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Related post: Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 20:53:05 EST
From: Leprechaun
Subject: Loving LucaAlright guys, don't be too critical when you read this story. This is my
first child lolita photo art
attempt at writing anything besides a celebrity. I worked really
hard to write this, cause after writing so much about Backstreet Boys in
'Bad Boy B-Rok', my mind kept trying to follow that storyline. All of you
that liked Bad Boy B-Rok, I hope that you like this one just as much or
more. Anyway, I guess that I should dedicate this story to someone since
that's what writers do, huh? So, I'm going to dedicate this to Donnie: for
letting me know I'm not the only lazy snatch out there, and for helping me
realize that there is life after BSB. LOL Besides, who would I bitch to,
if you weren't there Donnie? LOL Anyway, if this is illegal to read in
your state, city, province, or you are under 18 yrs lolita pre teen nn of age, please don't
read this story. If you find homo-sex repulsive, read on and shut up, you
need a clue.
Loving Luca
By-Leprechaun "I'm not gonna do it!" I screeched as I slammed my bedroom door.
"Jesus, Adam! Will it kill you to do something on a Saturday besides
sleep and mess around with your friends?" My mother questioned, rather
loudly, through the door.
"Yes!" lolita sex pree teen I yelled back.
"Open this door!"
"No." I stammered angrily.
"I'm not joking, young man. Open this door." I could hear the
seriousness in my mother's tone.
I walked slowly over to the door, trying to prolong my agony. I
hesitantly flipped the lock, allowing my mother access to my room. "Now, sit down and let me talk to you." My mother tried to remain
calm, although I knew she wanted to back-hand me. I sulked over to my bed and slumped down. My mother looked at me for a
second, then walked over and sat next to me. We sat there for a moment,
before she placed her hand on my knee and began to chastise me. "Listen, Adam. I know it's been hard lately since your father left. I
know you aren't having the best time adjusting to having a single parent.
And I know you would rather spend your only time away from school by
yourself or with your friends." My mother had a habit of using the same
sentence, interchanging words to extenuate how much she understood my
plight. "However, I really would appreciate it if you would do this one
thing for me. Besides, you just have one week of school left before summer
vacation starts, and you'll have plenty of time to mess around then."
"It's not fair." I whined like a nine-year-old.
"No, you know what isn't fair? What's not fair is that your father
leaves, we get left with one income, a huge house, and my being left to
finish raising a sixteen year old young man. What underage lolitas gallery biz
I'm asking you to do is
just an inconvenience." My mother always used my father's absence to her
advantage, but not maliciously.
"Mom, I don't want to spend all day with your friend's son." I tried
"I know you don't. But why don't you do me this one favor? I promise
if you'll just show Luca a good time for the afternoon and you're nice to
him, I'll give you all the Saturdays you want to mess around with your
friends." My mother tried to barter.
"What if he's a total nerd? I mean, com'n, I've never even met him.
He might be repulsive." I argued my case.
"Diane told me he's a nice young man and I believe her."
"Nice young man? Doesn't that mean 'momma's boy'?" I giggled.
"No, it means he's a nice kid and fun to be around." My mother
couldn't help but laugh at my comment.
"I know." I replied with a sigh.
"Com'n. What do you say? You want to do this one thing for your dear
ole mom?" My mother wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my
"Alright." I smiled and hugged her back.
"That's my boy." My mother smiled and stood up. "Now, when they get
here, Diane and I are going to go out to The Point for brunch. Luca and
you can have rule of the house."
"Can I take him out in the car?" I raised my eyebrows and smiled
"I guess so, since you are kind enough to do this." My mother laughed.
"Come on, let's go have some coffee and catch up on our week's gossip
until they get here." My mother grab my hand and pulled me up. My mother and I walked down the lolitas child nude models hall from my room, down the stairs and
into the kitchen. I sat down at the bar while she put some coffee on to
perc. As soon as the coffee was set, my mother and I started filling each
other in on how our weeks had gone. We were practically best friends.
Ever since my father left us, we grew even closer. My parents had been
married for eighteen years, so I knew it must preteen nymphet lolita nude have been hard on my mother
when he left.
For the most part, I felt responsible for my father skipping out. My
mother, however, didn't hold anyone responsible. She did mention that my
father wasn't mature enough to handle reality. My father left us a couple
months after I confessed to my parents that I was gay. My father went
ballistic, but my mother just asked me if I was sure. My mother seemed to
accept it rather well when I told her I was sure, but my assurance agitated
my father further. My father was intent on "fixing" me, while my mother
was intent on making sure I was happy no matter what I was.
The few months after I confessed, my parents slowly grew apart as they
argued more and more about my sexuality being my own decision. My mother
tried to save her marriage and my identity, but ended up losing the battle
with her marriage. When my dad finally skipped out, my mother never
pointed the finger at me. She really couldn't get upset the way she made
out during the divorce proceedings. We weren't hurting that was for sure,
but we weren't as comfortable as we were accustomed to.
I don't know to this day why my father got so upset. I was a perfectly
normal teen with the one exception. I loved sports, cars, and other manly
things. It wasn't like I had Spice Girl and Celine Dion posters hung all
over my bedroom walls.
Of course, my mother was a little worried about me when it came to safe
sex, and mentioned bi-weekly about using condoms. I assured my mother that
I wasn't quite at that stage of my new found sexuality. I let her know
that I would come illegal hot underage lolitas to her when I was, though. She seemed happy that I was
open with my lifestyle enough to discuss it with her.
I had a few close friends that also knew I was gay, and it didn't seem
to bother them at all. underage nude lolita porn My closest friend, Justin, had a problem adjusting
at first, but finally came around and accepted the fact. It was harder
than hell to meet another gay teen in my town though. That's the one thing
that drove me crazy most.
I live in Plano, Texas. There are over a hundred thousand people that
live here, so I know that there has to be atleast one other gay person.
I've yet to find him, though. I live pretty close to Dallas, which has
alot of clubs that cater to the "gay crowd", but can't really get in, being
sixteen and all. I guess I was going to have to wait little lolitas panty models
'til my eighteenth to
actually find someone.
Anyway, back to the task at hand. My mother's friend called last night
and told her she was coming in town to stay with her mother for awhile.
Her mother had cancer and wasn't expected to live long. My mother
mentioned that she would love to meet her for dinner or whatever so that
they could see each other again. They had been close friends since they
were in high school, however, they hadn't seen each other since I was about
ten years old. Everything was going fine until Diane called again today.
