelings that Rich had caused in
him by playing with his nipples and wondered if he would get a chance to do
the same to Rich. But, he realized, with his hands tied behind his back
there was no way to do any of that to Rich. He quickly found that he was
mistaken. Even as Robby was stripping off his own shirt, Rich grabbed Drew
behind the head and pulled his face to his chest. Drew wasn't sure what
the older boy wanted. Then he heard the command, "Use your tongue,
faggot!" Drew began to lick the older boy's chest. He started in the center
but Rich grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled his head to his right
nipple. Drew lapped at the youth's nipple and felt it start to harden
under his tongue. "Suck on it!" Rich ordered. "Damn! I can't believe he's really doing it!" Robby said as Drew
submissively sucked on Rich's nipple. Rich pulled his head across his
chest and Drew gave the same attention to the left nipple. Drew could feel
the older boy's heartbeat as he mouthed the guy's chest. Rich pulled him
by the hair until Drew had licked every inch of his chest, then allowed the
boy to stand up straight again. Drew's lips were coated with his own spit
and his breath was coming in gasps as he looked at the two young men who
were in control of him. Robby was rubbing his cock through his shorts and
as Drew watched, Rich reached down and opened his own shorts. They fell to
his ankles and Rich kicked them away. He wasn't wearing any underwear and
his long, thick cock stood up proudly from its nest of dark brown pubic
hair. "This is what you really want, isn't it Drew? Take a good look at it,
boy." Drew looked down at the powerful throbbing cock. It was already
dripping precum at the piss slit and Drew felt a wave of desire run through
him. "Tell me what you want to do, boy. Tell me what you magical pthc
want to do with
my cock." Drew mumbled an unintelligible answer. "Look at me!" Rich commanded. Drew looked up and into the older youth's eyes. "Tell me what you
want to do with my cock, faggot." "I want to suck it, Rich." "Guys like you should call guys like me "Sir", got that?" "Yes sir." Drew replied. "Good. Now tell me everything you want to do with my cock, boy." "I want to suck your cock, sir. I want to take it in my mouth and
lick it and suck it sir." "And my cum? What are you gonna do when I fill your mouth with my
sperm, boy?" "I'll swallow it, Sir. I will drink your cum, sir." "Then get on your knees boy!" Drew dropped to his knees in front of the older boy. He was going to
suck Rich's cock. His mind had now fully accepted what he was and what he
liked. He wanted to take Rich in his mouth and make the older guy feel
good. He wanted to make him cum. pthc bbs young
To hear him gasp and moan and then taste
the salty reward. He leaned forward, mouth open and tongue stretched
towards Rich's wet cockhead. "I didn't hear you ask, cocksucker!" Rich said. Drew looked up, confused. "What, Sir?" "You want to suck my cock then you ask me for it. Understand?" "Yes, Sir." Drew looked back to the throbbing cock only inches from
his face. "May I suck your cock, sir?" Being made to ask for what both
boys wanted further reinforced Rich's domination over the younger boy. He
had made Drew put into words his desire for Rich's dick. His conversion
into a cocksucker was complete. "Yes, cocksucker. Go for it." Drew leaned forward and lapped at the cockhead, catching the dripping
precum and savoring the taste of hussyfan pthc r ygold
the older boy. Rich tasted good and Drew
closed his mouth around the cock, slowly sinking his lips further and
further down the length of the shaft. "He's really doing it! Damn, Rich, you were right. He is a
cocksucker!" Robby shucked off his own shorts and underwear so that he
stood naked next to Rich. Drew glanced quickly at his best friend's cock
before devoting his entire attention to the meat in his mouth. He used his
tongue to lap at the head each time he pulled up on the dick and tasted the
youth's lube as it oozed from his cock. Rich reached down and put both of
his hands on Drew's head, guiding him up and down his cock. Then Rich's
grip tightened and he held the boy's head in place. He began to thrust his
hips, fucking his cock into the boy's mouth. Rich liked this much better than just letting the boy suck on his
meat. It gave him a feeling of power over the kid to be using his mouth
like some girl's pussy. Hell, the girlfriends that he had would never let
him fuck their mouths like this. He realized that there were still about
two inches of his cock that the guy wasn't taking. He tightened his grip
more teen child models pthc
and gave a powerful thrust of his hips. He grinned as he forced his
cock into Drew's throat. Rich held his cock there, enjoying the feel of
the spasming muscles of the boy's throat working on his cock. He could
tell now why Juan had shot his load so fast. He looked down to see Drew's
eyes bulging a bit. He pulled back and heard the kid suck in air through