When I heard my mother say "He'd love to." I knew I wasn't going to
like it. That's when I found out that I got to spend my Saturday with
Luca. I'd never even seen him, but who wants to spend their Saturday off
from school with somebody they don't even know, humoring them. What kind
of name was 'Luca', anyway? They only thing I knew about Luca was that his
father was from France. Wealthy business man or something. So, he's part
french, and that he was seventeen. I guess the French side was where his
mother got 'Luca'. cs magazine dark lolita I just hoped he spoke English.
"Okay, there they are." My mother announced as the doorbell chimed.
"Remember to be nice to Diane AND Luca."
"Yes mother." I sighed as she left the kitchen to answer the door.
"Come on." My mother peeked her head back in the kitchen for a moment.
I slipped off of the stool I was sitting on and followed her lazily.
My mother straightened her shirt and pranced around for a second before she
opened the door. My mother swung the door open and immediately Diane and
her were hugging and making a fuss over each other. I just stood there and
smiled stupidly. "Oh, there he is." Diane let go of my mother and grabbed me. "I haven't
seen you since, goodness, I can't remember."
"Yeah, it's great seeing you again Mrs. LaRouche." I was able to
squeeze out as Diane squeezed me tightly.
"Diane, where's your son?" My mother peeked preteen sun lolita bbs out the door.
"Lord knows." Diane walked over to the open door. "Luca!!!!"
"Did you lose him?" My mother teased.
"He's probably still at the car." Diane sighed. "Luca!!"
"Jeez mom, I was just getting my backpack." I heard him speak.
English at that. My mother moved to the side so I could see past her and Diane, and I
was stunned. Strolling up the front walk to my house was the most gorgeous
guy I had ever laid eyes on. He was about six feet tall, not too slender,
and a beautiful smile that would melt butter. He looked sorta like Jared
Leto (My So Called Life years). I knew I looked like a deer in headlights
the way I was just standing there. Mouth open, eye's bugged. I hoped to
God he didn't see me like that. "Luca, I would like you to meet my very good friend Vickie, and her son
Adam." Diane smiled at us.
"Hi, nice to meet you." Luca spoke with a twinge of an accent,
extending his hand to my mother, flashing that gorgeous smile.
"Oh, come on now, give me a hug." My mother schmoozed and pulled Luca
in to hug her.
"Luca, this is my son. Adam." My mother let go of Luca long enough to
introduce him to me.
"Nice to meet you." I smiled widely and extended my hand.
"Same here." He flashed that gorgeous grin and grabbed my hand firmly.
We all went into the sitting room to talk young sun lolita bbs
a bit before brunch. My
mother had me get her and Diane some coffee and Luca a coke. My mother and
I sat on one couch while Luca and Diane sat on the one across from us,
seperated by the coffee table. Our respective mothers did most of the
talking while Luca and I looked on. When I knew Luca wouldn't notice, I
would steal a glance at him. He had the most beautiful mouth and eyes.
His eyes were a beautiful blue that looked like a pool of clear
Mediterranean water. nude lolita bbs bbs I didn't get a chance to stare at him for long.
Everytime I would spend too much time staring, he would glance over at me
and I had to look away to save face.
"Well, I think topless teen lolita lo
it's about time we headed out if we nude child lolitas sites
want to get a good
table." My mother looked at her watch. "Adam, would you mind cleaning up
for me?"
"No problem." I smiled.
"Make sure to help him, Luca." Diane demanded of her son.
"Okay, you guys have fun." Luca smiled, showing his pearly teeth.
"You boys be good." My mother smiled back at us as they closed the
front door behind them.
We sat there in complete silence for a a few moments after we heard the
shutting of the door just staring at each other. I couldn't bear it. "So, you're part French?" I didn't know what else to say.
"Yeah, my father is from France. Paris infact." Luca smiled.
"Do you know French?" I felt like an idiot asking these insipid
"Yeah, I'm bi-lingual. Of course, English is my first language."
I wished he was "bi" with other aspects of his life, too.
"So, where'd you get the accent?" I felt like an idiot putting it so
"I spent the last school year with my father in France." Luca laughed
at my question. "I guess spending so much time around people that have an
accent, you sorta acquire it."
"Yeah, I'd imagine." I smiled. "Well, we better clean this up so that
I can show you around town."
"Sure, let me help." Luca stood.
"Oh, that's okay, just take a load off, I'll do it." I insisted as I
picked up the two coffee mugs and Luca's soda can quickly.
"Are you sure? I don't mind."
"Yeah, you can look around the house if you like while I wash these
out." I suggested.
"Sure." Luca stood and started to give himself a tour of the
downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and threw the can in the recycle bin. I
placed the coffee mugs in the sink and turned the hot water on to give them
a quick once over. Right as I was putting the mugs into the cabinet, I
heard Luca hollering at me. "Hey!" He screamed from the den. "You have a pool out there."
"Yeah, and a hot tub." I walked into the den, stood beside him and
looked out the picture window.
"Wanna take a dip?" He turned and smiled at me.
"Sure. But you don't have a suit with you." I looked him up and down.
"That's okay, I have boxers, they'll work just as good."
"Okay, let me go change." I unconciously licked my lips from the
thought. "Um, I'll just be right back."
I calmly walked out of the room then bolted up the stairs as soon as he
couldn't see me. I ran into my room, closed the door and stripped down and
threw my trunks on as quickly as I could. I ran back down the stairs and
into the den. I took one look out the window and froze from the sight.
Luca was pulling his shirt off. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I
couldn't see his abs or chest since his back was to me, but what I could
see was amazing. He was very well defined, tan, and without a bit of fat
on him. lolitas pay preview galleries He then undid his jeans and slowly bent down, rolling free lolita xxx vids his jeans
down over his legs and stepped out of them. I couldn't move, I was
fascinated. "Hey, come on out." I looked up to see Luca motioning at me from the
I suddenly was embarassed. I hoped he didn't realize I was staring at
him. I just put on my best smile and headed to the door that lead lolita nymphet young porn to the
patio area. I stepped out into the bright sun, feeling the warmth on my
shoulders and back. Luca stood there and smiled at me as I walked towards
"This is great, I might have to come see you more often." Luca
motioned at the pool.
"Yeah, anytime you want to stop by is fine." I was more than sincere
from the show I had just been provided.
"Cool." Luca smiled. "Last one in is a rotten egg." With that, he dove in, almost perfectly. I stood there, transfixed as
he bobbed back to the surface, shaking his head. Droplets of water flew
from his hair.
"Com'n in, the water's great." He smiled up at me.
"Alright." I jumped in, trying to get as close to him as I could. I bobbed to the surface, a smile on my face.
"Trying to drown me?" Luca laughed, wiping water from his eyes.
"No, I don't want to explain why your floating face down to Diane." I
"Yeah, I wouldn't want you to have pre teen lolita desnuda
to, either. But I'll take the
chance of telling YOUR mother." Luca smiled evily.
"What do you mean by.." I couldn't finish my sentence. Before I knew what hit me, Luca placed
his hand on top of my head and pushed me under. I wasn't prepared. I
swallowed a large mouthful of water and it shocking pics lolita ilegal gushed up my nose as he held me.
Luca held me under for a dark russian lolitas kds
good ten seconds before loosening his hold and
letting me push my way back to the surface. I immediately started
coughing, my eyes starting to water. lolita home kiddy preteens
"You jerk!" I laughed through my tears and coughing.
"Yeah, I sure am." Luca smiled at me.
"I bet you liltle sweet nude lolitas don't have many friends." I joked.
"Well, actually no. But not 'cause I'm a jerk." He laughed awkwardly,
then swam towards the other end of the pool.
I sorta got the feeling that I had offended him in some way, but didn't
know what to say or do, so I just bobbed there and ignored the feeling.
Luca swam to the ladder and climbed out. I watched him raise out of the
water, the sun glinting off the droplets on his body. Luca shook his head,
spraying water in every direction. He then rolled his neck in a circular
motion, as if relieving tension. I realized I was becoming painfully
aroused by the display. He turned to face me, finally letting me see what
I was fantasizing about. He had a very well developed and toned six pack
and beautiful chest. My eyes crept lower and noticed that his boxers were
sticking to his crotch just enough to make out the outline of his
endowment. I spun in the water quickly, acting as if I hadn't noticed. "Wanna get in the hot tub?" Luca suggested happily.
"Sure." I was enthralled and started swimming to the side of the pool.
"Great!" Luca smiled.
"Well, actually, I think I'll swim for a few more minutes before I join
you." I suddenly remembered the condition I was in.
"Okay, well if you're sure." Luca frowned at me, confused.
"Yeah, I'll be in after a few. Go ahead and get it cranked up." I
smiled convincingly.
"Alright." Flashing a smile, Luca headed towards the tub. I let out a deep breath, hoping my erection would go down soon so I
could go join him in the steaming tub. I floated there for awhile, trying
to think of anything but Luca so I could get out without scaring him off.
After about ten minutes, I was completely fine and swam over to the ladder.
I climbed out of the pool and slowly walked over to the hot tub. lolitas girls biz videos I got to
the edge of the hot tub and saw Luca spread out, his head laid back on the
edge, his eyes closed. I didn't want to speak. I wanted to just stand
there pink lolita top 100
and take in the sight before me. He was so gorgeous, almost angelic. "Hey." I finally spoke. I didn't want him to open his eyes and catch
"Hey, climb on in." Luca open his eyes wearily and moved his legs off
the seat across from him.
I climbed the stairs and gently lowered myself into the water. I
rested on the seat, letting the jet beat against my back. I looked across
at Luca. He looked like he was sleeping. I smiled to myself, thinking
about how relaxing the tub really was.
"I'm sorry if I'm not very entertaining, I just flew in this morning.
Mom picked me up this morning." Luca spoke, his eyes still closed, his
head resting on the edge.
"Jeez, haven't you slept or anything?" I asked.
"No. It takes about a half to three quarters of loli erotic pics stories a day altogether to
get here from Paris, so it's like you never left at preteen girls naked lolly all. If you go to
sleep, you throw your whole schedule off." He replied.
"Gotcha. Well, I guess I'll have to entertain you into the wee hours
tonight so you don't throw your schedule off." I laughed.
"I'd actually like that." Luca opened his eyes and smiled.
"Okay. Um, what do you want to do." I was at a loss.
"Whatever you like. I just want to get out with someone other than my
father or mother." Luca closed his eyes and rested his head again.
"Well, I could take you to meet my friends. We could catch dinner and
a movie." I suggested, realizing it sounded like a date.
"Cool, it's a date." Luca replied. Hah?!? "Great." I lolita porn search engine said pretty much to myself. I suddenly got nervous. I was gonna be spending the entire day and
night with the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen, with very few exceptions.
I didn't kow what I would do, besides freak out the whole night. Should I
just be normal like I was going out with Justin? Oh god, the
possibilities, I laughed to myself as I stared across at the top of Luca's
torso that stuck out of the water.
Finally, we had enough of dozing in the tub and I feasted on Luca slyly
as he dried himself off with a towel that I went and got him from the
bathroom. Luca and I made our way over to the lounge chairs next to the
pool and laid out in the warmth of the sun. Every now and then, much to my
enjoyment, Luca would raise his hips slightly, and situate himself in the
lounge. Each time he did this, his crotch pressed against his loose
boxers. Although it took alot of self-control, I managed to keep from
getting an erection.
After basking in the sun, and much to my disappointment, Luca got
dressed and we went up to my room. I let him walk up the stairs first,
just for the mere fact that I would get to walk behind him. As soon as we
walked into my room, Luca walked directly over to my cd's.
"Hey, you like pretty much the same stuff I do." He observed.
"Really? Like what?" I asked, plopping down on my bed.
"Well, you have Hole, Garbage, Alanis Morissette, Marilyn Manson, and
of course everyone's guilty pleasure, the Backstreet Boys." Luca laughed.
"Who doesn't love the Backstreet Boys?" I giggled.
"Guys that are insecure about their sexuality." Luca commented as hot lolitas in panties
it was an insignificant comment.
"Um, yeah." I answered, bug-eyed.
"So, what movie are we going to see tonight?" Luca asked. "Mind if I
put Hole in?"
"No, go ahead." I replied. "I don't know, what do you want to see?
"You're gonna have to decide. I haven't really kept up with movies
recently." lolita hot college babes Luca giggled, but I didn't get it.
"Okay. How about 'Step Mom'? It's supposed to be good." I hoped he
didn't think of the movie as being for chicks.
"Sure, who's in it?" Luca pressed play on the cd player.
"Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris." I replied as 'Celebrity
Skin' started pouring out of the speakers.
"Sure, sounds cool. You can never get enough of Julia." Luca laughed
and hopped up and sat on the window ledge.
"Alright, now we just have to decide where to eat."
"McDonald's!!!!!" Luca exclaimed.
"Royale with cheese, huh?" I laughed.
"Don't tell me they young naked lolitas pics
don't have a Micky D's in France."
"Yeah, they do, but I don't get to go there very often." Luca frowned.
"Not a very expensive date, are ya'?" I cocked an eyebrow.