his nose. Then he rammed forward again. It was heaven to Rich. He was long-dicking the cocksucker's mouth and
every inch of his cock was getting serviced. Rich set up a pace and fucked
Drew's mouth mercilessly. At one point, Drew's teeth scraped pthc liluplanet info
along the
sensitive underside of his cock and Rich ordered the boy to cover his teeth
with his lips. This made his mouth fucking even easier. Rich fucked
Drew's mouth until he felt the tingling in his cock and balls that signaled
he was going to cum. Grabbing Drew by the hair, he yanked the kid's head
off his cock and forced it down between his legs. The cocksucker didn't
even need to be told. He immediately began licking and sucking on Rich's
hairy balls. Rich enjoyed this new sensation for another minute or two
before sliding his dick back between the submissive boy's lips. Drew took
the entire length of Rich's cock and knelt there, allowing the boy to use
his mouth however he wanted. With a loud moan, Rich began to cum. He
pulled his cock back until just the head was in Drew's mouth. He wanted
Drew to get a good taste of his sperm. Drew heard the moan and felt the cock in his mouth throbbing. It
began to expand and contract even as Rich pulled back and the first jet of
cum landed on his tongue. It was quickly followed by more hot sperm
straight from the jock's balls. Drew let it collect in his mouth. Rich's
gasps and moans continued for another moment until he was finally spent.
Drew felt a last dribble of cum enter his mouth before Rich pulled his cock
out. He felt the yank on his hair that tilted his head up so that he was
looking the muscular jock in the eye. "Now swallow my sperm like a good cocksucker!" Rich ordered.
Submissively, Drew swallowed the cum in his mouth, taking his second man's
load into himself. "Good boy," Rich said and patted him on the cheek. He
stepped away from the kneeling boy. Robby was in front of him almost immediately, his hard cock rubbing
against Drew's lips. He rammed his dick into the kneeling boy's mouth and
began to fuck. It took almost no time before Robby's breath was coming in
great gasps and he began to moan. Drew just swallowed his best friend's
cum as quickly as the boy could pump it into his mouth. Robby pulled his
cock from Drew's mouth and milked it with his hand a few times. A pearly
bead of cum appeared at the end. "Lick it up!" Robby demanded. Drew leaned forward and licked the last of his friend's sperm from his
cock, swallowing it as well. Robby stepped back from his friend, a smug
and satisfied expression on his face. He went over to sit with Rich on the
couch. Rich had watched the quick facefuck that Robby had given to his
buddy and his cock was hardening again. The two boys looked at the
cocksucker, still kneeling next to the pool table. Drew's hard cock was
hard and throbbing and a drop of precum glistened on the end of it. Drew
wanted nothing more than to grab his cock and stroke himself to orgasm,
even if Rich and Robby watched him pthc dark porn do it. But with his arms tied behind
him, he could do nothing except suffer in sexual frustration while the two
sated boys discussed what to do next with him. Drew turned his attention
to what they were saying. "I'm gonna do it," Rich said. "Juan got his cherry mouth. That only
leaves one more cherry to bust. I've never taken a guy's virginity before
and I'm not gonna miss this opportunity to do it." "How will he be able to take it?" Robby asked. "You just use some spit and shove hard. Don't worry, he'll take it." Drew was somewhat confused. He hadn't been paying attention when Rich
and Robby first started discussing him, but take it where? Comprehension
suddenly dawned on him. Rich was going to fuck him! That's what he meant
by busting his cherry and taking his virginity. Rich wanted to shove his
cock in his ass and fuck him! The thought scared Drew. There was no way
to stop Rich with his hands tied behind him and he knew that Robby wouldn't
help him. What scared him even more was that the thought of this muscular
jock fucking him up the butt just caused his cock to throb harder. "No, please Rich. Don't do that to me. I sucked your cock! I'll
suck you again! But please don't fuck me! Your cock is too big! It will
never fit! Please, let me suck you!" Rich smiled. "See? He's already begging to suck me again, just like
a good cocksucker. Get over here boy." As Drew began to stand Rich said,
"Stay on your knees, faggot!" Drew crossed the room on his knees to the two boys on the couch. He
saw that they were both hard again. He stopped in front of Rich, unsure of
what to do next. Both boys looked at him. Rich moved his foot out and
brushed it along Drew's throbbing cock. The feeling sent a shiver of
pleasure through Drew's body. "Now look what you did," Rich said. "You got your lube on my foot,
faggot. Clean it off!" Drew knew that there was only one way to do that, so he leaned over
and began to lick up his own precum from Rich's foot. After he had cleaned
it up, he looked back up at the boy who was dominating him so totally.