"Oh, and you're going to pay, too? Can't beat that." Luca smiled. Diane finally got back to the house with my mother, picked up Luca and
left. I was sorta disappointed that he was leaving so soon, even though he
had been there for a couple hours. I would get to see him that night, so I
tried not to let it bother me. Luca asked his mother if he could just hang
out with me for the day, but she insisted that he went with her to see his
grandmother first, which I had to agree with. My mother was beaming when
she realized that Luca and I got along well enough for him to want to stay
"So, I guess he wasn't such a nerd, huh?" My russian lolita boys bbs
mother grabbed me around
the shoulders and led me into the kitchen.
"Actually, he was pretty cool. He likes my taste in music, so he was
tolerable." I giggled.
"See? You should listen to your wise old mother every once in awhile."
"Yeah, I guess you know what you're talking about sometimes." I
"I hope that you two will be good friends. He'll need a friend with
his grandmother in such bad condition." My mother walked over to the sink
and looked out the window.
"How bad is she?" I practically whispered.
"Pretty top bbs lolita sex bad. The doctors are giving her two weeks, a month at the
most." A tear slid down the side of my mother's face.
"Jeez. How's Diane doin' with it?" I suddenly felt really bad for
Diane and Luca.
"She's holding up well. I thought she might cry over brunch, but she
fooled me. She told me Luca isn't handling it well at all. She said he
cried all the way on the ride from the airport. Apparently, Luca's pretty
close to his grandmother."
"Then why did Luca want to stay here so bad?" I was confused.
"Diane told me at brunch that he probably would. He's not too
enthusiastic about seeing how loli free pics girls
his grandmother is deteriorating. I can't
really blame him." russian lolitos little girls
My mother wiped the tears from her eyes.
"Poor guy."
"Yeah, just make sure to be nice to him the next time you see him." My
mother laughed.
"Actually, we wanted to go have dinner and see a movie tonight." I
replied cautiously.
"I think that would be a great idea." My mother beamed.
My mother was nice enough best lolita preteen sites to let me take the car to pick Luca up later.
The drive over couldn't have gone slower. I was in such a tizzy to see
Luca again, I know I must've been speeding. I pulled up to the front of
the house and started to get out of little lolita bbs tgp the car, when Luca opened the door and
came strolling towards the car. I stood up and looked over the roof of the
car at him as he was walking towards me. "How's it going." I smiled.
"Pretty good." Luca replied, his voice sorta shaky.
I hopped back into the car and unlocked the passenger door for Luca to
get in. Luca opened the door, hopped in and closed the door behind him
without so much as a comment. I shrugged my shoulders and started the car
back up. After we had driven a couple blocks, I couldn't stand the quiet.
I finally decided to speak up. "So, how's your grandmother doing?"
"She's a tough old thing. She's doing okay." Luca turned his head to
smile at me.
When he turned to smile at me, I could tell he had been crying. His
eyes were bloodshot, and he just had "the look" about him. "Are you alright?" I asked, trying to keep my eyes on the road, yet
seem compassionate.
"Oh, yeah." Luca turned his head, realizing I could tell. "I'm just
really tired from the flight still."
"Well, we don't have to go out if you're too tired, we can go out some
other night." I offered.
"No, I really want to go out with you." Luca replied, sending shivers
up my spine.
He really wanted to GO OUT with me? I felt sorta akward from his
statement, but realized that if it didn't bother him, it shouldn't bother
me. We sat for awhile in silence again, Luca staring out the window, and
me staring at the road. I could tell Luca wanted to say something, so I
decided to make it easy on him. "So, you like the same music as me. That's gotta be a HUGE
coincidence." I laughed.
"Yeah, there aren't many people out there as eclectic as us." Luca
replied matter-of-factly.
"I know, all my friends think I'm psycho cause I keep Marilyn Manson
and the Backstreet Boys on the same shelf." I laughed.
"I can top that." Luca lolitas 13 yo nudist
smiled widely.
"How?" I asked.
"I keep Enya and Marilyn Manson on the same shelf." Luca giggled.
"That's probably a crime in some countries." I laughed loudly.
"I wouldn't doubt this. I wanna execute myself for it." Luca replied.
"So, where are russian lol little girls we going first? The movie, or McDonald's?"
"You're still set on Micky D's, huh?"
"Of course, I'm not gonna let you go back on it now. Besides, this will
let you off cheap." Luca smiled.
"And still gonna make me pay, what a guy."
"I'm pretty great alright." Luca beamed at me.
About five minutes later, we arrived at McDonald's. I started to park
the car so we could go inside, but Luca insisted that we go through the
drive-thru and sit in the car and talk and eat. He made a comment about it
being more private than eating inside, which made me wanna do cartwheels,
but I managed to stay calm. I got into the drive-thru line and we sat
there in silence, waiting for our turn. I noticed Luca staring the menu
down nude lolita ls model
as we waited for the car in front of us to pull thru. I could
practically imagine drool hanging out of the corner of Luca's mouth from
hunger. I told him I would pay, but after seeing that face, I wondered if
I brought enough money. Finally, the car in front of us was done ordering
the whole damn menu and let us through.
When I ordered my grilled chicken sandwhich without mayo, Luca looked
at me like I was crazy, then proceded to order a quarter pounder with
cheese value meal super size with a coke, and an apple pie. I'm sure I was
giving Luca the same look when he was through ordering. After we got our
food and paid, I pulled around and parked in the very back of the parking
lot. Luca and I fought over who got to get their food out of the bag
first. I finally won after slapping Luca's hands away more than once.
We made small talk while I ate my sandwhich and Luca inhaled his burger
and fries, then chugged his drink. I was halfway thru my sandwhich when
Luca attacked his apple pie. I quietly watched him, wide-eyed, as he took
the last bite of the pie. Luca laid his head back on the head rest,
satisified, then looked over at me. "Yes, I'm gonna finish this." I pretended to hide my sandwhich.
"Smart ass." Luca laughed.
"Yup, I am. It's sort of a habit."
"So, what happened to your father?" Luca asked quickly.
"Huh?" I replied, not quite hearing the question.
"What happened to your father?" Luca asked again and looked right at
I practically spit my sandwhich out. I recovered quickly and swallowed
the bite I just took without chewing.
"Whoa! Sorry." Luca laughed when he saw my reaction.
"No, it's cool, just didn't expect that." I smiled weakly, like I was
nauseated. "It's sort of a long story."
"Oh, well my mother didn't know what happened to him. She expected him
to still be married to your mother when we got here."
"Nah, he's been gone about a year now." I tried to keep it sweet and
to the point.
"Things just didn't work out, huh?" illegel lolitas preteen bbs Luca nodded his head knowingly.
"Yeah, you could say that." I sighed and chunked the rest of my
sandwhich out the window.
"Hey, I might have eaten that." Luca laughed.
"No, you didn't want that, I have cooties." I smiled.
"That's cool. I have nasties." Luca cracked up.
"Good to know." I rolled my eyes with a giggle.
Luca finished laughing and we both sat there for awhile in silence,
just staring out the window. Luca sorta scooted up in his seat, prompting
me to speak. "What's going on between your folks?" I asked quickly.
"Oh, they're still together, but that just means they are legally
married." Luca replied. "One of those situations, huh?"
"Yup, one of them. But it's probably best that way since they fight
like cats and dogs when young lolita teen bbs they're together." Luca defended it.
"Well, the movie starts in half an hour, read to go see it?" I asked,
starting the car.
"Let's go."
Luca and I got to the movie with about ten minutes to spare. I was
shocked when teen bikini lolita tgp Luca got a large tub of popcorn and a large coke. I guess
Luca realized what I was staring at, and started to laugh, then jokingly
punched me in the arm. We got into the theater, which was practically
empty for some odd reason and found our seats, close to the front.
The movie started off really good, and both of us seemed to be enjoying
it. Halfway through it, though, Luca laid his had back and to the right,
almost laying teen lolita vido samples
it on my shoulder. I tried to sit through the rest of the
movie, nude kiddy lolita porn without imagining running my fingers through his hair while he laid
his head on my shoulder. I started to get the feeling that Luca realized
he was making me loli girls nude preview uncomfortable, and that's why he left his head there the
rest of the night. However, I quickly dismissed the thought as wishful
After the movie, we drove back to his grandmother's house, chatting
excitedly the whole way about how much we both loved the movie. I thought
Luca would hate it, since it was a "chick movie", but he seemed to like it
more than I did. Finally, we pulled back up to his grandmother's house,
and sat there, the engine running. Luca just there, staring at me. "What?" I nervously giggled and looked over preteen lolita nymphets models at him.
"Nothing." Luca shook his head as if in a daze.
"Isn't it customary to thank me and then go inside and go to bed?" I
"So?" I laughed.
"Do you want to come in and say 'hey' to mom or watch T.V.?" Luca
interrupted my laugh.
"No, I better not. You're mom might be asleep. Besides, your
grandmother needs her rest, she doesn't need more people coming and going."
I wanted so bad to get out and go in lolita fairytale nude kids with him.
"Sure?" Luca frowned.
"No, but I think it's best." I smiled.
"Alright." Luca started to open the door, then turned back to me. "What
are you doing tomorrow?"
"Probably sleeping 'til noon." I laughed uneasily. I couldn't believe how he seemed to want to spend time with me. "Well, we could do something tomorrow." Luca suggested. "If you
want." If I want? "Yeah, just give me a call. AFTER noon." I laughed.
"Alright. Talk to you tomorrow." Luca secret lolita incest pics
smiled and got out of the car.
"Thanks for dinner and the show. I had a great time." Luca peeked his
head back in the car a final time.
"No problem, I had a great time, too."
Luca smiled widely, then closed the door softly. I watched Luca walked
to the house, to make sure he got in safely, but most of all to watch his
ass. Luca turned as he opened the door and waved to me a final time before
closing the door. I took the car out of park, turned on the headlights,
and was on my way.
Luca called the next day and he ended up coming over and swimming
again. We lounged by the pool all day together, talking about music,
school, and regular teenager stuff. All day, I was getting the hint that
Luca was teasing me. The way he shifted his pelvis, the way he scootched
as close to me as he could without being too noticeable, I noticed it all.
He seemed to get satisfaction out gothic lolita shopping oregon of the fact that I had to work so hard to
restrain myself. Again, I passed it off as wishful thinking on my part.
After an exhausting day of being worthless, Luca wanted www joung lolita com
to get someting
to eat. I wasn't surprised when he insisted that we go to Micky D's again.
I obliged seeing as I was the host. My very petite lolita girls
mother seemed to enjoy the fact
that Luca and I were becoming friends so quick. I knew she had to be happy
since she so quickly agreed to letting me take the car again.
After we finished eating, Luca overindulging again, we went back to my
house. We went up to my room and listened to CD after CD. Luca never
seemed to tire of music. While listening to the music, we never stopped
talking. We discussed every single CD, plus how much we loved the bands.
After we got off the music topic, Luca tried to teach me some French, which
was pretty much a lost cause. I ended up having him doubled over in
laughter from my trying to pronounce the words with my Texan accent.
Finally, after the day went by so quickly, I had to take Luca back to
his grandmother's house. When we got to his house, Luca nude lolita girl photos
asked me what I
was doing the next day again, which I let him know that I had school. I
also threw in that some of us weren't as lucky as him to be out of school
for the year already. Luca seemed to be disappointed, but after I promised
him that we could do stuff together after school, he seemed to brighten up.
I also reminded Luca that after that week, I would be off for the summer so
we would have plenty of time to do things.
As I drove away from his grandmother's house, I started to get
depressed. I knew that we wouldn't have quite as much time as I wanted to
spend together. However, I tried to stay positive about it, 'cause I knew
I just had a week left to go.
After children lolita pay sites I got home, I got a shower and went to bed early, so I would be
rested up for another Monday. As I laid down, I started to think about
Luca, and how quickly I was falling for him. I had only known Luca
forty-eight hours, but I knew I loved him, short of that, really liked him.
I also thought about all the little peeks I got at Luca over just two days,
and how he was so tempting. Needless to say, I had pretty good dreams that
(Part 2)
The next week was a real disappointment. I didn't see Luca all week
long. Mom let me know that his grandmother was doing a little better. I
started to resent her, because she went out to dinner or lunch with Diane
and Luca every day that I was at school, going out of my mind. Everyday
during final exams that week, I was thinking about seeing Luca again
instead of what I should have been doing.
I started to notice how bad I was day dreaming when Justin started
making fun of me in the middle of lunch on Thursday. I was sitting at the
table with all the usuals, and Justin started making comments like, "Earth
to Adam". I would come out of my slumber for a couple minutes, then I
would go right back to what I was thinking about.
When Friday rolled around, I was so antsy that my friends were about to
kill me, especially Justin. I know they were all relieved when the bell
rang at three o'clock. Not because it was the beginning of vacation, but
because they wanted a break from listening to me rant. The drive home from
school couldn't seem to go by fast enough either. I couldn't believe how
anxious I was to see Luca again.
I didn't necessarily want to see Luca again cause he was so hot. I
loved to be around Luca. He was always so much fun, and loved all the same
things I did. Of course, he was a tasty, and I would rather spend five
minutes staring at his bother than having an hour of sex, but that wasn't
all there was. I felt alot more when I was near him. He made me at ease,
and I could be myself. The only problem was, he didn't know who I was. I
didn't know if I was falling in love or lust. As soon as I got in the
house, I walked into the sitting room, and Mom, Luca and Diane were all
there. I couldn't believe how I had lucked out. "Hey, Adam." Luca smiled immediately.