Rich had a big grin on his face. "You like kissing my feet, boy? No use
denying it. Your cock says that you do." Drew turned red from the humiliation. Not only had this jock cum in
his mouth, he had him kissing and licking his feet. Drew stood when Rich
ordered him and turned around at his command. He felt Rich pulling at the
shirt daughter abuse pthc
which bound his wrists and then felt the material come free. He
turned back around, massaging his wrists. He wanted guide pthc cp pthc desperately to stroke
his cock and shoot a load, but didn't want these two guys to know how
turned on he was. His cock continued to throb and leak precum as he stood
before the two studs. Rich noticed this. "You've already leaked some more lube there on your cock, boy. Why
don't you reach down, scoop it up with your finger and lick your finger
clean." cp xxx pthc Drew hesitated. He wanted to tell this guy to just fuck off and run
for the stairs, but he also wanted to suck the guy's cock again. He knew
that to get Rich's cock, he would have to obey his toddler pthc
commands. The two
desires warred in his head for a minute, while Rich sat, watching
impassively. Robby was slowly stroking his cock, and sat next to Rich
waiting to see how his best friend would react to Rich's domination. Robby
hadn't been sure about setting up his best buddy in the showers like that,
but after seeing Drew on his newsgroups pthc
knees in front of Juan, obviously loving
sucking the guy's cock, he knew Rich had been right about Drew. He was a
born cocksucker. He also watched Drew's face and saw when submission to
the older youth won in Drew's mind. Robby grinned broadly when Drew's hand
went to his cock, wiped up the precum and then moved up to his mouth. "He must really like the taste of that shit," Robby said to Rich. "Yeah, these cocksuckers. Once they get a taste of cum, they can't
get enough." "Too bad Juan's not here for some more," Robby said. "Well, _some_ of Juan is here," Rich said with a wink, and nodded at
Drew's tight stomach. "Old Juan is gonna be inside this cocksucker
forever, just like both of us are now." Drew flushed again at hearing himself called a cocksucker, but said
nothing. He merely stood there, head bowed, waiting for the next command
from Rich. Instead, Robby issued a command of his own. "Get on your knees and suck my cock again, Drew." Robby spread his
legs and sat back on the couch. Drew immediately dropped to his knees
between the boy's legs and leaned over his cock. He captured it in his
mouth and began board pthc cgiworld daphne to bob his head, running it up and down Robby's thick
shaft. He listened to the boy moaning above him and saw Rich shift his
position on the couch to watch him suck. Drew used the tricks that he was
learning to bring Robby off as quickly as he could. He rubbed gently along
Robby's hairy ball sack until he felt it draw up to the base of his cock.
Robby's body stiffened after a few minutes of concentrated effort by Drew
and grunts punctuated the spurts of cum which filled his mouth. Once
again, he swallowed his best friend's cum. Drew milked Robby's dick with
his lips a few times to get every drop of his buddy's sperm, then pulled
his head off Robby's meat. Drew sat back on his heels, awaiting his next
order. "Time for you to suck me again, boy," Rich said. Drew obediently took
the jock's dick into his mouth, deep throating the long cock. However,
Rich stopped him before he came. He pulled kds pthc pics Drew's face off his cock and
stood up. Drew didn't know what to expect. "Move forward and bend over the couch." Drew did as he was commanded, scooting forward on his knees and
placing his chest on the seat of the couch between Rich and Robby. He
briefly wondered what the jock had in mind. Suddenly, he felt Rich drop
heavily to his knees behind him. Rich's legs were between Drew's own and
he felt Rich use them to spread his legs wider. Drew knew now what Rich
planned and began to raise himself up. Rich planted a hand between Drew's
shoulder blades and firmly pushed him back down. At the same time, he
moved closer to the struggling boy. Drew could feel Rich's cock against
his ass now. He began to struggle harder, but Rich pinned first his right
wrist, then his left to the couch and lowered his chest onto the boy's
back. Drew was now pinned by the jock's superior position and strength.