"He finally speaks." Diane laughed.
"Adam, we wanted you two to go eat with us. However, Luca seems to be
deadset in having you take him to some concert tonight?" My mother
"What concert?" lolita art pthc models
I didn't know what Luca had told them.
"You know, you told me last weekend we could go to that concert at
Trees tonight. Don't tell me you forgot?" Luca smiled uneasily.
"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry, Luca. Diane, Mom, I told Luca I was gonna take
him to preteen lolitas nn galleries Trees tonight to see Dim Reflection play." I caught on quick and
thought of a story.
"It wouldn't hurt you boys to go out with us to eat preteen video cp lolita first, would it?"
Diane teased.
"Actually, we'd love to, but the concert starts at seven sharp." I
replied, but quickly realized it was only three-thirty in the afternoon.
"So then, you will have time." My mother lit up. "Now, go up and get
ready and we'll go."
"Jeez, mom." I whined.
"Oh, it won't hurt you two, now go get ready." My mother teased.
"Okay." I hoisted my backpack onto my shoulder again and headed up the
"I'll come with you." Luca seemed more than happy to leave our
mothers' company.
"Alright." Once we got up to my room, Luca turned the music on and plopped down on
my bed. I tossed my backpack into the chair by my desk and sat on the foot
of the bed. "I'm sorry it didn't work." I apologized.
"That's okay, it isn't your fault. I just hate to go out to eat with
them again, 'cause I've gone out with them everyday this week." Luca
"So, how're things going?" I asked.
"They're going good." I could tell that either Luca hadn't been getting much sleep or
something. His eyes were puffy, like he hadn't slept in days. I didn't
know if it had to cyber lolita top list do with his grandmother or if our mothers were driving
him crazy. "So, how's your grandmother holding up?" I asked.
"She's doing great. Well, doing great considering." Luca replied.
"That's good." I smiled. "Well, I guess I'm gonna get changed."
"Okay." I thought Luca would get the hint dark galleries lolita teen and step outside for a second so I
could change but he just laid there. "Luca?" I spoke.
"Yeah?" Luca looked at me.
"I want to change." I gave another hint.
"Okay." Luca replied again.
"There's a lack of communication here." I laughed.
"What do you mean?" Luca looked confused.
"Okay, one more time, I want to change." I smiled.
"Yeah, so?" Luca looked more confused.
"It's sorta hard to do with you laying there." I shoved his leg with a
"Oh, I'm sorry." Luca smiled, and looked embarassed. "I'll go
"Alright." I joined Luca in laughing. "I'll be down in a sec." The whole time I was getting ready, I couldn't help but think that that
little incident was pointing nude art pics loli the obvious out to me. Luca didn't want to
leave. I thought maybe he pretended not to know what I was inferring,
hoping I would just change in front of him. I decided to pass the feeling
off again as wishful thinking. But just in case, I put on my "I'm finer
than hell" outfit. I put on my blue jeans with black belt, and black and
blue converst pullover and my kangal hat. I grabbed a pair of my spectacle
sunglasses and put them on, grabbing my backpack, and heading down the
As I started down the stairs, I could nonnude lolitas nude naked
already hear Diane and my mom
talking. When I got halfway young virgin lolita teen down the stairs, they all took notice of me
and stopped talking. I looked over at Luca and noticed his mouth was open
and he was staring. I didn't know wether he just couldn't believe I was so
done up, or because he liked what he saw. I preferred to think the latter. "Well, you didn't have to get so gussied up for us." My mother smiled.
"I didn't do it for you." I wanted to say I did it for Luca.
"Good. Wouldn't want you to try and impress me." My mother laughed.
"You ready to go?" Diane turned to Luca.
"Huh?" Luca asked turning to face her, finally closing his mouth.
"Are you ready for dinner?" I repeated the question for her.
"Yeah." Luca looked at me and teens abused lolita schoolgirl
blushed. pretty lolitas nude pics
We all piled into Diane's car and headed out to The Point, which was a
good forty-five minute drive. Luca and I complained the whole way about
how we wouldn't make it back in time for the concert. We knew there was no
concert, but we didn't want to stay with them any longer than we had to.
Luca and I were stuck in the backseat. Every now and then, I would look
over to find Luca staring at me. Everytime I looked at him though, he
quickly averted his eyes from me. I don't know how many times I looked
over to see him staring at me preteen lolas in panties
during underage lolita top 50 the ride.
Once we got to the resturaunt, we got a table on the deck, looking over
the water. Diane and my mother immediately started gabbing about
everything they could think of to say. I could tell that these outings
really helped Diane with the stress of her mother having cancer. I turned
in my seat to look out over the water and to watch nudist lolitas top sites the boats. It was just
the beginning of summer, but already everyone was out on the lake. I would
look over at Luca every now and then to find him staring at me still. After
ordering our dinner, our Diane and mom got up from the table and went to
the bathroom together. Just like a couple women. "It's free lolita preteen galleries so beautiful here." I spoke, trying to break the silence.
"Yeah, it's nice."
"I always love coming here 'cause it's always so peaceful and serene.
I could sit here forever and just watch the scenery." I sighed.
"It's sort of amazing." Luca replied.
"What's amazing?" I asked.
"When you think about all the ugly and terrible things that can happen
to you and other people, but someone beautiful is right in front of your
face." Luca stared at the water.
"Huh?" I thought I heard him correctly.
"It's amazing how something beautiful can be right in front of your
face, and you don't notice it immediately." Luca replied.
"Oh, I thought you said something else." I sighed and stared back at
the erotic lolita preten video
Our mothers finally came back and sat down and started back to yacking
their heads off. Luca remained silent all throughout dinner, even when one
of us spoke to him, he kept his replies sweet and to the point. I felt
like starting a conversation up with him, but he seemed really distant. I
didn't know wether to talk to him or not. After dinner, we had dessert,
and Luca seemed to cheer up a little. By the end of dessert, he was back
to his old self. I guess he had just been thinking.
(Part 3)
"Oh my god, that was so much fun." Luca panted as we both hopped into
the car.
"I can't believe that. I had no idea they were playing tonight." I
After we all got back from The Point for dinner, Luca and I immediately
headed to Deep Ellum and went to Trees. We were pleasantly surprised when
SugarRay was playing the club. Luckily, we both got into the club with no
problem. As soon as the concert started, a mosh pit broke out, which Luca
and I were at the forefront. Luca slammed into me more than a couple
times, once even knocking me down and falling on top of me. "Man, I'm gonna be bruised for a couple days." I groaned.