He felt Rich's cock, slippery with his own spit, slide into the crack of
his ass. "No please," he begged. "Please don't do this to me. I'll suck you
off! I'll do anything you want! Please!" Drew could feel Rich's hard nipples against pthc 13yrs
his back now. The older
boy used his weight and strength to keep the cp pthc imgboard
struggling boy in place as he
lined up his cock. He moved his mouth up next to Drew's ear. "You'll do anything I want?" Rich asked softly. "Yes," Drew said. "This is what I want. Just relax and it'll be a lot easier on you.
All you cocksuckers want it up the ass, so just relax and let your buddy
Rich pop your cherry, boy. You're gonna take my cock, one way or the
other, so you might as well get used to the idea." Drew struggled harder. "That's fine then faggot. Fight me. That will make it that much more
enjoyable to beat you and then put it to you and make you love it - just
like you love it in your mouth." Rich's cock was now pushing against Drew's hole. Drew could feel it
there, but no matter how hard he struggled to break free, Rich kept him
pinned. He could hear Robby chuckling on the couch next to him. He could
still taste the boy's sperm he realized, but the thought fled his mind as
Rich finally got his cock into position. He felt nude teenmodel pthc
the first shove and
clamped down hard, trying to keep out Rich's cock. "It'll be easier on you if you just relax, faggot. That's your last
warning. What you do now is up to you, but I am gonna pop your cherry,
boy. I'm gonna turn your ass into a pussy and by the time I'm done you'll
know who's the man and who's the boy here." Rich thrust his hips forward. He felt the tight lips of Drew's ass
slowly spreading and grinned. With a rough shove, Rich pushed through the
barrier and lodged the head of his cock inside Drew's hot tight ass. "NOOOO! Oh, god, please! It hurts! Please take it out!" Drew cried
out brokenly. "It's too big! AHHH!" "Oh, it's not too big, pussyboy. You'll get used to it. Besides,
that is just the head. I've got about eight more inches that needs to get
up inside you." Tears were streaming down Drew's cheeks as he felt Rich thrust forward
again. His muscles strained against Rich's but he couldn't break free. He
tried to twist and turn, but Rich relentlessly shoved his cock forward,
impaling him on it. All of the muscles in Drew's body stood out as he
tried to stop Rich's penetration. But it was no use. The jock thrust
forward again and Drew felt the other male's inches slide into him. Drew
buried his face in the cushion, not wanting either of the guys to see pthc in school uniform his
tears. Rich was almost fully inside him now and was moving very slowly
forward. The incredible pain of losing his virginity was slowly fading.
Drew sucked in a huge breath of air, still feeling Rich's hot skin
seemingly pressed everywhere against him. He thought of what he must look
like, on his knees bent onto the couch with Rich so close behind and on top
of him that it would be obvious he was being fucked. The thought flashed
into his mind and his cock began to harden again. Drew turned his head and saw pthc preadolescence sex his best friend rapidly stroking his cock
as he watched this jock fuck him up the ass. Finally he felt the
scratching of Rich's pubic hair against his ass and knew that the boy had
all of his cock inside him. Defeated, he collapsed onto the couch, no
longer fighting the youth who was buried eight inches deep inside his guts.
His ass still burned from the stretching that Rich's cock had caused, but
he accepted that too. The older youth had beaten him and forced his cock
up inside him exactly as he said he would. As he lay there with the older
male on his back, he could feel the stud's heartbeat in the throbbing cock
in his ass. "That's right, boy. Your ass is now a pussy. You're being fucked by
a man, boy." Rich put his pthc pedo sex mouth next to Drew's ear and whispered. "Feel
my cock in you." Rich gave a small back and forth hump. "Feel it fucking
you deep inside." He thrust again. "That's me you're feeling inside you,
pussyboy. You've got a real man up inside you. I've popped your cherry
now, boy. You'll never forget this as long as you live. Every time you
see Juan, you'll remember he was the first guy to cum in your mouth, but
every time you see me, you'll remember the feel of me taking your virgin
ass and making you into a pussyboy while your best friend watched." Drew's mind had shut down when the pain of Rich's penetration first
flowed through him. Now, as the older boy whispered in his ear and slowly
fucked his ass, he began to respond again. He could feel Rich's cock
moving inside him and the pain which had been so great moments before was
now almost gone. He kept hearing Rich whispering to him that he was a
pussyboy, that he had been made to suck cocks, swallow cum and get fucked.