"Hey, it's all part of the experience." Luca laughed.
"I know, but you didn't have to knock me down that last time." I
"I can't help it if you can't hold your own." Luca teased.
We both laughed at his comment and sat there for a moment as the crowd
dispersed. "Well, I guess it's time I take you home before Diane kills us both,
huh?" I laughed as I started the car.
"No, I don't wanna go home yet." Luca turned to look out the window.
"Where do you want to go then?" I asked.
"I don't know, just not back to my house. Yet." Luca replied, still
staring out the window.
"That narrows it down." I laughed as I put the car in gear and drove
off. It was only ten thirty, but I knew if we stayed out too late, but our
mothers would get worried about our whereabouts. I could tell by the way
Luca refused to go home so soon that we should do naked lolita pussy pics
something else first. I
drove us back up to the lake. The whole ride, Luca talked about music like
usual, avoiding any questions I asked about his grandmother. I knew from
what my mother told me that morning before school that Home Hospice was
coming quite frequently to check on the family. I knew Home Hospice only
came when someone was sure to die.
Once we got to the lake, I parked the car, then Luca and I got out. It
was a beautiful night. There were millions of stars, plus a full moon.
Luca and I walked down the embankment, and walked towards the water. I
stopped a couple feet from getting in the water, but Luca pulled his shoes
off and walked right in up to his knees. I laughed at the sight he was
making. I shouldn't have started laughing, cause then he starting kicking,
slinging water right at me.
I quickly ran towards the middle of the beach and plopped down where
Luca couldn't get me wet. I lost sight of him, since I was so far away. I
started to get worried when I didn't see him for awhile, but then I caught
a glimpse of him bobbing in the water. "You're a freak!" I screamed at him with a laugh.
"You should get in here, it's great." Luca screamed back.
"Nuh uh, I ain't getting wet." I replied, which was the wrong thing to
Luca came racing out of the water, soaking wet, right for me. Before I
could lolitas preeteens tiny young move or react, he jumped on top of me, getting no nudi girls loli me soaking wet. We
wrestled for a minute until we were both out of breath and I was sopping
wet from his soaked clothes. little girl lolita photos
"I hate you." I laughed and rolled over, Luca still sprawled on top of
"No, you love me." Luca smiled down at me.
"You wish." I giggled, knowing that I did. "Get off of me you jerk."
"Nope." Luca grinned widely.
"You are such a load." I groaned and tried to push him off of me.
Right in the middle of my pushing him, Luca grabbed both of my hands
and pinned them over my head, then leaned down and kissed me quickly. He
then looked down at me, realizing what he did, and sat up, looking away
from me. I laid there for a minute, thanking my lucky stars, but still
confused and sat up. We both sat there for a moment, pretty much acting
like the other one wasn't there.
"I'm sorry." Luca whispered. "I shouldn't have done that."
"No, don't be sorry." I tried to comfort him.
"Well, it's just that, if I didn't do it soon, I was going to go
crazy." Luca explained, leary of what I would think.
"Luca, don't worry about it." I was starting to get a smile on lolita kids top model
face, realizing I was right about Luca all along.
"Well, don't hate me or anything, I mean, I apologize." Luca fumbled
for words.
"Luca?" I spoke, completely cheesing.
"What?" Luca turned to me.
As soon as his face was turned towards me, I grabbed the back of lolita nude 16 yo his
head and planted the most romantic kiss I could muster on his lips. Luca
jerked away at first, from the shock, but then quickly started to return my
kiss. We sat there in the sand, kissing for lolita s underage sites what seemed like hours. "Oh my god." Luca sighed as I pulled away.
"My sentiments exactly." I ran a hand over his cheek.
"This sucks." Luca surprised me by saying that.
"What sucks?" I asked, confused.
"The pure preeteen nude lolita
fact that I've been seducing you, and practically throwing myself
at you all this last week, and I still had to make the first move." Luca
"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I noticed. I didn't want to do
anything 'cause I kept passing it off as wishful thinking." I giggled.
"At nasty preteen lolitas pics least we both know now." Luca rose to his knees.
"Yep." I replied. "At least I didn't wear this outfit for nothin'." I
cracked up.
"Yeah, I was appreciating that outfit all night long." Luca blushed.
"I noticed." I teased.
Without www lolita nude young
another word, Luca leaned down and kissed me again, this time
not letting up. I laid back, Luca following me. Luca straddled my waist
and continued to kiss me. I was moaning loudly as Luca worked down to my
neck, sucking roughly. I rubbed underage models com lolita my hands up and down Luca's back, every
once and a while, grabbing his ass. Luca started to rub his pelvis against
mine, then reached down to undo my belt. "No, Luca. Wait." I grabbed Luca's hands.
"What?" Luca was out of breath.
"Come lolitas pre tens model on. We can't do this right here on the beach." I laughed.
"Why not, I'm sure we wouldn't be the first." Luca leaned down to kiss
"Yeah, but it's just not right."
"Why's that?" Luca www bbs lolitas com
"Well, I don't have any condoms, and second of all, we've only known
each other a week." I explained.
"Don't you want to?" Luca looked embarassed.
"Oh my god, more than anything." I practically screamed. "But, I
gotta go with my gut here."
"Well, you're not going to like NEVER want to do it are you?" Luca
"No, just not here. Not now." I ran my hand thru his hair and leaned
up to kiss him.
"Alright, I guess I can deal with that." Luca teased.
"You jerk." I giggled and kissed him again. We got up and headed back to the car. young loli nymphy legal
Stopping at the top of the
embankment, we brushed the sand off each other. Luca took a little more
swipes at my ass than he had to to get the sand off, but I didn't mind. I
did the same to him. Once we were reasonably clean, we got in the car, and
headed towards Luca's house.
We held hands in the car all the way there. Halfway home, Luca laid
his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I wrapped my free arm around him
and steered the car with the other. I couldn't have been more happy the
way things turned out. I couldn't believe I turned down a perfectly good
oppurtunity to have sex with Luca. I was proud of myself for restraining
my urges though.
Once we got to Luca's, I gave him a quick little lolitas pics vids kiss before he got out. He
kept telling me he didn't want to leave me, but I convinced him that the
next day we would go out again. As soon as Luca was in the house, I took
off towards my house, a smile on my face. When I got home, my mom was
already in bed, so I crept up to my room and change into my pajamas, and
crawled into bed. Soon, I was fast asleep, a smile on my face.
(Part 4)
I woke up the next morning, happier than I had ever been. I
immediately hopped out of bed and jogged down the stairs to the preteen lolita ocean toplist kitchen. I
planned on calling Luca as soon as I had had breakfast. As soon as I
stepped into the kitchen, I knew something was wrong. My mother was
sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, her eyes red. "What's wrong mom?" I asked sincerely.
"Adam, sit down." My mother had been crying.
"Okay." I whispered and sat down across from her.
"I don't know how to say this." My mother bowed her head.
"Mom, you're scaring me, what is it?"
"Luca's grandmother passed away last night." My mother started
"Oh my god." I placed my hand over my mouth.
"Diane is completely torn up." My mother started to wipe her eyes.
"Is Luca okay?" I asked sincerely.
"Diane said that he's pretty upset. I can't really say I'm surprised."
My mother stood.
"I feel so bad for them." I was sincere.
"Well, I'm going over there to help Diane decide what to do. Do you
want to come?" My mother asked.
"No, I better not. They probably don't want to see anymore people than
they have to." I tried to be logical.
"Alright, I probably won't be home until late, top lolitas bbs kds so if you decide to go
somewhere, just leave me a note." My mother ran her hand through my hair
and left. I sat there for awhile, pondering the fact that Luca's grandmother had
died. I didn't know her or anything, but I felt really sad for Diane and
Luca. I kept thinking that maybe I should have went over to their house
with my mom, but realized I did the right thing by giving them space. I
went upstairs and put on my swimming trunks and went outside. I swam for
over two hours non-stop. When I finally got out of the pool, I had a
slight burn, but laid down in the lounge to crisp a little more.
I pre teengirl bbs loli
started to cry as I laid there. I became extremely upset thinking
about how upset Luca must be. We had grown so close over the week we had
known each other, which made me feel worse for him. I laid daddy s girls lolita there all
afternoon, surprisingly not burning anymore than I had. I went to bed
pretty early that night. All I could think about as I started to pass out,
was how bad I felt for Luca.
I didn't see Luca the next day, or the day after that. I saw him on
the day of the funeral, but I didn't get to speak to him with all the
family hanging around. My mother and I left right after the funeral was
over so we wouldn't be intruding. I missed Luca very much, but I knew his
mind was on other things.
Two days after the funeral, my mother informed me that Diane erot c lolita pic was coming
to pick her up and take her over to her mother's house to help her sort
through her belongings. She needed to decide what to keep, what to get rid
of, and get her very young lollita vagina finances in order.
When the knock preteen lolita's sucking cock on the door finally came, my mother was still in the
restroom, so I answered the door. To my surprise, Luca was standing there.
I didn't know what to say. He just smiled. "Hey, what are you doing here." I asked, wide-eyed.
"Don't get excited." Luca laughed uneasily.
"I'm sorry, I was just expecting Diane." I explained.
"Um, do you mind if I stay here with you while mom and Vickie work on
the house stuff?" Luca blushed.
"No, I'd love for you to stay here with me." I smiled and opened the
door wider for him to walk in.
"I'm coming!" My mother shouted, right before she came walking down
the lolita teen nymphet nubile
stairs. "Oh, hi Luca."
"Hi." Luca smiled.
"Mom, Luca's gonna stay here with me while you two go through the
house." I said.
"Okay, well, you boys be good." My mom hugged Luca quickly and walked
out the door.
"So, you want to go listen to some music?" I asked.
"Sure." Luca smiled.
We both walked up the stairs to my room and Luca immediately plopped
down on the bed. I walked over to the stereo, trying to figure out what to
put in the CD player.
"What do you want to listen to?" I nn lolita free galleries asked.
"Let's not listen to music, let's just talk." Luca replied from behind
"Alright." I knew something was wrong.
I walked over and sat down on the bed next to him. "I'm just not in the mood to listen to music." Luca explained.
"I understand completely." I placed a hand on Luca's shoulder.
The unexpected happened. Luca started bawling, quickly raising underground lolitas sex portal his
hands to cover his eyes. I was shocked. Luca tipped over onto me as I
placed my arms around him and hugged him. I kissed Luca on the cheek as I
hugged him as deeply as I could.
"It'll be okay." I tried to comfort him.
Luca sobbed louder, clutching me to him tightly. I ran my hands
through his hair and rubbed his back, trying to make him calm down. When I
finally got him calmed down, Luca balled up and laid his head in my lap as
I stroked his preeten lolita pics free hair. "Are you going to be okay?" I asked, still running my fingers through
his hair.
"Yes." Luca sniffled.
"Just remember, this is probably best, seeing that she was in so much
pain." I russian pree teen lola tried to think of some words of wisdom.
"I know, that's what I try to tell myself. But then I think about how
much I miss her and how much I will ALWAYS miss her." Luca explained.
"I know, best lolita paysite colletcion but if you let the bad things stop you, you won't be around
for the good things."
"You know what?" Luca sat up, wiped his eyes and looked at me.
"What, sweety?" I asked.
"You're one of those good things." Luca blushed.
"You're one of the best." I smiled and leaned forward and kissed him
lightly on the lips.
Pretty soon, Luca and I were kissing passionately, letting our hands
roam all over each other's bodies. naked underage loli sluts Luca started to nibble on my ear, then
whispered something I'd never expect. "Make love to me." Luca whispered slightly.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Only if you're sure." Luca smiled at me.
"I think I am." I found the condoms my mother had given to me and soon Luca and I were
tangled in ecstasy. young naked lolita xxx
I never felt anything like it. Of course, I had never
had sex before. Except for jacking off, preteen nude lolly pics this was the most intense pleasure
I had ever felt. Luca started to cry in the middle of it, but quickly
reassured me that he was okay.
After we were finished, we laid under the covers, curled up together.
Luca laid his head on my chest while I ran my fingers through his hair.
Luca would kiss my chest every now and then, making shivers run though my
body. "Luca?" I decided to be daring.
"Yeah?" Luca looked up at me with a complacent grin.
"I love you." I knew I was blushing.
"I love you, too." Luca replied and started to cry again. I pulled Luca up to me and hugged him deeply, kissing him on the
forehead. "I love you so much, Adam." Luca hugged me as he stopped crying.
"You don't know how happy I am to hear that." I smiled goofily.
"I'm so tired." Luca replied.
"You need some rest." I understood him being tired.
"No, I don't want to go to sleep and miss a minute of being with you."
Luca looked up at me.
"Don't worry, I'm not leaving. I'll still be here when you wake up."
I ran my hand through his hair.
Soon, Luca was fast asleep in my arms. I laid there, listening to his
contented breathing, feeling his chest move in and out against my bare
skin. I knew right then that that was the happiest I had ever been....
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