He was put on the earth to please men like him, submit to them sexually and
in any way that they desired. Now Rich was moving his cock more inside
him, pulling the long shaft out until just the head remained inside his
ass. No, inside his pussy. It left him feeling empty, then the wonderful
thickness would slide back into him, filling him up again. Robby had watched the transformation as it played itself out on his
friend's face. He saw the agony of the first penetration, then the
submission to Rich. Now he saw Drew begin to respond to getting Rich's
cock up his butt. Robby was amazed, but it appeared that Drew actually
liked what the jock was doing to him! He saw that Drew's eyes were now
focused on his own cock and he listened to the small whimpers that escaped
from Drew's lips as Rich began to fuck him harder. He had heard what Rich
whispered into his friend's ear as he popped his cherry and could see the
acceptance on Drew's face. Drew looked at Robby, still sitting next to him on the couch. His
friend's cock was hard again and Drew longed to take it in his mouth and
coax the boy into shooting another hot load down his throat. But he was
still pinned under the stud who was fucking his ass and couldn't move to
suck his buddy. Rich was panting now, his thrusts coming as fast as he
could hump. He began pulling pedo pthc hardcore children
back until his entire cock was out of Drew's
butt, then penetrating him completely again. Then Rich sank his cock as
deeply as it would go and pulled Drew up until he was kneeling in front of
the couch. The cock up inside him pressed against his pthc imgboards guts as he
straightened and Drew moaned deeply. Rich yanked his cock out and pushed
the now totally submissive boy onto the floor. He rolled Drew onto his
back and lifted his legs onto his shoulders. "Look at me!" Rich ordered. Drew looked up at Rich and when best pthc amateur movie
their eyes met, Rich rammed his cock
back into the boy. Drew whimpered again as he was penetrated, but erotic pthc stories
took the
hard fucking without protest. Robby got off the couch and moved over to
where he could see Rich fuck his buddy better. He was stroking his meat
again, but was careful not to go too fast. He wanted to fuck Drew's ass
when Rich was finished. Drew stared into the eyes of the teenage stud who was dominating him
in a way he had never dreamed he could be dominated and felt the boy's cock
running in and out of his ass. pthc pics teens
He had relaxed completely when he had been
defeated, now he clamped his ass muscles on the thick cock impaling him.
Rich let out a groan of pleasure. rapidshare pthc download Sweat had broken out all over Rich's body as he worked to fuck the guy
beneath him into submission. "That's right, boy. Work that pussy. Make
your man's cock feel good. Ohhhh, yeah, baby. You got the tightest hole
I've ever fucked. It's gonna be a pleasure using you. You've got a nice
deep throat bbs pthc forum and a talented boypussy, faggot. Yeah, boy. I'm getting
close. Gonna cream in you soon. Once that happens you'll never be the
same, boy. Oh yeah, I'm almost there! Take it faggot! Take it!" Rich's body twitched and shook as he shot his thick load into Drew.
His muscles all tensed and Drew admired the jock's beautiful, muscled body
even as the boy began to cum in him. Drew could feel the cock pulsating
inside him and knew now that his conversion was complete. He had been
fucked up the ass by a man and the man had shot his sperm inside him. His
ass was a pussy now. He knew that Rich was right. He would never look at
him again without remembering this moment, the look of pleasure on Rich's
face and the feel of his thick cock pumping his sperm into him. He looked
Rich in the eye as the jock pumped the last of his load into him, then
dropped his gaze to the sweaty chest of the boy rutting in him. Rich
collapsed onto Drew's chest, letting his legs drop. He lay there panting
for a few minutes before raising himself off his new sex toy. As he pulled
his cock slowly out of the boy beneath him, Drew quietly said, "Thank you
Sir." Rich rolled to the side onto his back and lay panting for a second.
He watched as Robby moved quickly between his best friend's legs. Drew
just lay there submissively and let his friend lift and spread his legs and
line up his cock at his hole. Robby spit on the head of his cock and was
getting ready to spit again when Rich stopped him. "That's enough. Just enough to coat the head. That'll get you in.
Since you're taking sloppy seconds, my cum will lube your rod once it's
inside. But sex pthc free
this way the faggot will feel you sliding in him a lot more." Robby nodded to Rich, then began to force his cock into the boy
beneath him. Drew struggled a bit, but Robby quickly pinned his arms to
the floor above him to hold him in place. With a mighty thrust of his
hips, Robby sank all of his cock into his friend's ass. He let out a moan
that was drowned out by Drew's cry of pain as the muscles of Drew's ass
grabbed at his cock and massaged it. It was heaven! It felt so much
better than just being sucked off. Now he was in complete control. He
could hump as hard and fast or soft and slow as he wanted. As he began to
hump his buddy's ass, he looked down into Drew's eyes. He saw again the
submission in the boy's face. Rich was right. Drew was a cocksucking, cum
loving faggot. That thought alone brought Robby nearly over the edge. He
slowed his thrusts. He wanted this to last. He was now the powerful man
and Drew the submissive boy. He looked over for Rich, but saw that he was
gone. The light was on in the bathroom so Robby returned his attention to
the boy he was fucking. "You like this, don't you?" he asked. "Yes, Robby. I like having you fuck me." "Yeah, you're a pussyboy, just like Rich said. And now I'm the man
fucking your pussy, boy!" Robby yanked his cock out of Drew. "Roll over!"
he demanded. Drew rolled over onto his stomach spreading his legs again for the
teenaged male kneeling behind him. "Now up on your hands and knees, Drew.
I wanna take you like a dog." Drew pulled his legs under him and got onto his hands and knees. He
hung his head, knowing that Robby would mount him again in seconds. He
could see Robby's legs and hard cock moving closer behind him as he looked
past his own throbbing meat. Drew moaned as Robby's large cock penetrated
him and watched as Robby's balls slapped against his own. Robby grabbed
Drew's head by the hair and pulled it up as he slid his meat into the boy. "Yeah, take it bitch! Take every fucking inch!" Robby held onto
Drew's hair as he pounded the boy's ass furiously. Drew whimpered as his
best friend fucked him and yanked on his hair. Then Robby let go of his
head and Drew let it drop again. He felt Robby hunch over him, his
muscular chest against his back. Drew watched Robby's leg muscles working
to thrust his cock again and again into his ass. He felt Robby's teeth on
his neck and moaned as the boy nibbled, then bit harder. Robby's arms were
under Drew's chest and his hands were rompl pthc lsm bbs
clamped onto the boy's shoulders to
hold him in place for the fuck. Robby moved his left hand to Drew's lips
and the boy submissively let him probe his mouth with his fingers. Then
Robby's hand moved down Drew's body. Robby thrust his cock all the way into Drew and held it there. He
began to run his hands along Drew's chest, over his bulging pecs and to his
nipples. He pinched both of Drew's nipples and grinned as he heard the boy
moan. "You like that, don't you? You like my big cock stuffed up inside you
and me playing with your body. Yeah, you're a pussyboy all right, just
like Rich said." Drew could feel Robby's dick throbbing deep inside his guts. He
thought that allowing these boys to cum in his mouth and then fuck him was
the most humiliating thing he had done, but now Robby was pawing at his
body kdz bdsm pthc
like he owned it. Robby was rubbing his hands on him, pinching his
nipples and probing his mouth, while his cock was deep inside him. He felt
completely owned by his horny teenage buddy now. Drew felt Robby's hand
run across the muscles of his abdomen and brush his cock. His whole body
twitched. "That's what you should do, Robby," Rich said. He was standing a few
feet away, slowly stroking his hard pthc board cgiworld cock as he watched Robby fuck his best
friend's ass and play with his body. "Make him cum with your cock up
inside him. Pussyboys should cum when they get fucked." Robby grabbed Drew's cock with his right hand. Drew's entire body
twitched at the contact. Robby began to stroke his buddy's cock and pump
his own dick in and out of the boy at the same time. Drew knew he was
close to cumming. The whole treatment that he had gotten at the hands of
Rich and his best friend, having sucked the hot Latino in the showers while
the other guys watched and then being fucked in the ass by the boys was too
much. He threw back his head and bucked his body, driving Robby's cock
even deeper into himself and began to cum. Robby could feel the boy
cumming and quickly pthc avi rapidshare covered the head of Drew's cock with his hand. The
muscles of Drew's ass clamped tightly onto Robby's throbbing cock and he
let out a moan of pleasure to match the one coming from Drew's throat. His
cock throbbed deeply inside Drew's body and he began kds cp pthc to cum. Rich stood
and watched as Drew and Robby came at the same time. Robby in Drew's ass
and Drew into Robby's hand. Robby gasped as the last of his cum left his body and entered his
friend's. He bbs toplist pthc let himself drop forward onto Drew's back, his sweat mixing
with the other boy's. The warm flow of cum onto his hand had stopped and
Robby pulled his hand away from Drew's cock. With his dick still up inside
the boy, Robby forced his hand into Drew's face. "Lick it up, cocksucker! It came out of you and now it's gonna go
back in." Drew's orgasm had brought him off the sexual high that he had been
riding pthc bbs forum links and he had begun to feel ashamed again of what he had allowed these
two studs to do to him. But now, Robby was going to force him to eat his
own cum. He felt Robby flex his still hard cock deep in his guts and
another wave of submission ran through his mind. He began to lick his own
cum from his best friend's hand while Robby slowly slid his cock out of
him. Robby took his time, waiting until Drew had cleaned the last of his
cum from his hand before pulling all the way out of his best friend's ass. Robby sat back on his haunches and looked at Drew. The boy was still
on pthc zeps guide bbs
his hands and knees, head hanging submissively and legs still spread.
He could see his and Rich's cum dripping from around Drew's no longer
virgin ass. "Go get cleaned up Robby, while I fill the cocksucker's mouth one more
time. Then I gotta get going." Rich walked over in front of Drew and stood there proudly over him,
his hard cock jutting out in front of him. Drew raised himself off his
hands and knees to put his face at the level of Rich's crotch. He opened
his mouth and let the dominant male standing above him slide his cock into
him. He sucked it lovingly, taking it deep into his throat. Drew ran his
hands over Rich's legs pthc style and ass, pulling the stud forward and into his
mouth. Rich just stood there pthc imgbbs dreamwiz bbs and let the kid do all the work. As Robby
came back from the bathroom, Rich let go and filled Drew's mouth once again
with his hot cum. Rich let his cock soften in the boy's mouth before
pulling out. Then he went to get his clothes. "I gotta get out of here, Robby. Too many things to do. But I want
him at my house tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. Got it?" "No problem, dude. I'll have him there," Robby said with a grin. His
cock was hardening again as he looked at Drew on his knees. "I'm just
gonna use his mouth one more time."
*************** Drew awoke the next morning with his babylover pthc post
usual morning hard-on. His hand
went to it automatically. As he stroked himself, he thought about what had
happened to him the day before. His cock was nearly ready to burst as he
thought of how he had sucked Robby on his knees after Rich had left. It
had taken him twenty minutes of sucking before Robby had finally shot his
load. The thought of the taste of Robby's cum was enough to bring him off.
Moaning lightly, Drew moved his left hand to catch the cum spurting from
his cock. After his load was shot, Drew licked his cum from his hand, no
longer ashamed or embarrassed by what he liked. He decided that his cum
didn't taste as good as the other guys' cum. He tried to decide who's had
tasted best, but realized that he would need to taste Juan's cum again to
be sure. Drew climbed out of bed and headed for the shower. It was only 8
a.m. but he wanted to get ready for what would be going on later that
morning. He wasn't sure what Rich had in mind, but he was sure it involved
Rich cumming in his mouth and ass and that was fine with him. Drew ate a bowl of cereal and had a glass of juice, then told his mom
that he was going over to Robby's house. He left his house pthc nl and walked down
the street, heading along the mile or so that would take him to Robby's
house. Drew knocked on Robby's door at 9:30. Robby answered and let him
in. He grabbed Drew's hand and forced it into his crotch so the boy could
feel his hard cock, then they went on into the house. Robby's parents were
at the table and Drew said hello before Robby told them that the two boys
were going out. Robby led Drew out the back door and into the yard. "I didn't even jerk off this morning, buddy. I figured I'd save it
for you," Robby said as they walked around the fence and into the backyard
of Rich's house. Drew pedo pthc hxxp blushed a bit, but more from nervousness than
embarrassment at what his friend had told him. Together, they pthc underage top list climbed the
steps to the back of the Harding house and Robby knocked on the door. Rich
answered it almost immediately. He was shirtless, dressed only in a pair
of cut off sweats. Drew's eyes ran over the body of the half naked child index pthc boy who
had fucked him the day before and cgi pthc bbs he felt his cock swell to full mast. "Come on in." Drew and Robby followed Rich into the house and through the kitchen.
Rich led them upstairs, explaining that his parents were going

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